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Ch 58: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world

Chapter 58: The head’s little peach blossom 17

This move of Xi Yan did not have any pretentious or melodramatic meaning, it was completely natural and straight from the heart. Because in Xi Yan’s eyes, Chen Tong has always been that tender and fragile existence that needs to be properly protected, even during their first meeting, when Chen Tong’s formidable figure helped him drive away the large encirclement of the youths.

As a half beast, Xi Yan was essentially a lot stronger than the normal people, ordinary blades and arrows cannot easily pierce the sturdy body, that slap was simply nothing at all. If this was able to cool off Chen Tong’s anger, then he wouldn’t have any objections on how many times he would be hit again. Even more so when there was still a baby in Chen Tong’s stomach, Xi Yan was very anxious on what accident might happen, so worried that even if he kept this person in his mouth he would still be uneasy.

*I guess it means something similar to keeping the person very close 24/7?

Chen Tong pulled his hand back without saying a word, and spoke in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Get out, I don’t want to see you.”

The tone was so flat that a little emotion would seem like giving compassion to the other party.

Xi Yan stood still for almost a minute without any movement, then like a slow witted puppet slowly hanged his head down, the body was full of unspeakable air of desolation, which almost even made Chen Tong want to be tenderhearted. Then just like following Chen Tong’s ‘command’ drew back step by step, until he reached the door before stopping.

Chen Tong thought that Xi Yan would leave just like this, and slightly raise his eyes to take a glimpse of the other, but did not expect the other person to behave in such a way that made him exceptionally shocked, and was completely outside of everyone’s expectations.

— Xi Yan knelt down towards him.

Chen Tong subconsciously widened his eyes, then looking at that face of Xi Yan that resembled more like Han Ying as he grew up, made him nearly rush out of bed to help that person up. Both of the heart’s anger and dissatisfaction were mostly shattered by this kneel, the sharp fragments slashed through that softest part of his heart, causing a painful burning feeling.

However, Xi Yan attitude was very tranquil, just like the person who was kneeling down was not himself, or that kneeling down towards him was just regarded as a matter of course, the voice sounded equally serene, speaking in a lowered voice while looking straight at Chen Tong: “I know I was wrong, sorry.”

“My benefactor, family, friend, lover, are all you, you are everything to me, so that’s why……”

“I love you, I can’t live without you.”

Xi Yan’s manner of speaking sounded serious and humble, speaking nothing more than these 3 simple sentences, can however make people hear the deep impenitence. But he also did not have the idea of forcing Chen Tong, after saying these words he then consciously stood up again, then walked out from the room, and properly closed the door.

Leaving a stunned Chen Tong alone in the room.

The mind was in a ball of mess, and completely had no idea what to do at all. In fact, that illusion itself which Xi Yan weaved for him was simply not a great issue at all, because Xi Yan had originally been Han Ying, the concern of Chen Tong was Xi Yan’s deception and control to him, as well as the strange guilty feeling of having a relationship with a person who is a minor.

People would often think of escaping the confusion first, and Lei Xiaoshan’s appearance just happened to coincide with this opportunity. So the moment Lei Xiaoshan suggested to let him stay in his home, Chen Tong nodded and said, “Okay.”

So when Xi Yan returned he had then discovered that the person had already moved out from the room, only a light piece of message was left behind.

The eyes became dark red in an instant, Lei Xiaoshan these 2 words were hatefully chewed like a beast, raising his hands to tear that piece of paper into scraps.

Chen Tong was very comfortable lodging in Lei Xiaoshan’s place. As SLei Xiaoshan had arranged a separate guestroom for him, unlike Xi Yan who did that half-force half-coax in order to let him completely finish his meal, and did not even interfere with any of his behaviour.

After eating, Chen Tong then read a book in a corner, the black hair was arbitrarily placed on either side, slipping down his shoulder, like the finest satin, which couldn’t help but make people want to hold and fiddle it with their hands. Detecting the smell of the faint fragrance on his body, made Lei Xiaoshan’s feel as if there was an animal paw scratching his heart, making it itchy.

Lei Xiaoshan had actually been very busy these days, but he, just like before often took time to accompany Chen Tong. It was once again the season of late autumn and early winter, but the animal tide that had not appeared for several consecutive years has been faintly showing the signs of breaking out for this year, once an animal tide breaks out, the scale would inevitably be immense with a fierce tendency, if they cannot withstand it, the entire city will fall.

Lei Xiaoshan for two consecutive days had already been too anxious to fall asleep, but the moment Chen Tong was seen, the heart would be calmed, as if the blossoming flowers could be seen.

Chen Tong also suffered from insomnia that night. Sleeping alone had originally been more comfortable than sleeping with other people, but when Chen Tong looked at the side of the bed without Xi Yan, it inexplicably made him produce a kind of desolate feeling.

Chen Tong spreads his arms and legs, occupying the entire bed, it was not until the light of the dawn that he finally fell into a dark and sweet dreamland.

