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Ch 65: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 65: The chief executive’s little kitty 3 (part 1/2)

Li Shaolin had completely not expected the arrival of an unexpected guest, that not only strutted into his office, but also fancied his cat.

This person is Joseph, the new head of the James family that Tan Zishang had previously mentioned.

Joseph had recently signed several contracts with the head office of the Li family’s corporation, and also declared to have an appointment in advance, then in consideration to the status of his identity, had finally been allowed entrance by the female secretary.

After Li Shaolin went out, Chen Tong on the other hand worked hard to climb over the work desk, and secretly opened the notebook computer on the top of the desk.

This background of the year 2006 was really a dream of Chen Tong, even if the system had clearly stated that this was just a parallel world, holding back his curiosity was also difficult. The cat is an exuberantly inquisitive creature, it will also be inevitably impossible for Chen Tong to escape this influence. The sofa he was placed in happened to be near the office’s chair, thus, he jumped on the swivel chair with the little claws extended out.

Landing on the swivel chair, and once again clambered up on the backrest of the chair right until the work desk was reached, then pressed on the power button, finally, the paws were raised to seriously input the access password secretly committed to memory last night.

This notebook computer was mainly used for online communication and e-mails, not for storing any trade secrets. Chen Tong only wanted to browse the news, and was not the least bit interested in the encrypted folders inside, thus, going into the main interface to open the web page went very smoothly. Only the Microsoft system made Chen Tong slightly feel a bit discomfited, as it was not suitable for his paws.

The touch pad had unexpectedly did not give the little meat pad any recognition at all, as not a bit of response was also given. In the case of the computer’s mouse, the paws were once again too small, that a single paw simply had no way of controlling it, just using a pair of paws together could barely hold to move it.

The heart was miserable.

Moreover, before leaving, Li Shaolin said that coming back from the meeting would at most take 20 minutes, in order to avoid being discovered by Li Shaolin, Chen Tong also wanted to shut down the computer ten minutes in advance.

In the face of time constraints, only a rough look were done on some headlines. The headlines of the economic portion is the Real Estate Regulations of the 6 states and Shanghai Stock Exchange market reformation, the social portion is the corruption case investigated by the Discipline Inspection Commission and the common people’s social security, the entertainment portion were about all kinds of emerging local talents, as well as the such-and-such sex scandal of a talented star……

As a member of the new generation of the online forces who was almost inseparable from the internet before transmigrating, Chen Tong decisively felt that going online once again was really a very marvelous feeling, and couldn’t help but feel sad on how the first three worlds that had been transmigrated through did not have the internet. Caring for gossips were everyone’s responsibility, Chen Tong’s eyes were immediately attracted to the various entertainment articles, just at this time, the door had been unexpectedly pushed open, a blonde hair and blue eyed male foreigner immediately walked in.


The things were too abrupt, that Chen Tong had simply been unable to react for a while, it was not until the other person went into the room that he returned to his senses.

The man’s height was very tall, with a lofty and straight build, just like a male model coming out from the Armani’s enormous advertisement poster hanging from the next building. The pupils were blue just like Chen Tong’s demon form in this world, but was deeper compared to his light blue, the eyes were sharp like the beast, the moment of seeing that pair of deep blue eyes, it had unexpectedly made Chen Tong produce a kind of indescribable illusion of being locked down by a falcon.

In the next moment, he couldn’t help but inwardly give out a cry inwardly.

–Ah, ah, ah how can he turn back! Just a few minutes online then someone entered the room! Where did this fo-reign-er* who didn’t understand a little bit of etiquette come from? Not even knowing how to knock the door first before coming in!!

*homophone of foreigner

Scarcely imagined that the inward cry of Joseph’s was even much louder than Chen Tong.

OMG I am not hallucinating! There is actually a cat with a poker-face holding the mouse to go online, and was still just a little kitten as big as a palm!! When did the cat’s in China even learn to use computers!!

Joseph blinked his eyes for several times to confirm that he wasn’t imagining things, Chen Tong aside from being discovered by this foreigner, resolved to firmly destroy all evidences first, to avoid being seen by Li Shaolin or the other people coming in later.

So Joseph who originally wanted to forcefully convince himself that everything was just a coincidence, stared blankly as that little kitten quickly use it’s paws to hold the mouse and open the tool option in the computer to clear the history records, then long pressed the shut down button to directly turn off the computer, finally, just like nothing had also happened climbed on the sofa with the help of the office chair, and drilled back to the cattery on the sofa.

The actions could simply be said to be a well-executed performance.

Joseph had been completely dumbfounded at this time. However, he and Li Shaolin were aware that this kitten appeared to be very human-like, the first thing that rushed forth to the brain was not of surprise, but was of excitement and anticipation.

The Chinese legends of the demon cats were really true!!

As a Frenchman who adored the Oriental culture since childhood, Joseph has already read a lot of ancient Chinese legends, especially the side on the tales of the mysterious demon spirits. Such as the virtuous snail lady, the beautiful fox demon, the repayment of the great cat immortal, the infatuated white lady……,——The world’s great wonders, he not only believes their existence, but had always wanted to see them with his own eyes.

Thus, Joseph who has some degree of self-regard compared to Li Shaolin suddenly felt that he was really born with a lot of good fortune, encountering the little demon spirit he longed for in just a few days of arriving in China. The man took several steps forward to the front of the sofa, the body crouched down, until the line of sight was almost equal to the kitten, then made an out of the blue introduction of himself in a broken Chinese, “Hello, my name’s Joseph, 28 years old this year, Gemini, blood type B, likes surfing and fencing, ……may I ask what your name is?”

Little theater by Cookies n’ Cream

*Target Locked*

ML: I smell a pest trying to get close to my wifey! Hmph!

MC: (´⊙ω⊙`) (Crap! Erase the evidence!)

Joseph: *le gasp!* ( ◔ д ◔ )

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