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Ch 55: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 55: Is he really a person or ghost!? (part 3 of 4)

Being thrown out by the canvass, only upon landing on the floor, did Gu Wuji finally feel that he had truly escaped.

After looking around, he realized that this was still inside that ward where he had originally seen Jin Yu. Aside from that person being no longer here, all the other items remained unchanged.

The portion of the canvass on the floor which had shattered, depicted that completely smashed ward amid that dark world. The two other parts were of identical wards. The people who appeared on the paintings were Hong ge and xiao Liu.

The three ghosts unexpectedly came out from the painting as well, and were purified by Gu Wuji without much trouble while they were still quite stupefied.

“Hopefully you won’t encounter this kind of thing again in your next life.”

Gu Wuji, who turned around and took another look at his surroundings, discovered that there were still picture frames on the walls aside from the canvass spread out on the floor.

This here can be considered as a very complete painting.

“Now, I need to hurry up and find Jin Yu. But Hong ge and the others……”

Gu Wuji could never be so indifferent as to leave the others here as well.

As he was studying the canvass while wondering if he should enter or not, both parts of the canvass tore apart simultaneously.

A gasping for breath Hong ge, followed by xiao Liu as well as the monster, Goldie suddenly appeared in the room. The pair appeared to have experienced a very difficult time in escaping.

They gave a brief explanation on their situation. Hong ge naturally experienced several close brushes* before escaping from this trap. Xiao Liu happened to fortunately meet the monster, Goldie, and had been saved by it.

*dire situation

“I never expected Jin Yu to actually be the malicious spirit boss”

“Hey, how are we suppose to find him? And how the heck do we deal with him? Wait a minute! Why isn’t the mainline task of this instance still complete until now? Is there anything else that we could have missed?”

Gu Wuji also felt relieved upon seeing that both of them were fine. His expression then became serious, “Now, I have something I want to tell the both of you, regarding the truth about this instance.”

Gu Wuji stroked the head of the monster beside him, showing a vaguely unbearable look. In the next moment, he quickly took out the match he had, and directly set fire to the canvass on the ground.

The other two looked at him nervously.

“You should head to the other areas, setting fire to all the places that can be set on fire.” Gu Wuji looked over, “I presume that even if you don’t have this thing, you should still have other similar items as well.”

Being able to light a fire is a very important thing after all. Moreover, similar items were not too expensive as well, and the majority of the players would have basically come prepared.

“What-, what’s going on with this?” Xiao Liu looked over worriedly, “We’ll we be alright in doing this? Will those ghosts let us get away with it?”

“This kind of haunted place can’t be burnt down that easily if the grievances hadn’t been resolved.” Hong ge evidently had a lot of experiences, but still directed a deep look towards Gu Wuji, “The truth that you were talking about should be related to this, right?”

“That’s right. As a matter of fact, the place we are in right now is inside the painting.” Gu Wuji lightly stated: “From the start, the place we entered is this world inside the painting! And not the real world at all.”

It was because of the previous experience in the mirror world, that Gu Wuji had been able to quickly think of this.

He immediately felt something off, the moment he took a look outside from the window before. Even though the outer section of the other worlds before were also enshrouded with mists, but this place gave him an even stronger sense of isolation.

Furthermore, the immediate appearance of the corpse of xiao Liu and her teammate, was also because it had originally been inside the painting, only then will there be such an effect. This was especially true towards those monsters which were so unbridled and seemed to be completely unrestricted in this world. Had this been in reality, then it would have been impossible for them to appear so casually.

But the most important part was during those moments when he was pulled into the other portraits and realized that they felt so real. Only then was he able to finally ascertain this.

In all likelihood, the blood on the walls were not because of the countless people who had died here in the past. But was rather the blood that splattered on the painting when Jin Yu died! The grievances attached to that painting, had even pulled the souls of the people around him inside it, which led to this current situation.

Naturally, this was also because Jin Yu’s painting had never been normal right at the start.

[Mainline task completed: Find the actual truth in this hospital.]

[New mainline task activated: Leave this portrait.]

The other two people no longer bothered to listen to the explanation of Gu Wuji as well. In any case, what else could they do apart from listening to his instructions?

The three people set fire to all places, and simply disregarded all virtue.

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