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Ch 72: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world

Chapter 72: The chief executive’s little kitty 10

Yan Zhen couldn’t restrain his smile after his surprise faded, his happiness could even be heard from across the phone call as he spoke to Li Shaolin with a profiteer’s tone: “Director* Li ah, your kitten has already signed a contract with me, the words written in black and white can’t be retracted. As they say a ‘mother’ can’t control everything once her ‘child’ has already grown up, so your permission is no longer needed.”

*chief to director

Li Shaolin massaged his forehead, as he ignored the mocking tone in the other person’s voice and said: “Where are you now? I will go there to pick it up.”

Yan Zhen had quickly taken the kitten to the film studio to take promotional pictures for the program.

There will 6 endearing pets participating in ‘Which cutie* is your favorite?’ altogether, 5 guest participants have already been set up as early as a month ago. Three of them were the original owners of the pets, such as the King of the silver screen Huang Qi with his beloved pet Akita, Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer Xie Qiqi with her Toy Poodle that she always brings in her concert and the film director himself with his big African Grey Parrot which has quite a high IQ.

*it actually says cute pets…

The other two pairs were temporarily matched together, the ‘owners’ were the little fresh meat* Liu Yang who has been super popular recently and the currently popular little flower** Xiang Li Ying. The pets were the one-and-a-half-year-old but very clever guide Labrador with the always silly and very friendly to strangers Husky which had been sponsored by Lu Ze through friendship.

*young, cute, handsome and innocent male idols

***young, cute, pretty and innocent female idols

Only the final pair of the cutie had been delayed by Yan Zhen, right until that moment when he saw the kitten riding on the parrot’s back. What Yan Zhen didn’t expect was that the kitten was also good in the camera, every picture taken were incomparably exquisite.

As long as the lens were directed to it, the little guy would immediately bring out that noble and magnificent pose, with it’s beautiful and adorable little face set in a little serious expression, which was simply enticing all the cat slaves to kneel down and shout Your Majesty.

In fact, the * type of photos were also very eye catching, it’s just a pity that the kitten did not give the photographer a chance to take a 囧 photo at all. The cold and aloof attitude was set from the beginning to the end, the dazzlingly serious and cool look of the kitten was too adorable.

*emoticon: embarrassed, sad, depressed or frustrated

Lu Ze had also come over, clicking his tongue in wonder after looking at a certain portion in the contract, “Aiyo, five thousand scrumptious seafood meals. These scrumptious seafood meals aren’t cheap.”

As he brought up his fingers to do a serious calculation: “If a slightly upscale restaurant will arrange five to six hundred meals, But the little fellow is still so small so he wouldn’t be able to eat too much. In light of this, it should be set up by two to three hundred, right? So five thousand would approximately be more than a million……——This net worth is a lot greater than my Xiao Ha, this is too unfair!”

Lu Ze had not yet finished his words when he had been scorned by the kitten once again. However, Lu Ze had already been accustomed to this due to being repeatedly despised. He ran in front of the kitten and anxiously asked: “Great Immortal Cat ya, can you bring this lowly one with you when you eat this delicious seafood meals? I am also fond of seafood.”

Li Shaolin who had hurriedly arrived couldn’t help massage his forehead as he looked at the kitten who not only continued giving him the cold shoulder but had also refused to return home.

The little fellow’s stubborn attitude really gave Li Shaolin a huge headache, but reaching this point, his repeated opposition will only worthlessly affect his relationship with this little fellow. Without any other option, he knitted his brows as he relented to the little round fluff who only turned his back on him: “……alright, if you want to participate in the program then you can join.”

The man’s subdued voice carried a slight trace of exhaustion and helplessness, which was instantly caught by the kitten’s keen senses. The tip of it’s ears couldn’t help but quiver which was immediately followed by a heartache. It immediately turned around, looking at Li Shaolin with that pair of big limpid round eyes, it then took the initiative to give his hand a intimate and gentle lick.

That pair of beautiful bright eyes of the kitten seemed to be capable of washing away all problems, the body’s fluffy feeling had even gotten rid of all of Li Shaolin’s weariness. Once Li Shaolin’s mood had already been eased up, the little fellow was brought in his embrace with fondness and affection. The kitten took advantage of this and scrambled up on Li Shaolin’s shoulder with his two little paws, actively raising it’s head to gently kiss the emerging black stubble on the man’s chin.


