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Ch 63: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world

Chapter 63: The chief executive’s little kitty 1


Under the multitude layers of dark clouds, the gathering thunders rolled one after another, with deafening roars.

In the middle of the thunderstorm, a great life-and-death struggle was happening inside the woods, the loud sounds of gunshots constantly reverberated, Li Shaolin in a somewhat dire straits was quickly weaving within the woods, the blood and rainwater were merging together, giving off a taste of death.

Ever since he had washed his hands white*, Li Shaolin had not tasted the feeling of being hunted down for no less than 5 years, but this time was his sheer carelessness, and could not be blamed to anyone. The business world is simply like a cruel battlefield, Li Shaolin had never thought that the other party would be audacious enough to hire hit-men because of being a sore loser, to even kill him this former leader of a crime syndicate, letting the two bodyguards he brought along be completely injured, his body had even been shot by a single bullet, making the blood flow incessantly.

*withdrew from illegal dealings or works

Li Shaolin expressionlessly ignored the pain on his shoulder, with a slightly narrowed eyes. Stopping for just a while, a few more bullets whizzed pass his ears, the deft hand immediately returned three successive shots, then continued to run in a different direction.

The sky grew more and more darker, but the gunshots never stopped, but Li Shaolin’s wound began to feel numb due to blood loss, the numbing feeling had even gradually spread to the feet and extending to the brain, the movements had consequently grown sluggish. At the same time as a thunderclap sounded, only a strong lightning bolt was seen tearing through the dark blue sky, giving people a feeling of unspeakable fear.

Li Shaolin had no fear, but only gave birth to a little unwillingness. The two pursers had caught up, he solved the first using with a quick gun precision, but realized that the bullets had run out when aiming at the next one, conversely, the other party’s muzzle pointed on his head.

The subordinates coming over for back-up were still on the way, Li Shaolin was in a desperate situation at this moment. Just as he thought that he was going to die here, a larger blast of thunderbolt suddenly came through, a big tree in the left-front could be seen being struck by a lightning, breaking in half under the scorching lightning, then a small mass of white jumped out the tree struck by the thunderbolt, which happened to leap on the body of the hit man.

The hit man suffered a fright from the suddenness, mistakenly believing that the object was something harmful, it was quickly thrown away, and two successive shots were fired to the place it had fallen.

However, the sound of the gun stopped just as it had fired, –Because Li Shaolin had seized the opportunity to pull out and throw a dagger to the hit man, the knife’s tip deeply penetrated the other person’s heart. At the same time as the killer fell to the ground, the small white group had also moved, only then did Li Shaolin clearly see that it was actually a kitten.

——Had he-, been saved by this kitten?

This apparently sounded a bit unrealistic, but Li Shaolin who had always been extremely conceited immediately took it as his own destiny that should not be rejected, then move forward with big strides, to pick up the ‘the kind life-saving cat’ on the ground.

The kitten seemed to look like it had still not been weaned, and was just as big as a palm. Soft and furry when picked, that inevitably made the movements of the usually cold and unyielding Li Shaolin gentle as he brought it up, for fear of breaking the small thing on his hand.

To begin with, the kitty’s cuteness is an inherent beauty to this kind of creature, and can easily attract people’s attention without doing anything, even more so when this little kitten did not fear strangers. After being picked up, the little kitten initially gave a small cry, then raised it’s tiny head, and stared at Li Shaolin’s face in a somewhat dazed look.

The white fluff on it’s body had clearly been soaked and messed up because of the muddy water, but that pair of eyes were surprisingly beautiful. Two pairs of eyes stared at each other, Li Shaolin only saw an ignorant and innocent pair of round light blue eyes, like a clear and clean blue sky that had been washed by the heavy rain, so beautiful that it could seemingly draw in the human’s soul.

Li Shaolin couldn’t help but be entranced once again.

The feeling of confronting the cat has a more subtle feeling than confronting a person, that can even make people feel that their entire being was being pardoned or purified. A cold blooded person, will certainly be softened by this kind of gaze too. The unprecedented warm feeling on the hand, had seemingly filled Li Shaolin’s heart with a little unknown things.

He had never imagined that he would be saved by a little kitten one day, and will perhaps never be able to forget this rainy night. But the body which was turning colder bit by bit because of blood loss, felt an unspeakable warmth from that place where the very small kitty was.

The rain had already stopped, but the thunder had not yet ceased, a burst of loud thunder erupted again, giving the kitten that had originally been staring at Li Shaolin in a dazed a fright, that even the ear tip had erected, cowering into the arms of Li Shaolin. It was exactly this move, which had just made Li Shaolin discover that it bore an injury, –Not knowing whether it had been caused by the hit man’s throw or a cut from a shrapnel, the hind legs were bleeding a bit, that the soft fur stocking together.