This rest was quite long, but just as Chen Tong had woken up once more, he had been shocked to discover that he had once again returned to his house.

Sitting up, he saw Xi Yan pushing the door to enter, and immediately frowned his brows: “Why am I here? Lei Xiaoshan ne?”

These two questions had been successively asked, but only silence was received. Chen Tong took a deep breath, then immediately got out of bed, and directly headed to the door’s direction.

Xi Yan had finally reacted, firmly blocking Chen Tong’s way out, “Where are you going?”

“It’s not up to you to decide where I’m going.”

But Xi Yan immediately carried Chen Tong back to bed, the movement was very gentle and soft, but the strength did not allow any room for struggle.

Chen Tong due to the nature of needing to protect the baby in his stomach, also did not use strength to struggle against Xi Yan, “……what do you mean?”

“The doctor said that you must fully recuperate at this time,” Xi Yan’s tone was equally gentle, as the topic shifted, “……you can eat after a while.”

However, this gentleness, could no longer further conceal the fact that he tried to lock Chen Tong up once again. “I want to leave, not to eat.” Chen Tong once again mentioned Lei Xiaoshan. “Lei Xiaoshan ne?”

Xi Yan face finally sinks when Chen Tong’s repeatedly asked about another man, and spoke with some firmness: “What are you looking at him for? To make him take you away from me again? ……it’s a pity that he can’t bring you with him in the future.”

Chen Tong happened to hear an implication in the words of the other party, yet still asked him again, but then saw the shade of Xi Yan’s pupil gradually become darker, then fixedly gazed at him as he darkly said each line of his sentence: “In this lifetime of yours, don’t think about having a second man, unless I am dead.”

Xi Yan kissed Chen Tong’s forehead: “Your body and heart can only be mine……I can give you everything I have, so just don’t leave me okay?”

Chen Tong gently blinked his eyes, and did not say a word. Xi Yan looked at that pair of eyes, the curvature of the eyes were just like an almond seed, even after so many years, it’s clarity and beauty had astonishingly been retained just like before.

There was always a person who can maintain it’s beauty even in this helpless situation.

The food in the kitchen still needed a few minutes to be cooked, Xi Yan fearing that Chen Tong will get hungry, held out a fruit he liked the most first.

Chen Tong angrily knocked the fruit to ground, then closed his eyes in an out of sight, out of mind way.

Chen Tong became even more sleepier after having a baby, and unconsciously slept once more, during the time Xi Yan had bought him back, he had already been sleeping very deeply.

Looking at the fruit that had been slapped away by Chen Tong, Xi Yan revealed a pampering laugh because of his childish temper, but was also very worried over the matter because of him not eating, he then went to the bedside, and picked up the fruit to place it on the trencher once more. As soon as his head has been raised, the line of sight was then drawn by the slightly raised neck of Chen Tong.

The graceful curved line extended all the way down, and was hidden beneath the night clothes, the loose collar exposed the jade-like skin.

The throat was suddenly a bit dry.

Xi Yan bowed down to look at Chen Tong’s sleeping face, that can call forth a strong surge of love at any time or place. –Lightly kissing him on the face, wouldn’t really matter right?

Leaning over, the cheek was kissed very carefully, it was also difficult for his lips to make that contact. Thinking about the child they had together in his stomach, made the heart beat of Xi Yan even more intense. He hopes the child can be like Chen Tong, this way he can make up for the regret of having never seen his sweetheart’s childhood phase. He will completely pamper the young child version and the grownup Chen Tong up to the heavens, he could feel each of his blood boiling in excitement when he thought of the big and small one.

But this wish had soon been mercilessly dashed.

By the doctor at home that Xi Yan had found, that had made a detailed examination during Chen Tong’s sleep, who had seriously recommended the abortion.

“Passing through the conditioning can originally successfully give birth to the baby, but he had been previously injected with medications that were not good for pregnancy, after going through the last bleeding, the body’s physical fitness had turned very weak, not enough to support the fetus in the stomach, furthermore, there are great risks such as bleeding and complications during childbirth, that can cause the grownup to die. Now, if the child is promptly aborted, the grownup’s life can still be saved, so proper consideration and an early decision is needed.”

Xi Yan unconsciously pressed his chest, the daily heartache and regret attacked his heart in a completely new vantage point once through, letting him be unbearably suffocated, these two words of to die in the doctor’s mouth even made both his hands slightly tremble. Chen Tong naturally had the most importance in Xi Yan’s heart, ten thousand children also cannot compensate for even a single finger of Chen Tong, he gasped for air as if he was unable to breath, then gritted his teeth as he made a decision, “I consent to the idea about the child’s abortion, as long as the grownup’s life can be saved.”

Raw word count: 2660

The author has something to say:

Chen Tong: That bastard actually wants to abort my small peach, damn, that’s really too much! I want to go back to my parental home*!

*female returning to her household

Mou Bi: En en, I will immediately make arrangements for your return to the forest.

–Finally, I’m really excited with just the thought of writing about the plot of the ball running away!

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