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Ch 54: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 54: He finally saw…… (part 3 of 4)

As the director was looking with a look and see what you can actually do attitude, Gu Wuji had quickly walked up to the him, and directly grasped the director’s hand with a tender expression similar to seeing a close relative, “I didn’t expect that you, the director would come so soon. We had been waiting for such a long time.”

Director: “??” What is this person doing?

The director felt that his authority had been challenged, and immediately wanted to take action. But realized that the hand being grasped couldn’t break free despite the strength he exerted till his blue veins had bulged.

The snake-like monsters winding above the other side roared nonstop, and successfully attracted Gu Wuji’s attention. His expression turned somewhat subtle as he said, “Director, this–…… even if you’re already at this age, but your accessories are still very fashionable, ah.”

The normal side of the director’s face became menacing, “Don’t think that saying these words to me, I would let you off!”

But it was at this time, when he, had finally noticed the extremely tame giant monster lying at the corner of the wall, as well as Wei An, who’s inside the painting hung on the wall.

Director: “……”

What’s going on? Did he walk into a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den*?

*dangerous situation.

Director: “This gentleman, let’s have a proper conversation.”

The others: “……”

The next things simply went very smoothly. The director took out the files and handed it to Gu Wuji and the others. He even directly revealed all the processes of his schemes.

But he too, was incapable of speaking the name of that villain boss, making Gu Wuji’s suspicions grow even stronger.

Could the name be some sort of weak point? But this instance didn’t seem to disclose such information from start to end.

In the director’s narrative, his mind seems to have also been addled. After the death of those several patients, he actually thought that this painting would actually be useful to kill the other patients…… So long as it is promoted, there was no need to worry about not being able to sell it at a good price. So, he immediately arranged a single-person ward for the other party, and forced the other to paint.

The director was also very daring. In any case, there was nothing to disapprove as long as he didn’t see himself as a leading character in the portraits. What’s more, the other person didn’t mind all of this as well, so long as he could continue to paint.

But just on the second day, when the director and the others went in, they immediately felt that something was off in the surroundings. That painting they saw was a work of art that made all of them feel very horrified.

Painted on the canvas, was surprisingly this hospital of theirs, which not only had a very dilapidated appearance, but had also been completely overgrown by weeds.

The director immediately stepped forward to stop it without any hesitation. In the middle of the dispute of several people, they immediately restrained that person. But just as the director was about to destroy the painting, the other suddenly looked at them with an extremely ice-cold gaze.

In the next instant, that person had unexpectedly picked the switchblade beside him, and instantly plunged it into his chest. The blood immediately splattered on the canvas and the director’s body.

Everyone was stupefied, and hurriedly called someone to go forward and check. But the other person had already lost his breath. The director had no choice but to let these people dispose of the corpse. In any case, they were also very proficient were these matters.

But for some unknown reasons, the director always felt very anxious, when he recalls the gaze the other side had used to look at him, and felt that the places he had been splashed by blood with were starting to feel extremely uncomfortable. But the strangest thing was, this blood couldn’t be washed off at all.

In an instant, a monster suddenly emerged from the blood!

On that very night, the sudden death of everyone in the psychiatric hospital took place.


“As it turns out, everything that had happened was your fine work.” Xiao Liu couldn’t help but angrily say. Even while knowing that this place was just an instance, she still couldn’t help but feel very indignant because of this matter.

The director had already been tied aside with a rope by Gu Wuji.

Gu Wuji thought of something and immediately said: “The mainline task hasn’t been achieved yet. It stands to reason, that since our investigation is almost done. It looks like, the next thing we need to do is to head to the room where that patient had died.”

In the usual course of events, that place should be where the ghost is located.

“The room that you want to go to is very easy to find.” The director said: “It’s just, that same trick will not be effective on that person….. In the final analysis, all the monsters in this place, are completely derived from his works. So all of them regard him as their master.”

“It turns out to be like this.” Listening up to this point, Gu Wuji suddenly asked: “So these monsters wouldn’t become too friendly with the outsiders?”

“That’s naturally the case!” The director said: “These monsters coiled around me are only interdependent to me that’s all……” But he fell into silence once more when he looked at the monster near Gu Wuji’s feet. What the hell is going on with this human?!

Gu Wuji walked over to the window once more, and looked out from this place. He hadn’t noticed it before, but now……

“Let’s go.”

“Go to where that malicious spirit is?” Xiao Liu fearfully exclaimed, “But we don’t know anything about that malicious spirit, ah!”

“No, I already have an idea.” Gu Wuji said, he had already pushed open the door of the director’s office.

The other two had naturally dared not stay, and hurriedly followed him out.

The forehead of the director left behind were full of cold sweat, as he looked at the departing back of the group of people with relief…… Looking at it this way, this could still be considered as him having accomplished the master’s directive, right?

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