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Ch 67: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 67: The chief executive’s little kitty 5 (part 1/2)

Li Shaolin immediately felt quite distressed.

He was only filled with the desire of declaring sovereignty, and never thought of starving the little thing, seeing it like this. The ‘family rules’ that had just been drawn up were given up at once, as he placed the cat bowl down and called the kitten to eat.

But the kitten did not care, and had even turned it’s body away, the whole cat shrunk to the innermost part of the coffee table.

Li Shaolin seeing this started to worry, and had actually bent over doing a half-kneel to try scooping the kitten out. Unfortunately, the gap was too small to do a scoop, so Li Shaolin directly moved the coffee table away, then carefully move the cat bowl before the little thing, “Quickly eat, otherwise the milk will be cold and will not be delicious to drink.”

Lu Ze who was looking at the side instantly felt that his three views had suffered a blow once more.

Having known Li Shaolin for so long, he had never seen him with this good-natured appearance, that he almost suspected whether the body of the man before him was possessed by something.

However, the little kitten was still devoted in giving him a cold shoulder, that it even raised the little head and turned aside, then finally went over to the side.

Before raising it’s head away, it also gave a furtive glance over to Li Shaolin. The gaze was extremely tsundere-like, the very obvious implication of the eyes was:

——Quickly come coax us! Coax us more nicely! Or offer some more delicious food, such as Sichuan boiled fish in hot chili oil, cake and others then we will forgive you!!


Li Shaolin fell into silence for several seconds.

Truth be told, he had magically understood the majority of the meaning it wanted to express from that look.

He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry for a moment, and deeply felt that knowing was better than not knowing. The kitten had keenly noticed his silence, as that pair of big eyes snuck to look over once more.

——Quickly coax me, ahh…… Why aren’t you coaxing me yet, ah?…… Very unhappy……

Li Shaolin finally couldn’t resist but let out a low laugh, then picked the little thing up and  was resigned to start coaxing it: “Alright, I was wrong, don’t get angry, forgive me, will you?”

While coaxing the other hand was smoothing the fur of the little kitten in his arms, gently stroking the top of it’s head to the back of the neck and other areas that will make it comfortable in addition to scratching it’s chin.


Chen the kitten said that he wasn’t enjoying it very much.

Didn’t, really didn’t, certainly have not!! Important things needed to be said 3 times!

The cat’s face was very solemn, but the tail had unconsciously been raised. Then it finally gave Li Shaolin sense of achievement as it turned it’s head to look at him: “Meow~”

——You’re temporarily forgiven la, just this once~

Li Shaolin couldn’t resist laughing a little, carrying the little thing back to the side of the cat bowl. The food in the bowl was not cold yet, and just had the right temperature, the kitten immediately started to eat happily, along with it, the eyes of Li Shaolin also showed a bit of warmth.

This interactions between one man and cat without any regard to others made the onlooker Lu Ze more amazed and depressed, moreover, the kitten for the most part was also really hungry, quickly drinking the food inside the entire milk bowl, a small round belly formed after eating.

The following day was the daily life of the kitten Chen who was the sole cohabitant of the chief executive-daren.

Upon waking up in his small personal bed in the morning, it jumped down the floor in the early morning sunshine, then walked into the bathroom using it’s short legs. After going in, it then climbed up to the vanity unit with the assistance of the stool, and used the paw moistened with water to wash the face with a seemingly authentic appearance, then proceeded to climb on the toilet bowl to use the toilet.

Even though the small bed was bought, the kitten would still lie down to sleep on the chest of Li Shaolin. But Li Shaolin would normally do morning exercises and was a relatively early riser. The kitten would often still be fast asleep when he wakes up everyday, so the little kitten would be gently moved from the chest to the small bed at the side.

The small bed and Li Shaolin’s huge bed was right next to each other, even if it was only a quarter to the size of the huge bed, but the appearance was almost the same, both the huge and small bed were placed side by side in the middle of the large room, which actually didn’t feel strange, on the contrary, it had a kind of unspeakable harmony.

To the matter regarding the kitten’s use of the toilet bowl, Li Shaolin had already perfected in remaining calm in the face of unexpected events. In any case, the things the little thing did which made him surprise were more than this one. Not only that, the little kitten had also mastered the magical skill of using the toilet with it’s exceedingly small body, half-squatting while raising it’s small butt, the pair of fore paws would firmly hold onto the toilet bowl’s seat, and had never fallen even once.

The only issue was that it’s strength was too weak, on numerous occasions, when pressing the flush button, it would strenuously work hard for such a long time to press the flush button that wouldn’t even move the slightest bit and will then have a dismayed appearance which couldn’t help but always make Li Shaolin smile.

Of course, the chief executive-daren will not reveal that smile on his face, and will only praise the little thing for being very smart and clever. ——Jiang Qing had previously stated that a kitty has a very high pride, his kitten was even more concerned of it’s self-esteem than the normal kitties, and must be properly praised.

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