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Ch 60: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world

Chapter 60: The head’s little peach blossom 19

Xi Yan stood up without waiting for even a single second with the intention of going out the city to find that person. Zhang Huakai was the first to realize what he wanted to do, blocking his path in a moment of desperation and irregardless of whether Xi Yan would get angry or not, he reasoned: “The sky has already darkened now, rushing out without careful consideration can’t……”

“Not good!!”

A sound of a panic and urgent shout was suddenly heard, a subordinate of his at this time had actually rushed inside with haste, giving a report: “The guards of the city wall have discovered the beast tide, currently heading over at this side, I’m afraid it won’t be long before it will head down and reach the city!”

As soon as these words were said, every person on the scene were alarmed.

Everybody knows the terribleness of the beast tide, how much cities it destroyed in the past, the countless strong people sacrificed, which even caused the human civilization to fall to the lowest point. After mutation, the strange beasts uses their large bodies with their claws and teeth, to continuously force out and slaughter the human beings, repressing the human’s living space to become more and more smaller.

The last beast tide had been 7 years ago, which almost destroyed the entire city, it was also at that time that Lei Xiaoshan was able to take the position of the leader just by pushing through the desperate crisis of the beast tide, unfortunately. Lei Xiaoshan at this moment was seriously injured from an attack, today, the only remaining powerful people in the city were the several young people headed by Xi Yan.


The alarm sounding the beast tide approach immediately resonated throughout the entire Ming Ri city, the inside of the city was in uproar, fully armed city guards were all over the streets, each rushing to the city walls preparing to defend, each minute and second after the alarm sounded were a type of torture to the residents inside the city, each household had turned on their lights, the most daring child in normal times was also anxiously and uneasily hiding into their mother’s arms listening to her strong calming comfort, but not knowing whether her fear was less than that of the child.

Although, the last beast tide did not cause the complete fall of the city, but there were heavy casualties, leaving only one tenth of the human population, most of the city walls were also destroyed, what will happen this time, was impossible for anyone to predict. In an instant, everyone felt the vibration of the ground, at first it was barely discernible, but soon began to quickly spread, and was as dense as the falling drum beats growing larger and larger, shaking the people’s heart.

Ever since the descent of the great catastrophe the people later had incessantly been pulling back and forth with the ferocious beasts, no one knows when the terrible beast tide will come, and when the land they live on will be swallowed by it. Three lines of defenses were constructed outside the city beforehand as a precautionary measure against the beast tide, there were buried gun powders with exploding points and ditches with liquid kerosene, the guards on the wall moved to throw the torch at the same time as the strange beasts rushed over, explosion and flames followed, instantly exterminating a large amount.

The thunder-like roaring sounds of the strange beasts were undeniably more harsh in the desolate night, the tremors profoundly shook the walls of the city, making the dusts fall, the faces of the people one after the other became more and more pale because of the sheer number of the strange beast, but each and every thought of Xi Yan was constantly on Chen Tong alone.

The teeth were bitten until it bled when the news of the beast tide was heard, the thick metallic smell filled his mouth.

–The beast tide was coming, and Chen Tong was in danger outside the city, Xi Yan did not dare to imagine what kind of situation he would face at all. Or even worse, Chen Tong might have already encountered the beast tide directly in a much earlier time, the consequences of him facing the innumerable strange beasts alone was self-evident.

The the clamorous roaring sounds of the beasts gathered around swept through Xi Yan’s ears, but had no whatsoever effect on him at all. He firmly gritted his teeth, the brain was in utter chaos by the imagined images of Chen Tong’s accident, as if nothing could be heard and seen, eye’s color had also began to slowly become dark red.

When Xi Yan raised his head because of Zhang Huakai’s shout, Zhang Huakai almost screamed out in fright because of his appearance!!

Xi Yan’s pupils could be seen that it had once again turned into vertical pupils that only beasts could have, this time, it was exposed without any sort of cover-up.

–What made Zhang Huakai even more frightened was that, the pair of eyes did not have a trace of a normal person’s warmth, only the bloodthirstiness and coldness of the beasts.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the human’s that Xi Yan wants to kill, but the approaching strange beasts instead. Xi Yan held the large knife that Chen Tong gave him, then actually jumped over the city wall directly, the whole person had a completely fearless attitude.

The murderous intention began to soar up, and was like a meat grinder, madly harvesting the lives of the strange beasts. His face was expressionless, but the action was more violent and fiercer than the strange beasts, like an evil spirit that ascended from below.

Of course, aside from Zhang Huakai who saw that pair of vertical pupils, no one else would associate these 2 words, evil spirit with him, but on the contrary, would feel that Xi Yan strength was incredible. Nowadays, when the strong were revered, moreover, in this type of desperate moment, even if Xi Yan was really an evil spirit, as long as the strange beasts were eradicated, they would only praise and worship him.

Xi Yan had already lost a normal person’s rationality, that soon, even the control over his wild nature was lost, that he changed into a half-beast figure. The heart only had one thought, which was to kill these strange beasts, and getting his baby back.

