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Ch 64: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world

Chapter 64: The chief executive’s little kitty 2

“Ding–, welcoming the host in coming to the new world, the following are the basic introduction of the world.”

The white floccule slowly floated before Chen Tong’s sight, “the world’s background is of the modern times of the year 2006, it is the period of rapid economic progression, there are many developmental opportunities in the online entertainment and other careers……”

“Year 06?!” Upon hearing this time’s background, Chen Tong didn’t wait for the white floccule to finish speaking as the interest had been stirred up, “At that time I was almost 6 years old, –Can I look for my family and friends?”

“Can’t.” The white floccule immediately shattered Chen Tong’s unrealistic thoughts, “All the worlds which the host transmigrates through are parallel worlds constructed with the demon’s power, even if the period’s background is completely identical, it will also be completely different from your real world.”

Chen Tong couldn’t help but furrow his brows, that then become more furrowed, “……then what about Han Ying?”

So much doubt couldn’t help but inevitably make him start asking a series of questions like some sort of artillery shell: “Does he actually exists? Or is he also made with your demon powers? I remembered you once said that both Nicholas and Xi Yan were in someway his reincarnation, so how did that come about? Moreover, this man being hunted in the woods today, why does he also look similar to Han Ying?”

However, the white floccule did not answer these questions, and only said a single sentence: “The host’s level is insufficient, and does not have enough authorization to inquire.”

Chen Tong took a deep breath to try to calm himself down, and subconsciously bit his lip. The white floccule seeing the disappointment in his eyes, froze a bit, then soothingly supplemented it’s words: “I can only tell you that Han Ying is a real existence. ……wait until you reach the LV6 Demon Emperor period, then obtaining a part of the system’s authorization to query is possible, perhaps the answers will be found at that time.”

These information made Chen Tong more determined to successfully pass through the lightning tribulation at all cost and advance as soon as possible, the white floccule then returned to the former topic: “The host’s basic circumstances in the world is as follows: Demon name: White cat

Category: Cat demon

Special characteristic: meekly mysterious, willful tsundere*

*seemingly arrogant and standoffish but kind and tender inside

Status: LV4

Basic skill 1: [Night vision] –Can clearly see the objects in dark condition, even if there are no light sources around.

Basic skill 2: [Perfect balance] –Having the perfect control over each muscle and bone, bringing the toughness and balance of the body to the most perfect level.

Assistive skill: [The eye of reincarnation] –The eyes can be used to purify a spirit’s grievances, able to forcefully remove the spirit’s grievances of the human world, sending it into the reincarnation cycle.

Ultimate skill: [The art of nine lives] –Having 9 chances to resurrect wither yourself or other people.”

The following mainline tasks were said as usual, but even the white floccule was disinclined to repeat the first two tasks of ‘Devotional practice’ and ‘Acquire the people’s goodwill’, heading straight to the third.

“Ding–, the mainline task three “Staying in character” has been activated, asking the host to rigorously abide the demon cat’s two major characteristic of being mysterious and a tsundere, it’s imperative to use all words and actions to depict the essence of the word tsundere, in addition to appropriately maintaining a sense of mystery.”

The white floccule also did not forget to remind: “This time’s task will not be like the second world before, with such relaxed condition of only needing to do capricious things three times to be able to sufficiently complete it, but will need to be supervised and carried out constantly……”

All the conversation between Chen Tong and the white floccule were carried out in the brain, the system’s time flow was relatively slow, less than one-tenth of the actual time, so although they communicated for several minutes, but would seem to have only been 12 seconds on the outside. Thus, Li Shaolin only saw the little kitten in his arms move it’s ears first, then open that pair of light blue eyes, finally extending a pair of front claws, the body stretched forward then arched, to a great stretch.

The drowsy eyed little face from just waking up paired with that dropped vertical ears, was too adorable, even that stretch was simple and lovely, possessing some kind of style, seeing it can make the people’s heart soften. After stretching out, the little kitten retracted the front claws and shook it’s hind legs, feeling out while thinking of jumping down from Li Shaolin’s leg.

Li Shaolin immediately extended the uninjured left hand and grabbed that place according to the technique he learned from Jiang Qing, lightly and powerfully holding onto the back of it’s neck.

The silky soft fur feels really pleasant in the hand, but the kitten seemed slightly unhappy, strenuously struggled to squirm that little pair of front paws.