Bestowing you with hugs and kisses, you mustn’t frown and sigh, alright? Nothing will happen to us. Even if we were kidnapped, we will still be able to escape by ourselves, so you, our servant should be rest assured, okay?

Chen Tong knew what Li Shaolin was worried about, but the lightning tribulation was a very important matter to him. The system had already informed him that if the next lightning tribulation fails, there is a possibility that he will never be able to advance his level ever again.

After the kitten kissed him, it also extended it’s head to cheer up the self-deprecating face of Li Shaolin. Waging a cold war when needed, being jealous when needed, being thoughtful when needed to be, ——That’s right, we are this fair and considerate.

This warmth and gentleness made every cell of Li Shaolin’s entire body boil, as his heart completely melted, that even the edge of his lips were slightly raised, revealing a slight smile.

That scene where the kitten took the initiative to kiss the man had also een photographed by the cameraman without missing a single shot. The studio lights were still shut off, the tender interaction of this owner and cutie, with the specially arranged light colored canopy backdrop inside the room is simple and warm, practically made the cameraman hold his breath while taking pictures, for fear of destroying this precious scene. In addition to that, this man’s tough appearance made him think of a line from Hu Lancheng words in the online adaptation.

The slightest bit of calm smile in the most distant and peaceful years.

After several month of advanced planning and joint efforts, the large-scale pet reality show of 《Which cutie is your favorite?》had finally started it’s filming under the joint venture from the Zhen studio of Yan Zhen to the Huadu Entertainment company under the Li family’s corporation.

A year ago, Yan Zhen had led his studio to produce a parent-child reality show called 《Outstanding Baby》 having both high viewer ratings and public praises. This time not only will the former crew be used, but this foundation will also undergo expansions and reinforcements. A large team which is made up of the directing group, planning group, filming group, external propaganda group and other group with almost three hundred people were formed, in addition to the introduction of the latest filming equipment from overseas under the investment of the Li corporation. The set-up has no less than fifty plus seats and more than a hundred cameras with a comprehensive 360 degree filming function, that had absolutely flaunted the huge cost of this set up and is really worth the industry’s conscience.

The publicity garnered a lot of attention, due to the combination of Yan Zhen’s prestige as a director and the guest participants popularity. Making a lot of fans gather in advance to the official website to occupy the best vantage point. The usual thing was, everyone’s expectation towards the housepets were no less than that of the stars. After all, the Akita of the King of the silver screen Huang Qi and the Toy Poodle of the Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer Xie Qiqi were already well-known pet celebrities, the parrot had also been revealed in the award-winning film 《Dragon Gate》 directed by Yan Zhen, the Labrador was already an ‘internet sensation’ with a lot of fans, even the Husky which did not have any fan base gained a high public opinion due to relying in it’s extremely handsome appearance.

Of course the little kitten was also included.

Long before the parrot riding incident picture was exposed, the sales lady in the pet shop had uploaded the secretly taken photos of the kitten on the Haiya forum in an earlier date and hyping it up to the next level. Another blogger had also recently sent a part of the video where the kitten had given up it’s seat in the bus, even though it was very short, but it had completely included the footage of the kitten jumping off the seat to pull at the old man’s pants, which was simply killing people with cuteness. Nowadays, no one would say ‘the child of someone’s family’, but the most popular words would now paradoxically be ‘the cat of someone’s family’.  

The arrogant expression of the kitten in the disseminated promotional photos had even turned into an expression pack, with various sentences such as:  

Everyone should prostrate before us!

You know nothing of our greatness.

All the world’s little fishing rods had been contracted by me!

You can’t look at us while kneeling.


The next day after the official website had made a public announcement, there were three TV stations and two online platforms wanting to discuss about the exclusive rights in broadcasting. The external propaganda group passed them through several screening processes before finally picking an organization. There were a total of 12 episodes confirmed, with a single episode per week, a continuous filming from Saturday to Sunday which will then be broadcasted on the following Saturday night.

So on that Saturday after Li Shaolin agreed to the kitten’s participation in the program, Yan Zhen came over with his exclusive golden team and twenty plus surveillance cameras in the garden of the mansion where Li Shaolin would temporarily reside in.

The 《Which cutie is your favorite?》 and 《Outstanding Baby》 used the exact same location spot as well as the narrative style being given by the parties behind-the-scenes. So the first filming scene started with the 6 owners giving an introduction of their pets in their respective houses, after the completing the introduction they will be given their first task card and will then head to the film and TV station in the outlying district to partake in the first round of the competition.  

Raw word count: 2333

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