No matter how powerful he was but he was also a one-man after all, but the strange beasts kept flowing in, that the three defensive lines outside the city gradually failed, the city gates were broken through with a loud bang, both the inside and the outside of the city walls were caught in a struggle. In a flash, several hundreds of people died in battle, in addition to the other people’s innumerable grave injuries.

Perhaps the whole city would really be destroyed this time.

Everyone gave rise to this sort of idea, but Xi Yan at the same time as this became slightly distracted in a critical juncture of the fight, the pupil suddenly narrowed upon seeing that little scrape of clothing on the horn of one black ox variation in the distance.

That was a material from Chen Tong’s shirt.

It was impossible for Xi Yan to make a mistake on anything related to the other person, the heart uncontrollably sank, falling down to the deepest parts of hell, the sharp claws that pierced deeply into his shoulder was disregarded, the eyes that were wide open was bursting with unbearable pain and the madness of collapse, a loud hissing sound was suddenly released.

The blood of the half-beast had actually pervaded the bones, completely waking up through the pain and despair.


An earth-shattering explosion suddenly sounded in the air!

Everyone only saw the ground shake with it, the night’s boundless curtain was immediately shattered, like a giant black curtain was ripped open by a loud blast, a burst of glaring white light shot out from between the gaps that made people unable to open their eyes. Unable to see themselves or the other people, the last scene were exactly the flesh’s splashing, dust’s rising and the endless darkness. Except for Zhang Huakai, who seemed to see the gigantic snake tail and bone wings before losing consciousness, as if a god of death had descended on the human world, he was soon covered by the endless darkness without the time to dwell in such trivial things.

Ming Ri city was not destroyed by the beast tide this time, but had passed this crisis.

Although there were a lot of casualties, and the number of guards left were countable, the city walls were also broken, but the beast tide had magically disappeared. Zhang Huakai opened his eyes with great difficulty, and struggled to climb out from under the debris. Then found Xi Yan collapsed in the pile of wreckage, the clothes on his body were utterly ruined, the entire body from head to foot were almost covered with wounds and bloods, so quiet as if he had already died.

His body had not yet died, but the heart had.

Xi Yan’s eyes could never reflect anyone’s figure again, only a piece of deathly stillness remained in the depths of those pupils. He couldn’t even remember what he had done in the beast tide that night, he only knew that his baby was gone, and the pain rising in his chest was too great to suppress, that he unconsciously turned into his beast form, letting his instincts control his body. The power in the body continually rose, until the frightening energy finally broke out, turning half of the city to ashes.

Regarding the scene of the devastated city, the reconstruction work began to proceed in an orderly manner, Xi Yan who was seen as the saviour by all the city’s survivors also seemed to have resumed to the normal state of living after recovering from his injuries.

Only a few of the closest subordinates were aware that this was only on the surface. Xi Yan stayed up night after night with no way of sleeping, even the use of sleeping pills did not have the slightest effect.

As soon as he closes his eyes, the bloodied appearance of Chen Tong’s body will appear in his mind, letting him shiver unwittingly.

Xi Yan’s self-abusive manner will always make him recall every aspect of his interactions with Chen Tong, as well as every words he said. The pulsating temple, with a severe headache, seemingly protesting to him for not allowing the brain to rest in such a long period of time, but was forcefully pressed down by Xi Yan’s fingers.

Ming Ri city has already been completely controlled by Xi Yan, becoming the only leader of the entire city. He became more paranoid and short-tempered after losing Chen Tong, just like a submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish type of tyrant. The subordinates who followed Xi Yan during his school-days knew that he was innately not good at expressing and venting, even the painful despair could not be expressed like a normal person. So much, that Xi Yan for some time had even produced an illusion that Chen Tong still existed, and for a long time, talked to an empty space every morning, calling his baby to get up.

“Tong Tong, it’s time to get up and eat.”

Speaking so, he then turned around and took out 2 bowls and 2 pairs of chopsticks, putting down Chen Tong’s share very carefully, seriously maintaining the behaviour that he still existed, gently coaxing and persuading to the empty space to eat. It wasn’t the first time for the several subordinates who come over to report on the matters to see Xi Yan behave like this, but they still couldn’t help but be surprised and worried.

But Xi Yan didn’t care about the opinions of the other people at all, he became more and more uncommunicative, more indifferent, more ruthless and even unstable.

Unfortunately, even this piece of illusion was soon mercilessly broken. When Xi Yan left the Ri city this morning, his unfocused line of sight fell on the tide of people, but was suddenly frozen in place, just like being shocked.

Then suddenly rushed out in the next second, the shockingly cold pressure made the surrounding people strategically withdraw and step out of the way one by one. The subordinates around him were still unable to understand what was going on, and could only look at Xi Yan’s back.

