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Ch 59: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world

Chapter 59: The head’s little peach blossom 18

After the doctor left, Xi Yan then returned to the bedroom to continue looking after Chen Tong, the gloomy look slightly eased because of the other party’s peaceful sleeping appearance.

People in love knows how beautiful it was for them to see their sweetheart quietly sleep within their reach, even more so when Chen Tong’s sleeping appearance wasn’t so cold and distant when awake, but only gentle and pure, which unavoidably made Xi Yan want to care for; that also brought forth a type of quiet calmness and an insufferably beautiful feeling that shouldn’t be disturb.

At the same time, it also brought forth an unspeakable fear to Xi Yan.

Looking at the other person every single day and night, still made him feel an inescapable fear. The hand in his palm was as warm as a jade, so exquisite that it could slip away at any time. The harder it is pulled, the more it can fall, and the farther it will go.  

He did not know what should be done, in order to protect it properly and have it forever.

Chen Tong liked lying sideways, burying half of the small head in the pillow, revealing a delicate nose and slightly pouting lips, the fair ear were lined with the soft hair, the cheek was also soft, tempting people to have a bite. Xi Yan gently caressed his soft hair and face, Chen Tong feeling this familiar atmosphere in his sleep, just like facing Han Ying and Nicholas, unconsciously moved his face to gently rub against Xi Yan’s hand.

Xi Yan froze at once, unconsciously holding his breath as the brain also went blank, as if all the surrounding things were nonexistent.

His whole heart that had originally been full of oppressively painful and manic anxiousness, which also had a crazed type of envious hatred to Lei Xiaoshan and Qiu Jiang, but seeing Chen Tong at this very moment, made him suddenly feel that everything didn’t matter.

Xi Yan in this manner, sat on the bedside and watched after his sweetheart the entire night, right until the daybreak of the early morning without feeling tired.

Even if there was no child, it would still be fine as long as Chen Tong was there, he had originally been unwilling to divide Chen Tong’s attention. He decided to try controlling his own jealousy and possessiveness in the future, to sincerely make up for the wrong things he did, then woo Chen Tong once more, to move his heart bit by bit, no matter how long or difficult the process would be.

The child was less than 3 months old, the doctor had suggested medical abortion, but because of the current drug shortage at this time where there were no vials for injection, only the oldest method could be used, that was taking the abortion medicine through oral administration.   

Xi Yan in accordance with the doctor’s words placed the medicine in the soup, after doing so placed it in front of the table, and said after taking a deep breath: “Tong Tong, listen to me, in the hospital you were treated before, the doctor diagnosed that you were pregnant with a baby……”

Chen Tong was naturally aware that he has a baby, so no expression of surprise had been revealed, and just had a bit of strange feeling as to why Xi Yan has suddenly mentioned it at this time.

Xi Yan secretly clenched his fist, and continued to say: “But it’s dangerous to conceive a baby with your body’s current condition, so you can’t have him……”

He tried hard to keep his tone calm, but the hand still trembled a bit, then moved the soup bowl close to Chen Tong, “Tong Tong, this soup bowl has an abortion medicine inside, drink the soup then-……”

But the words had not been completely spoken as it had been interrupted by Chen Tong’s retreating action. Chen Tong took several steps back after hearing the 2 words of abortion medicine, in a vigilant and panic manner, the body was tightly stretched, like a little beast facing danger.

In addition to the task requirement, Chen Tong had unconsciously produced a kind of indescribable attachment for the baby in his stomach in these days, the first reaction was to naturally stay away from any person or thing that attempts to harm the baby.

After which he couldn’t help but think that Xi Yan did not want this child, so the child should be heartlessly aborted like this.

After all, Chen Tong feels that his body’s condition did not have any problem, other than the lethargy, the adverse reaction of pregnancy like morning sickness wasn’t even felt, so it was only natural that he would be unable to understand the doctor’s remarks and Xi Yan’s fierce entanglement. So he couldn’t help but suspect that perhaps Xi Yan feels that him being a man but able to conceive a baby, it should be a abnormal freak, so the baby must be killed before it happens.

“You-,” Such a thought made a slight chill run over his body, the skin appeared even more white and pale, “you don’t want this child?”

Xi Yan’s heart had an indescribably tightness, wanting to explain yet not knowing what to say because he was not eloquent with his words, and spoke in a slightly rigid manner: “Not like this, I-……”

“Get out,” Chen Tong suddenly pointed outside the door, immediately driving the person away, the voice became somewhat sharp, “Scram, take that bowl of medicine and get out!”

“Tong Tong……” Xi Yan feared that the very intense emotional state of Chen Tong would harm his body, and tried approaching to appease him, but didn’t expect Chen Tong’s resistance to be more intense, which basically did not allow other people to approach.

At last, Xi Yan could only leave the room in accordance to his words, honestly guarding outside the door.

Even when staying outside, Xi Yan did not dare to relax the slightest bit and constantly paid attention to the movements at the other side of the door. But no sounds came out from the inside for such a long time, until after a long time, Xi Yan only heard the very light sound of footsteps, –Chen Tong seemed to have returned to the bed, and tiredly slept past.

Xi Yan waited for a very long time outside the door, right until Chen Tong had thoroughly fallen asleep, only then was the door pushed open very carefully, then softly and quietly entered the room.