The matters on Tan Zishang’s side had also been completely reported, Li Shaolin opened his mouth to make him withdraw, then grasped that pair of kitten paws squirming in the air, and spoke with a deep voice: “The hind leg’s injury is still not healed, can’t casually jump.”

The kitten stopped struggling, and raised it’s head towards the voice sound, so that the man’s big eyes stared at the little eyes. A kitty’s pupil will become round and brighter after nightfall, so the eye’s pupil at this moment were more prettier than before, one person and one cat looked at each other once more, Chen Tong’s naturally thought that the other person’s appearance was similar with Han Ying’s, but Li Shaolin had once again lost himself to that pair of eyes.

So much that he couldn’t help but be addicted to the feeling of this long-running behavior of gazing into the eyes of this little guy in his arms. If bringing the kitten home before was still more or less mixed with some thoughts of ‘gratitude’, but now a real intention to raise it had appeared.

Even though Tan Zishang had followed Li Shaolin for no less than 8 years, he still showed confusion over this matter, but this kind of thinking was actually very easy to understand. –All living creatures will long for a companion, whether it be a fragile little kitten, or an outstandingly powerful and ruthless man.

Moreover, a normally ruthless man will have a special charm once he is gentle, even if this bit of gentleness was not for people, but to a little kitten that’s less than two months old, then softly said: “Be good, wait for the wound to form a scab, only then can you jump.”

The kitten actually nodded it’s head just like having understood it, then issued a ‘meow~’ sound to Li Shaolin, the tender cry with a sweet and childish sound sounded exceptionally clear in the silence of the very late night.

Li Shaolin also noticed that his kitten seemed to be very human-like, being able to surprisingly respond to the words he said, just like being able to understand. But as a man of his character, the first feeling that rushed forth was not surprise, but of self-satisfaction and pride, –As expected of the kitten I’m raising, his kitty is really smarter compared to the others.

A kitten, this kind of creature has immeasurable lethality, as long as the limpid eyes were blinked, the small pink pads were shown, and another soft meow meow cry was issued, was sufficient enough to let the cat slaves all over the world completely kneel down and sing the conquest. Even if the other party is not a cat slave, he can also be forcibly changed. A tendency to change has already started in Li Shaolin, realizing that the kitten’s fore paws may be uncomfortable being held, he hurriedly released his hold, then placed it in a temporary cattery Jiang Qing made before leaving, and the entire cattery was moved on the desk beside the notebook computer.

*gaming: when one loses a PVP and sings a conquest song in the world channel

The kitten then laid down in the thick and soft cushion while sizing up the cold and stern side view face of the working man, fondly licking his own paws which were not much bigger than the Wang Zai small steamed bun clean, silently contemplating how to behave as a tsundere as well as how to achieve being a small celebrity with a lot of brain-dead fans.  

Wang Zai small steamed bun

What made Li Shaolin baffled was, having this little guy around him, made his efficiency and speed of approving the batches of documents became more faster instead. Right until, 11 o’clock in the very late night, the man finally closed his computer, and prepared to wash up to sleep.  

This man and cat were also considered as fellow sufferers who were equally injured, one had a bandage wrapped around the shoulder, and one in the leg. However, Li Shaolin was also capable of doing a lot of things even if the right hand wasn’t used, there were no hindrances from squeezing out a toothpaste to washing the face, even taking off the shirt with a single hand was easily done, exposing the upper body, the tall and straight figure with tight abdominal muscles were more distinct under the light.

Then headed to bed as usual, it’s just that there was an extra cat at this time, the kitty was really an energetic creature at night than during the day, going as far as to treat Li Shaolin like some kind of toy, rolling on top his body, the soft fur rubbing against his skin gave a kind of itchiness, that continually spreads towards his heart.

Fortunately, the kitten soon became weary of playing, issuing a very small yawn, plunging onto Li Shaolin’s chest, then just like this, curled up into a ball and directly went to sleep. Li Shaolin hesitated for a moment, but did not take it away in the end, and even gave it a piece of soft little towel for cover.

He is quite vigilant during his sleep, making it impossible for him to squeeze the kitten, so touching the soft fur on the kitten’s head, turned off the lights.

Upon waking up the following day, Li Shaolin’s sleeping position truly did not have the slightest change at all, but the kitten sleeping on his chest was very chaotic without a bit of image, even the tender little belly was exposed to the heavens.

