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Ch 70: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world

Chapter 70: The chief executive’s little kitty 8

The ability to transform into the human shape can be achieved in lv2 Congealed form, but this is the most unstable period and would very frequently be unable to control the time of transformation. So Chen Tong made a prompt decision and quickly withdrew from the banquet hall, then with the quickest speed went along the hallway to the comfort room.

Joseph who had arrived late happened to have just step into the hallway at this time and had been able to see a familiar ball of fluff running from a distance. His eyes immediately brightened as he immediately went to chase after it, leaving the bodyguards who stood on his left and right.

After running into the comfort room, Joseph who had been unable to find the figure of the kitten couldn’t help but call out gently: “Little fellow, where are you?”

His voice echoed within the empty comfort room, the entire comfort room was blanketed in so much silence that it seemed rather strange.

He had obviously seen the kitten running inside, how could it just disappear? Joseph couldn’t help but feel a slight strangeness. That he even set out to push open each cubicle at a time for a closer inspection, but was only left with disappointment in the end.

But after Joseph had just taken a step out of the comfort room, a sound was suddenly heard coming from inside, so he subconsciously turned back and entered once more.

The sound seemed to have come from the last cubicle on the left-hand side, Joseph indescribably felt that the kitten would definitely be inside, so he took a step forward and immediately gave a knock to the door of the cubicle, “Hey, little fellow, is that you?”

After patiently waiting for a moment, the waited response finally came, even if it was only a single syllable.


*Joseph’s name has 3 characters in Chinese…

Eh, what was this fo-reign-er called again?

Chen Tong knitted his brows inside the cubicle, then he simply skipped over the name and direct asked: “That-, can you help me find pants, shirt and shoes?”

Hearing the youth’s slightly immature and clearly pleasant sounding voice instantly made Joseph stand still.

Could-, could it be that this little demon spirit had finally gained the human form?

Joseph heart suddenly leaped, as his hands uncontrollably trembled. He hadn’t been this excited during the time he surpassed his older brother to obtain the right to be the family’s patriarch*. He stood at the door with a foolish look that was just like a bridegroom waiting to lift open the marriage sedan.

*head/leader to patriarch

But with regards to the little demon spirit not being able to remember his name at this point of time still made Joseph have a bit of disappointment. So he introduced himself once more, then lowered his voice and carefully asked: “Were you finally able to gained your human form?”

Chen Tong had really regained his human form and changed back to his youthful appearance. But borrowing clothes was definitely not because of his lack of clothing, but because he felt that the Changshan* he wore would look slightly strange and for fear that he would be pointed to once he went out.

*robe to Changshan: trad male clothing equiv to Cheongsam

He had already obtained several pieces of the cultivator’s outfit through the fragment exchange method, such as the Purple Immortal Changshan and the Moonlight Crown, the Ling Yun boots was just lacking 10 more fragments. The clothes he wore during transmigration were not a cultivator’s outfit and were only made of ordinary materials, that it had already looked worn-out.

“When I came, I happened to have seen a large shopping mall just across the area, that when people make purchases it can be sent within 10 minutes.” Having said this, a bit of ill intent suddenly rose in Joseph’s heart, “But I don’t know the size of your clothes, ——You need to let me have a look.”

The kitten did not have any hesitation as he calmly said: “Oh, ok.”

After hearing these words, Joseph was the one who unexpectedly felt nervous. He first rushed to the comfort room’s main door just like taking part of a 50 meter dash and hurriedly locked it, upon passing by the mirror he inexplicably looked at the mirror to see if he was still as handsome as before then finally went back to the cubicle with an unbearable excitement. He stared as the door swung open without blinking his eyes, he was so nervous that he dared not breath so heavily.

The door opened.

Even if what appeared before Joseph was not the bare|naked cat ear youth that he hoped for, but it still made him stunned still as if his body had been fixed in place, that a drop of blood had even uncontrollably dripped from his nose.

The lustrous countenance which was gained through the day and night detoxification of cultivation, had naturally made the skin appear a lot better compared to that of an ordinary person and was really like a warm jade in moonlight. The body’s figure and countenance had also been inadvertently altered to the finest level that the beauty was not just skin deep, as the lethal magnificence of the youth before him was bone deep. Even though the changshan on his body was so plain to the point of being simple. But just like the lightest ink in the hands of the famous artist can also be drawn into poetries of unlimited scenery. A simple changshan worn on the body of a beauty would instead become a hundred times more attractive than any gorgeous attire.

The root cause for Joseph’s nosebleed was due to the fact that the changshan worn by the youth was quite loose, that the clavicle and a large part of the chest area was exposed.

Hai*, I-I probably know the size.” Joseph concealed it with coughing sound, he turned around to cover his nose with an obvious fluster and made a call to his bodyguard.


The bodyguard was really quick, as it only took him a few minutes to return with a package, but when he entered inside he was also followed by another person, after that person had set his eyes on Chen Tong, he had also been unable to shift his eyes like Joseph and couldn’t resist opening his eyes a bit wider.

But the meaning in his gaze was different from Joseph, Joseph’s was of fascination and infatuation, but his was of simple appreciation and observation, that his original intention of going to the bathroom had even been forgotten. After evaluating Chen Tong with his gaze he unexpectedly took a step forward and asked away: “Do you have any interest in making movies?”

The speed of his speech had involuntarily accelerated due to the fluctuation of his emotions, “I am the director of the <<The Destiny of the Immortal Alliance>>, I feel that your image is very much in line with a very important character in this movie. We are holding an audition in the second floor of Bona Film Group Limited at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. This is my business card, I hope you will come for a try out……”

These kind of lines were very much like that of a swindlers that it made Chen Tong momentarily stunned, but he still took the proffered business card politely and expressed his appreciation.  