He ran so fast, hitting a lot of passersby who didn’t have the time to move out of the way, the huge stimulus did not give him the slightest respite, as he just thoughtlessly ran to the person’s figure he had just seen. The grumbling sounds of dissatisfaction followed, but was later endured upon seeing that Xi Yan’s eyes were dark red in color.

Because that was a beast that completely does not fear death.

Xi Yan searched all over the crowd of people with that pair of bloodshot eyes, the heart’s wild beating resounded in his ears, a buzzing sounded in his head, emitting waves of pain.

He couldn’t find his baby anywhere, but just a moment ago, he seemed to have seen him……

Finally, with the help of his vision that exceeded a normal person, Xi Yan rushed forward, grabbing on the other person’s arm and yanking him around sharply.

But the complexion quickly paled in the other person’s scream.  

It was just a youth with a similar figure from the back.

Xi Yan’s hand slowly slipped down, as he stood there in dead silence, the blood cooled down once again, so much, that the blood flowing in every blood vessels felt ice-cold.

He suddenly had the urge to cry, and finally crouched down bit by bit into a helpless posture. Other people might think he was crazy, but he wouldn’t care at all, if this kind of feigned madness can be exchanged for being able to see Chen Tong again.

What rationality? What dignity? Without Chen Tong, what is the value of those things?

By the time several subordinates had found Xi Yan, they saw him with this deathly stillness, and were slightly stunned.

Who could have imagined, that the youngest city leader with the strength to resist the beast tide alone and is seen as the saviour of the survivors, would become like this now, giving chase to a back view that had not been affirmed just like a fool, as well as being engrossed in an illusion that he was unable to extricate from.

But this matter today, made Xi Yan’s illusion of Chen Tong’s existence fade away, he couldn’t use his strange ability to give himself an illusion, and finally tried to let people prescribe hallucinogenic drugs to take in.

“This type of drug have a lot of side effects……”

The doctor considerately dissuaded, but he stopped talking under Xi Yan’s eyes. The man with that pair of unfriendly eyes indifferently looked at him like this, there was no angry refusal, but it gave an impression that could seemingly chill the bottom of people’s heart.

In this world, being unable to obtain something was not the most painful thing, but to lose after obtaining it was like falling in the deep abyss.

Xi Yan looked up in the room that was absolutely empty, and suddenly felt that this place was actually so big, he could hear the reverberation of his footsteps while walking in the living room. It was almost at the height of summer, but the bone-piercing coldness seemed to be everywhere.

The man’s thick and broad back was totally covered with an atmosphere of extreme grief, gently touching all the things Chen Tong used, the line of sight finally fell on the small sailboat model on top the cabinet.

This was from a very long time ago, a handmade birthday gift that Chen Tong gave him. He was only 15 years old at that time, wanting to watch Chen Tong all the time, wishing to make him small so he could be placed inside his pocket, and always be brought with him.

Time will never stay still for anyone, whether pain or joy. In a blink of an eye, nearly four years had already passed since Chen Tong had left, Xi Yan couldn’t believe that he was still alive.

Recently, he has been going to the city gate every evening, hoping to be able to see Chen Tong return, despite it being so far-fetched.

The first and following disappointment had made Xi Yan numb, as the sun was about to set, Xi Yan dazedly turned around intending to head back, but being absentminded knocked down a two to three year old little child.

The other person’s height just reached up to Xi Yan’s knees, and seemed more smaller after falling. Xi Yan looked to see the child’s tiny hair whorl, an unspeakable sense of familiarity appeared all of a sudden, so much that he even wanted to reach out and touch it. Then his footsteps stopped for the first time, as he stiffly spoke, “I didn’t see you, did it hurt?”

The little child was really hurt by the collision, and lowered the head to rub the knee taking no notice of him. No one in this world aside from Chen Tong could move Xi Yan’s heart, he could still be indifferent even if several hundred of infants would die in his presence, but he strangely couldn’t help but worry that this little child would cry.

But Xi Yan’s worry was obviously superfluous, he only saw the little child stand up after completely rubbing the knee, then quickly raised that little leg and ferociously stepped onto Xi Yan foot. Then looked at him with a pair of beautiful wide eyes and said: “Wei, how do you walk? Not even apologizing for bumping into this uncle*?”

*arrogant way of saying I

The little child’s voice was very childish, and thought that it was domineering, but the absence of even a bit of momentum, actually made people feel that it was exploding with cuteness instead. The little face with baby fat was chubby and tender, but had unfortunately still insisted in acting like a little big man, which was simply too adorable.

But XI Yan had been momentarily stunned, the consciousness returned after a few moments time, that then went back into a frenzy, and became more and more frantic.

–The eyebrows and the 5 features on that little face of the other person, actually had an unspeakable similarity with Chen Tong, and was just like being carved out from the same mold!!

When Xi Yan couldn’t speak for a while, the little child became unhappier, and continued to seriously speak with the childish voice: “Didn’t you hear? Quickly give this uncle an apology, then give this uncle 10 more as compensation for the little pinwheel that fell and broke!”

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