The chief executive-daren who didn’t blink when killing had some inexplicable sense of anxiousness at this moment, the entire body of the very tiny little kitten had been completely placed in his arms, he had even started to coax it: “It’s alright, don’t be frightened……”

Maybe due to exhaustion or injuries, the little kitten had actually fallen asleep in the arms of Li Shaoli. Thus, the subordinates who rushed over for back-up actually saw their viciously cold and indomitable boss holding a kitten with an exceptional carefulness, after telling the entire thing’s matter, he immediately made the driver drive to a veterinary hospital.

BOSS,” As a special aid, Tan Zishang slightly knitted his brows, “But the injuries you have requires immediate treatment……”

Li Shaolin’s exclusive doctor Sun Xiao also came with the others, thus, Li Shaolin changed to holding the cat with a single hand, vacating that single injured arm, then said to Sun Xiao in a cold voice: “It’s fine to remove the bullets inside the car.”

Even though Sun Xiao’s medical expertise were very high, and the medical equipment brought along were complete, but this kind of matter like extracting bullets still needs to be carried out in an appropriate sterile room. Li Shaolin finally chose to go to another mansion in the suburbs under the strong insistence of Sun Xiao, and ordered someone to find a veterinary doctor to do a home visit at the same time.

Sun Xiao started by cutting the clothes first to work on staunching the bleeding, the bloody smell subsequently spreads in the whole car, but seeing the kitten nesting in Li Shaolin’s arm continue to sleep peacefully, without the slightest bit of disturbance. After completely arranging the veterinarian’s matters, Tan Zisheng couldn’t help but have a huge doubt towards the kitten that was sleeping very soundly.

Could the boss have the intention of raising this kitten?

Even though 90% of the businesses had already been washed clean up to the present, but no one can forget how swift and decisive the means Li Shaolin used to take over the faction in those days. This kind of unyielding tyrant like some kind of king of hell, will also unexpectedly have a day of wanting to raise a small pet?

If this thing comes out, no one would know how many eyeballs will pop out of shock. What’s more, raising a big attack dog would be alright, but a lofty and indomitable man with a pretty soft and little kitty, simply had a very strong contrast.

The little kitten sleeps soundly with a bent head, and had not been awakened by all the bumps the whole journey too. Li Shaolin wasn’t aware of the pampering gaze he showed when looking at it, as he reached out to gently touch the fur on top of it’s head.

As a result, that pair of tiny ears moved a few times, then stopped becoming motionless, the fine and tender white belly lightly undulated along with it’s slow breathing, even sounding a small snore, the little appearance was cute to death, making the usually vicious and cold face of Li Shaolin evoke an unprecedented smile.

The bullets on Li Shaolin had just been completely extracted when Jiang Qing arrived, moreover, the kitten had been held throughout the entire process without letting it go even once. He is the most professional veterinarian in the city, the kitten was first given a full body check-up, soon after, the injuries on it’s hind leg were carefully handled.

The kitten had finally been awakened by the pain during the cleaning of the wound, then subconsciously struggled, but was unable to get away, and could only let out a very small whimper. Li Shaolin frowned his brows a little bit, and raised a question: “Why was anesthesia not used?”

After washing himself white, Li Shaolin started to frequently appear on the front cover of the finance and economics magazines, any person who constantly pays attention to finance and economics can recognize him. In fact, Jiang Qing was somewhat shocked upon entering the villa, and was even more surprised upon seeing Li Shaolin. Seeing this kind of man who was very hard-hearted actually reveal a distressed expression to this little kitten, was simply somewhat inconceivable.

After Jiang Qing skillfully binds the wound of the kitten’s hind leg to a beautiful butterfly bowknot while speaking seriously: “The injury isn’t serious, moreover, it’s still very small, not suitable for using anesthesia.”

“How old is it?”

“Must be less than 2 months.”

What they didn’t know was, the kitten wasn’t really woken up by the pain, but was actually due to the system’s voice resounding in the mind.

This kitten is Chen Tong.

After he entered this new world, without still being able to understand what the current situation was, he had then been frightened by an earth-shattering lightning. Because the lightning strikes could practically be said to be bearing it’s fangs and brandishing it’s claws to turn the sky and earth upside down, and even more importantly, the position of their fall were exactly the places where Chen Tong was located, directly striking towards him, without a bit of mercy.

Chen Tong could only hurriedly evade it with difficulty, while running did he only and suddenly discover that he had changed into a very small kitty.