Not knowing that all those who participated in this dinner banquet were very important figures. The security was very tight, not to mention swindlers, even those from the lower class and those with slightly lower financial resources are unable to enter. This person called Xie Zhiqi, is indeed a film director and together with Yan Zhen is known as the two most powerful leaders of contemporary youth directors. It’s just that all of Yan Zhen’s work were concentrated on different kinds of documentaries. However, Xie Zhiqi preferred the route of the romantic and gorgeous idol dramas.

Chen Tong was completely clueless of how he made people very envious by getting the attention of two famous directors one after the other, and only placed the business card casually on the system’s backpack, then wore the clothes Joseph helped to buy and used the toilet.

Joseph’s eyes were actually quite vicious, as the clothes and shoes fitted very well. But he who had been raising his short leg to urinate for no more than 3 months became a wee bit uncomfortable due to the sudden transformation which made him need to hold his pewee.


The famous brand of this world was not the same as the world where Chen Tong had lived, that he couldn’t recognize the logo, so he couldn’t estimate the price of the clothes at all. So after he left the comfort room he asked Joseph who was waiting by the hallway: “How much money does the clothes cost? I will pay you back next time.”

Joseph also had a bit of disappointment.

The little demon spirit had not yet remembered his name and was still treating him like an outsider, this pattern was absolutely not even that of a friend. But this 2 words ‘next time’ gave Joseph hope, so he hastily said: “Then can I ask you to have a meal with me next time?”

Comfortably living together (read as forced detention) for nearly three days, made Joseph have a good grasp on the food and drinks that the little demon spirit was in favor of, so he continued to speak without waiting for the other side’s response: “Do you want to eat Japanese food? I heard that a shop in the east district of the city has a lot of specialties, the signature dishes includes the steamed king crab, mixed sashimi platter, and the tiger head fish. The fish’s meat is tender and fresh with no smell or greasiness and still has a few traces of sweetness.”


The kitten that had just wanted to express his refusal was only able to swallow silently.

“The French cuisine isn’t also bad if you don’t want to eat the Japanese dishes, when I just arrived in Chen city I had been able to eat a very delicious French dish. The sweet prawns and clams are luxuriously succulent. The snails used as ingredients are freshly imported, the salmon steak is also very praiseworthy.”


The little greedy kitten swallowed a mouthful of saliva and lowered his head to stare at his shoes, as if trying to stare a hole in it.

Joseph secretly clenched his fist and made a final struggle, “Or eat a genuine Chinese dish, such as the Buddha jumps over the wall in Yun Shui pavilion, they even have a new platter of spicy seafood. Snow crab legs, squids, huge prawns and others are all steamed together, filled with big chunks of crab meat, the sauce is also very mouthwatering.”

He revealed a smile that seemed to appear very sincere to Chen Tong, “Because of being too famous, doing an advance booking in Yan Shui pavilion would usually be impossible, but I have a special VIP card, does the little fellow want to have a taste of it with me?”

——This fo-reign-er is really so mean! To unexpectedly use food as enticement! This kind of evil two-faced people should be put to death!

He internally ridiculed him like this, but the mind of the kitten Chen was completely captured by all the different kind of seafood. If he had been in cat form at this moment, the tail would have definitely been raised to the sky, that he even almost blurted out the word ‘ok’. In the end, the rational mind was used, as he strived to harden his face and said: “I’m called Chen Tong, don’t call me little fellow.”

The auction in the banquet hall was already approaching it’s end.

But the so-called throwing a brick to attract jade, would be using the best thing for the finale, the final item would most frequently be the piece which most people would look forward to. But the item this time was a bit unusual, as the final item was only a pair of bells that were not too large.

“This jewelry was used by the princess of Han dynasty and has a thousand years of history,” The host gave an explanation: “It’s beautiful appearance and pleasant tinkling sound has still been completely preserved until now. It is rumored to have an ability to exorcise spirits and bestow fortunes, as well as having a great value for collection, with a starting price of eighty thousand.”  

These words had also attracted a lot of people’s attention, that the starting price called out had gradually rose up. Looking at the pair of little golden bells, suddenly made Li Shaolin think of his kitten. Feeling that it was quite appropriate to string it in a white velvet lace and place it on the kitten’s neck, he finally raised his bid card for the first time this evening and directly offered a very high price without any further nonsense.

“Sir Li Shaolin has offered five hundred thousand!” The host was suddenly filled up with excitement as he called out: “Does anyone have an offer that is higher than five hundred thousand?”

The whole place went silent, but just as the host was about to strike the hammer three times to close the bid, Joseph suddenly spoke up at this moment: “Six hundred thousand.”

The host was only momentarily stunned and couldn’t help but raise his hand to Joseph’s direction, the spotlight also followed his gesture and moved to the position of Joseph, “Sir Joseph James has added another hundred thousand!”

Having heard the name of Joseph, immediately made Li Shaolin narrow his eyes. He had already figured out that the kitten’s kidnapping incident last time was related with him. He hadn’t gone looking for him yet, but the other side already took the initiative to come at his door. Li Shaolin subconsciously took a glance at Joseph’s direction, with the bottom of his eyes revealing the fierceness of a beast.

But the person had suddenly been stunned still in the next second.

The first thing Li Shaolin saw was not Joseph, but the youth that was beside him. The youth was obviously sitting in a dark area, but had inexplicably been able to draw in all of Li Shaolin’s attention and gaze just like magic.

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