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Ch 56: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 56: Shura field (?) (part 1 of 4)

Gu Wuji walked in the villa with a solemn expression.

This was a considerably large villa. He doesn’t know what it’s like in this world. But if this was in the real world, then this place would have absolutely been the residence of rich people.

Despite being large, the internal structure was still quite chaotic. The interior design was as if this place was never meant for people to reside in, as the interior were filled with twist and turns. Gu Wuji thought of heading downstairs, but was unexpectedly unable to locate the staircase after looking for a while.

“It would have really been exhausting if Jin Yu lived here everyday.”

The negative energy inside the house was extremely strong as well. After going through the long hallway, what appeared in front of Gu Wuji was actually a huge hall, which seems to look like an art gallery exhibition. But the sculptures and portraits adorned inside were more bizarre than the other. Exuding an unspeakable eerie feeling under the illumination of the blue lights in this place.

The portraits here were actually much more normal compared to those corpses and the other things outside, and were just like ordinary portraits. But the eyes of the people in the portraits seemed to constantly follow the people who enter the hall.

The more frightening thing was that after entering, the sounds of something gasping and weeping could be faintly heard, along with feeling of being surrounded by ghosts.

If a normal person came into this place, perhaps their legs would have gone weak the instant they passed the doorway.

“Is this the taste of people who engage in arts?” Gu Wuji couldn’t refrain from thinking like this, as he went up to have a closer look at the sculpture that appeared in front him and the portrait next to it.

The sculpture looks like an ordinary young man, with a very eerie and painful expression.

The other sculptures were more or less the same as well. All of which were of various kinds of men and women. Because of the exquisitely delicate details, they even vaguely gave off an impression that they might have been real people before.

……Of course, in a world with supernatural setting, this would have also been a very normal happening.

“Whoops, now’s not the time to look at these things. I still need to quickly look for Jin Yu first.” Gu Wuji, who realized that he had subconsciously started to observe the things around him again, immediately shifted his attention, and swiftly noticed the staircase leading down at the other end of the large hall. So he quickly walked forward.

But after just a few steps, Gu Wuji vaguely heard the sound of footsteps from behind him, and immediately turned to look back. A horrifying scene appeared before him –Those sculptures had actually deviated from their original position, and had slightly shifted in his direction. Those eerie faces were directly facing Gu Wuji’s direction. Just a glance at this scene, could give rise to a spine-chilling fear, that would generally cause the players to directly use their items in fright.

After stopping in his tracks for a brief moment, Gu Wuji turned around and continued to walk forward. The sounds of footsteps echoed once more, but were more rushed than before this time.

When he turned around, the positions of several of those sculptures appeared much closer, and those eerie faces were practically right in front of his eyes. Even the action of the sculptures seemed to have a bit of change as well, as one hand was already reaching out to Gu Wuji’s direction.

It’s almost impossible to predict, what would actually happen if caught by this hand.

The portraits at the sides had also undergone a complete change. The people painted on them were all looking at Gu Wuji’s direction. Even thought the smiles were still normal, but looking at it will somehow give off a strange feeling.

Gu Wuji let out a helpless sigh. Being stared at by so many pairs of fervent eyes, gave him a feeling like he was practicing the act of being swarmed by fans in advance.

After all, as an actor, there was still a need to pay attention to the thoughts of the fans. This was also a very important part of his job after all.

“There’s no other way then, since everyone is so enthusiastic.” Gu Wuji said to these several sculptures with outstretched arms, with a tone that could be considered as quite amiable, “Don’t squeeze, come over one by one, everyone can have an opportunity.”

In a split second, the entire art gallery exhibition became so silent and seemed to have fallen to a deathly silence. Even the faintest sound that sounded by his ears a while ago had completely disappeared. The smiling expressions of all the people in the portraits seemed to have become somewhat stiff.

Gu Wuji became a bit bemused, then thought, “Or, could you have come to find me in order to help resolve your grievances?”

The room became even more silent.

“As expected.” Gu Wuji nodded, feeling that he had deeply understood the pain in the hearts of the ghosts attached to these sculptures, “After all, it’s too unpleasant to be a sculpture here forever, right? It’s alright, I’ll help all of you out.”

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