Chen Tong’s pale white sleeping face couldn’t help but make Xi Yan have all kinds of worries, faintly feeling that he had done something wrong again, so much that he even wanted to find the doctor to once again discuss about the topic of abortion. Xi Yan quietly looked at Chen Tong for a while, then carefully tucked him in the quilt properly, then locked the door as he was going out.

But Chen Tong’s eyes had unknowingly opened after Xi Yan had just left.

His eyes did not even have a trace of sleepiness at all, sitting up, he held his knees as he thought about the issue, the whole person was calm just like an ice-cold jade carving.

— Chen Tong decided to seize this opportunity to leave this place now, returning to the forest in advance.

The mind had clearly been made up, but there was still an unspeakable anxiousness, but he did not know where that anxiousness originated.

Chen Tong stood up, and finally looked around the empty room one more time, the familiar tables and chairs, and the window screens that were still gently blown by the wind.

A somewhat strong reluctance to part had actually emerged from the bottom of his heart. It was also at this time that he suddenly realized, where all those anxiousness had come from.

At the same time as this, Xi Yan suddenly felt a burst of indescribable uneasiness, two members were still reporting about the beast tide’s matter to him, but his mind constantly wandered, until he finally couldn’t help but interrupt his team members directly, “I have to go home.”

Zhang Huakai who had been his classmate for so many years, naturally knew the matters of Chen Tong, wanting to talk but still closed his mouth, only watching the back of Xi Yan who was hurriedly leaving with a slight frown.

Xi Yan was completely unaware that at the same moment as he left the hunting team, Chen Tong had already reached the city gate. The members of the research institute had the same freedom as the hunting teams in leaving the city, even more so when Chen Tong had both identities, because he used to go out, one of the city guards keeping watch over the gate even called out to him, and repeatedly warned about the approaching beast tide, saying that he must return earlier.

Everything had unexpectedly gone so smooth, that even Chen Tong himself couldn’t believe it. In a blink of an eye, he had already reached the edge of the forest’s periphery, he then turned his head to look back at the direction of the distant Ming Ri city once more, then entered the depths of the forest step by step.

Xi Yan in the same way walked more faster, until he almost flew home, the abnormality was felt even without opening the door.

The inside was frighteningly still, that only his rushing footsteps and heavy gasps could be heard. Xi Yan immediately made a beeline towards the bedroom, the movement was very fast, but came to a standstill the next second.

The furnishings inside the bedroom remained completely unchanged, all of the things were still there, but nobody was seen.

Xi Yan did not give up and looked around until he finally confirmed the fact that Chen Tong was not there, thinking that he might have been taken away by other people, that he immediately found people to check.

This time, when Zhang Huakai saw Xi Yan again, he saw a startling malevolence over the person’s entire body, just standing there, an unsettling tension even spread out through the surroundings, so much that the people around did not even dare to breath too heavily.

Xi Yan’s network had already spread through more than half of the city area, if he had arranged people at the city gate beforehand, then it would have simply been impossible for Chen Tong to get a chance to leave the city, it’s a pity, Xi Yan did not consider this point at all, not only that, but he only thought of looking inside the city, and never considered about letting people ask the guards watching over the city.

After all, not only was it already winter, but there was also the threat of beast tide, that it was very unlikely for anyone to opt and go out the city at this time. Naturally the search of Xi Yan within the city was in vain, as time flowed, the anxiousness in his heart also grew more intense, the overwhelming panic was swiftly crushing him.

The sunshine of the early winter’s twilight fell upon his whole body, but a terrible coldness covered his entire body, just like being born inside an ice-cold cave. A kind of discontentment had even emerged from the heart, he thought that after Chen Tong had been found, he must be locked up, then resolutely-, resolutely-……

But he couldn’t bear to do it.

Xi Yan’s fist hit the wall with a bang sound, the hand that punched the wall bled, the repressed and very fierce appearance gave the men who came over the relay the latest information a fright.

More than half a day had passed, Xi Yan by then had not seen Chen Tong’s figure for no less than 5 hours, not hearing his voice, the thought that such a day might continue, made him uncontrollably tremble with pain.

He had been very young when he had tasted the experience of being abandoned, but it had never been this painful. The most terrifying thing besides people’s usual habits, was paranoid love, not only had this become a usual habit of Xi Yan towards Chen Tong, the love he felt towards him was also paranoid beyond redemption.

For so many years in the past, he grew up and only become strong just by completely relying on Chen Tong these two words, all his dreams and expectations in life along with the best things he could imagine, was only to get him and be together with him.  

“You mustn’t be anxious,” Zhang Huakai observed the Xi Yan’s look very carefully, then cautiously said, “Wait and be patient, a big living person can’t disappear in thin air, maybe we can find him soon……”

Xi Yan did not speak.

He was afraid that he would start shouting harshly, he also didn’t have any way to tell his men without losing face, that he couldn’t wait, even a moment of waiting won’t do.

Xi Yan eventually found out where Chen Tong had gone to before nightfall, and found the guard who had previously spoken with Chen Tong.

The guard was frightened by Xi Yan’s terrible look, confessing everything immediately, Xi Yan froze for a moment, then single-handedly seized the guard’s lapel, narrowing his eyes as he spoke word for word: “What did you say? You personally saw him leave the city?”

“I only saw him go out the city alone, I really don’t know where he was heading……”

If Xi Yan was said to had been discontent a moment ago, but right now, there was no whatsoever feeling, only the overwhelming anxiousness remained. It goes without saying that leaving the city at this time was very dangerous, not to mention that the things at home had been untouched, which meant that Chen Tong had not even taken a single piece of clothing.

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