The fine and tender little belly was really too adorable, that Li Shaolin couldn’t resist extending two fingers to rub it, the kitten writhed it’s body with a closed eyes, then moved it’s hind legs, and changed it’s position to continue sleeping, but Li Shaolin was momentarily addicted to rubbing just like being possessed, until it woke up.

The kitten’s eyes were opened in confusion, staring at the main culprit who’s fingers were still placed on it’s belly, then without a second thought raised it’s claws to catch it.

Even if it’s only a little kitten, the claws were also sharp, the back of the hand immediately had a few visible wisps of the clear blood mark traces. But Li Shaolin was still not angry, the kitten on the contrary was the first to get angry, then soon after turned it’s body around with a heng*, only throwing over a little butt to give Li Shaolin that feeling of overwhelmingly sorrow.

*like hmph sound?

However, Li Shaolin saw the anger of the other side from it’s raised ears, not knowing what possessed him, he instead actively touched the tip of it’s ears and started coaxing: “Yes, I shouldn’t have woken you up, ……go out with me after eating, okay?”

Although bearing injuries, the busy chief executive-daren also cannot have a moment of leisure. There were no housekeeper or servants in the mansion, only an aunt who comes over to clean in a fixed time. Li Shaolin simply thought of bringing along the kitten to the company, and conveniently buying kitty supplies in the pet shop along the way home as well.

But the kitten still had a very dissatisfied appearance, arrogantly raising it’s little head high while ignoring him as well as refusing his touch, but the tail on it’s back swayed with slight pleasure due to the man taking the initiative to apologize.

The unemotional eyes of Li Shaolin that always had a chilling gaze almost filled with mirth, and couldn’t resist touching the kitten’s head, smoothing it’s fur using the method Jiang Qing taught him. The kitten issued a comfortable purring sound, then the head was finally used to magnanimously rub against the back of the man’s hand, and extended the soft little tongue, to help lick a bit of the wisps of blood bleeding on the back of Li Shaolin’s hand with some remorse.

Li Shaolin had not been angry from the start, being stared at by that little thing’s blue eyes, and still helped by licking his wound, even the heart was momentarily tickled by that lick, only thinking that the little precious thing on his arm was really not good, in just two days of effort an emotional fluctuation that had never occurred in the past two years was experienced.

However, after licking the kitten did not allow to be touched again, twisting it’s hips as it climbed down the bed through the bed sheets. The system at this moment was not the least bit stingy in giving Chen Tong praises, “Host, you actually quickly understood the essence of being a tsundere, hope that it can be properly maintained!”

In Chen Tong’s point of view a tsundere was really not that difficult to understand at all, the difficulty will be on grasping the scale properly, otherwise it will proceed to the misunderstanding of the tsundere, and will instead provoke alienation and disgust.

Because the key point was in the ‘lovely’, and not only the ‘arrogant’ variable, then act ‘arrogant’ in time to make a contrast. In addition, a tsundere will only do this to a certain person or a certain type of person, if this tsundere behaviour was done to everyone, then that princess is ill, or even  inexplicably ill.

Compared to being a tsundere, the matter of being a celebrity actually gave Chen Tong a greater headache, –Because of the reason of failing to pass over the tribulation, he was simply unable to transform to a human figure for a little while, not to mention being a celebrity.

As for what acting skill ability, Chen Tong was not in the least bit worried about this matter, because he only plans to act as a vase*.

*a pretty face role without any acts or lines. 

Since the time of setting foot into the Congealed Form period, Chen Tong’s appearance had imperceptibly become more outstanding than before, the purification of essence in the Demon Lord period allows the skin and bones to nearly reach the most perfect point.

Clearly the face can be relied to obtain fans, why is there a need to work hard to gain an artistic talent? The play is a generous way to let everyone know, that I only need to simply rely on my face, that is determinedly a real and not an artificial pretty face!!

The kitten is too small, Li Shaolin kept it on his chest bringing it all the way to the chief executive’s office on top of the building, and had unexpectedly not been seen by anyone. He had initially thought of just leaving for a short meeting of ten minutes, as no one would also dare to enter the premises of his office, feeling reassured, he then left the little kitten alone on the small sofa near the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Raw word count: 3485

The author has something to say:

Fan: I was smashed by the ‘The Cat Highness’ in the reality show! He is very talented! Can split, walk on high-altitude tightropes, can cook, can do kung-fu, and can even walk through darkness without hindrances!

Chen Tong: Don’t bother me, I just want to be peacefully act as a vase.

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