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Ch 67: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 67: The chief executive’s little kitty 5 (part 2/2)

Breakfast should naturally be eaten after washing up, someone who specializes in cooking food would come over the other side of the mansion at exactly 7 o’clock to prepare breakfast. The little kitten sashayed from the bathroom straight to the dining hall, to enjoy the right in tasting the food first, if it got up late, it will rub against the leg of Li Shaolin or climb on his pants, and issue a lovable and gentle mi mi sound to request a portion.

The kitties cannot eat the food of human beings, but the little kitten has an extraordinary passion for the human food. What made Li Shaolin even more troubled was that it refuses to eat cat food no matter what flavour it had. It would openly show it’s dislike when facing the cat food, the pair of beautiful blue eyes would shine with accusation, under the pressure of Li Shaolin will only make it unhappily hide under the table, protesting through a hunger strike once again, and will only be willing to come out when Li Shaolin takes the initiative to coax it.

Without knowing what was going on, the bottom line of Li Shaolin had once again receded because of the kitten, and would even willingly endure the hardship gladly. For the matter of it’s refusal to eat cat food in addition to being temperamental, the heart did not have an irritable or angry feeling, but of concern.

It’s very rare for kitties to be averse in eating cat food, even the certified vet Jiang Qing did not know how to resolve it, and could only suggest Li Shaolin to give it a cat friendly food. Li Shaolin for this had even learned to cook porridge, steam cook a piece of fish fillet and mix it with the porridge to give the kitten to eat.

Having cooked for the first time, caused the chief executive-daren who had always been omnipotent to be very nervous. The kitten approached and leaned at the edge of the bowl, and sniffed it with it’s tiny fine and tender nose, then it issued a gentle meow afterwards. Li Shaolin watched it’s every move, with a bit of unprecedented nervousness, and was more like a pet waiting to receive the approval of it’s owner than the kitten.

——Of course, the characteristic was not of a cat, but was of a deeply loyal and affectionate dog that had a cold-hearted facade.

Luckily, the kitten quickly ate it up. The piece of fish fillet was deliciously tender and boneless, the porridge made was both well-cooked and fragrant, which fitted it’s appetite very much. The little tail of the kitten had even been raised cheerfully, that it also rubbed against Li Shaolin’s hand to express appreciation.

En, we are very pleased, rubbing against your hand for appreciation, hoping you would continue to make persistent efforts!

From then on, the kitten became more keen in eating human food, the tiny nose was more powerful than a radar, that was able to find food no matter how much it was hidden. At one time, it had been discovered by Li Shaolin while climbing to get the dried fish placed on the top most part of the cupboard, it quickly fell down, greatly scaring Li Shaolin, for this reason, he specially ordered the people who came over to cook and clean, to avoid placing food on high places, and to place all of it below.

After eating breakfast the kitten would then walk behind Li Shaolin with a meow meow sound, pestering him to go out together. A small lump of fluff would energetically go around the man’s feet in circles without the fear of being trampled on, right until it would be picked up by the slightly helpless Li Shaolin and be placed in the jacket’s pocket.

With the secret dissemination of Wang Xi inside the staff forum, a lot of people had already known about this recent earth shaking news of their chief executive-daren who was not only raising a little kitten but also pampered it very much. So when the kitten does nothing, it can swindle the people who heads upstairs for the purpose of giving their report for private tributes of snacks and pastries. It can freely take a walk using it’s short legs in that floor of the multistorey building that belonged to the chief executives office, smoothly walking with a chin up and chest out posture without any obstruction, and will only run back at meal time.

After eating lunch the chief executive-daren would usually lean back on his chair to take a half-hour nap, the kitten would naturally nestle in the arms of it’s owner, shuffling left and right to find that comfortable position, then curl up into a small white velvet and also have a beauty sleep.

But when it wakes up it was usually at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon

Sleeping for that long was not it’s fault at all, half of it can be credited to Li Shaolin. Every time the kitten curls up to sleep on the man’s lap, the other party would usually not stand up for fear of waking it up, this gentle attitude simply made his subordinates wide-eyed.

After eating dinner, the kitten that is fond of taking a bath would go ahead and run to the bathroom door waiting for the faucet to be turned on, with the especially adorable little impatient look of tilting it’s head. Therefore, as long as Li Shaolin had spare time, much of it would be spent in bathing together with the little thing, the pet toys bought before also came in handy, a duckling toy among them quickly became it’s favorite.

Not for playing, but was used as a swimming ring instead. The inflatable duckling was capable of floating, the body that leans on the duck can easily float on the water’s surface. The feeling of spreading out it’s feet and letting it drift along the waves obviously makes the kitten very happy, so happy that it narrowed it’s eyes and smiled.  

The tiny milk teeth were exposed and gleamed against the light, which couldn’t help but make Li Shaolin bow down to kiss it’s little moist nose. The kitten due to the kiss raised it’s tail while at the same time shut it’s eyes out of shyness, which made Li Shaolin feel soft and warm inside.

In addition to this, Li Shaolin would still help brush it’s teeth ever so often in accordance with the vet’s advice, and sure enough, just like what he expected, the other party was not repulsed by it like other kitties, but would actively open it’s mouth in cooperation instead, which was very inconceivable. If it weren’t for the kitty’s claw that couldn’t be parted, Li Shaolin even suspected that it could do it itself.

This kind of sitting around and doing nothing went on for 2 months, right until Chen Tong was finally able to pleasantly detect that a little cultivation energy had began returning to his body.

If it continues in this direction, perhaps he can transform into a human being after a few days, he suddenly felt excited, thinking of this filled the entire cat with expectation.

Ao ao ao, it was so good to finally be able to transform into a human being!!

The kitty’s IQ was lower because of the small brain capacity, this large drop was the reason why Chen Tong did not realize the abnormality of this sentence, under this state of happiness, more than half of the small bowl was eaten during dinner, before sleeping he even took the initiative to kiss Li Shaolin’s face, making the body of the chief executive-daren who was caught off guard stiff, and was just like a pure and innocent youth with that slightly reddish earlobe.

However, Chen Tong had no idea that even a cat could be kidnapped.

On huge dark colored bed, a blue-eyed blond man was in a side-lying position, a small white and furry lump that was sound asleep was curled up right next to him. Perhaps because of just showering, the man only had a bath towel tied on the lower half of his body, the upper half of the body was bare. The white lump seemed to be dreaming of some tasty food, that it opened it’s small mouth to reveal it’s a set of tiny teeth, and then fiercely bit on the ‘delicious food’ placed before it.

Joseph’s felt a pain on his chest, that he couldn’t help but reach a hand out to lift the small white lump on the back of it’s neck. It’s a pity that the little thing was still sleeping like the dead due to the drug’s effect, the closed eyes did not have the slightest indication of waking up, only the whiskers would raise undulate along it’s breath, the small mouth smacked, as if savoring the thing it had just bitten.

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