Shouting for the system was futile, but the lightning streaks came over to strike once again, the young body restricted his movements, and was very powerless in avoiding it. Jumping on the hit man was also just an accident under the influence of panic, and really wasn’t wanting to save people like Li Shaolin thought of.

This was the lightning tribulation of the Yuan Ying period, and should naturally not be underestimated. Chen Tong was in the peak of the LV4 Demon Lord period, just a single step away from the LV5 Demon King period, the dan was already nurturing the primordial spirit, and will be solidifying his Ying, the dangers of the lightning tribulation to be passed through was twice as much compared to a human cultivators solidifying their Ying.

The thing that made Chen Tong even more frustrated, was that he had actually failed to pass over the tribulation.

The system earnestly appeased: “A demon cultivator is not the same as a human cultivator, which means that the cultivation practice of crossing over the tribulation are difficult, which more often than not requires luck or a large amount of blessings to be able to pass over the tribulation successfully, the host mustn’t be dismayed, properly adjust the mentality in facing the next lightning tribulation……”

Li Shaolin only saw that the kitten which had been completely bandaged seemed a bit unhappy, the head drooped in a poor manner, even the ears were slumped down, even the soothingly gentle strokes could not raise it’s interest. But the head at this moment lifted with the approach of Jiang Qing, and the little pink delicate nose wiggled.

As it turns out, Jiang Qing had steeped a bowl of kitty’s powdered formula he brought with him, then only pushed it forward after testing the temperature, the kitten first took a tentative lick of the milk, then raised it’s head as it gave a meow to Jiang Qing, the expression of gratitude was very human-like, only then did it finally begin drinking once more, with a very cheerful ba ji ba ji* licking sound.

*licking sfx

That very low sound was almost regarded as begging to Jiang QIng, but made Li Shaolin inexplicably feel very unhappy, as the momentum of the entire body also cooled down. The kitten soon drank the bowl of milk cleanly, a wet circle of milk around it’s mouth, a little tongue had still been extended to lick.

It’s mouth was as delicate as the nose, the pink skin could be seen through it’s fluff, the little tongue sticking out on it’s muzzle was very adorable, after drinking it’s fill and being satiated the nature of the young kitten which could easily get tired had then curled up it’s body to sleep. Jiang Qing reached out his hand upon seeing it, to gently touch it’s little belly.

The cold momentum of Li Shaolin at this time had reached the freezing point, with a my cat cannot be touch by other people kind of attitude, “What are you doing?”

“That-, a kitten’s digestive system is not good enough, and is very likely to have indigestion,” Jiang Qing hurriedly withdrew his hands and explained, “so the stomach needs to be massaged to help digest it’s food after meals……”

Li Shaolin’s momentum was slightly drawn back, but the manner of speaking was still not very good: “……I will do the massage myself.”

However, the chief executive-daren was not capable at all.

A single big hand of his almost covered the entire body of the kitten, for fear that he would be unable to continuously maintain this pressure, a hard to come by helpless look appeared on the coldly taut face. Thus, the chief executive-daren’s brows were unexpectedly frowned while listening to a lecture, such as how to give the kitten food, how to massage the belly, how to touch the fur to make it feel more comfortable……

It was not until special aid Tan Zishang came over to report the matters did Li Shaolin stop the lecture, letting the other person go out.

Tan Zishang naturally talked about the matters of the previous pursuit first, the people below had already found out the ins and outs with the fastest speed. However, this matter was also not a good matter to discuss about, because it irritated Li Shaolin, without a doubt the person who hired the hit men would certainly die a very unsightly death.

Tan Zishang looked at the little kitten lying asleep in the arms of Li Shaolin again, towards his boss who was holding that little guy in his arms while listening to the report, still felt very unusual. Afterwards, another affair was also mentioned, “The newly appointed head of the James’ family has already reached the city for more than a week ago, and even signed several favorable contracts with our company on the outside, it’s not known whether there is any other thoughts.”

“He has an old friendship with my grandfather, and is unlikely to do something like stabbing behind the back,” Li Shaolin slightly narrowed his eyes, “but he came over from very far away, currying favor without saying a word should not be without purpose, and will perhaps have some motive towards us.”

Tan Zisheng thought for a moment, and continued to speak: “Right, he came over these two days, and seems to be constantly meeting with that small celebrity under our entertainment company……”


Chen Tong who had just woken up had suddenly been excited, and subconsciously erected his ears because of this word.

The system had said that a large amount of blessings were needed to successfully cross over the tribulation, and that blessing are the heartfelt blessings of the human beings. But what blessings, could be more extreme and sincere compared to the fans of a celebrity?

At this moment of time, the long-overdue basic introduction of the world and the overview of the mainline tasks were finally issued.

Raw word count: 3695

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