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Ch 73: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/3)

Chapter 73: The chief executive’s little kitty 11 (part 1/3)

The recording started at 6:30 in the morning, that most people had not yet risen from their bed when the show’s team knocked on the door. However, being able to see the stars who were groggy and were still wearing their sleeping attire could be considered as a benefit to the fans. The next scene was their slightly embarrassing and hasty washing up and dressing, after the owners had completed fixing themselves up, they then began to lead the camera for a better understanding of their home and pet.

“Hey! Hello everyone, I am Huang Qi. This is my house, I have a partner who has followed me for many years, ——An Akita named Princess.”

The most popular King of Silver screen Huang Qi was arranged to appear on the first scene to attract marketability, “When busy, I take Princess with me to the studio, perhaps a few fans have already seen it. Some would even say that I look like it, ——But that’s really too excessive! How can they say that! !”

Huang Qi had a foundation with comedic background that the words he said were both entertaining and amusing, “I have been rated as one of the ten pleasant looking and hot male celebrity, yet Princess is still more beautiful compared to me? ! Unfortunately, not only is it not male, but is also five and a half year old this year and has already reached the age of an uncle just like me……”

The scene subsequently swept through the layout of the living room, the photos on the cabinet, the pet toys on the floor before finally moving to the position of the pet. His ‘Princess’ really had a beautiful appearance, with a smooth fur and stable temperament, definitely one of the top 5 diamond king* among the dogs.

The teams in the show had after all undergone a very careful selection, that the face value of each pet was very high and the guest participants in this show were people who really like animals. A few celebrities had then revealed a natural smile while giving an introduction of their pets, even the fresh meat Liu Yang who had a cold attitude at the start of his career also revealed an amiable expression.  

But there would inevitably be an exception to everything. Upon reaching the vicinity of Li Shaolin, the scene’s atmosphere immediately had a 180° of change. The chief executive had an indifferent attitude throughout the whole process, not only did he ignore the camera lens the entire time, but he also did not utter even a single sentence.

Li Shaolin did not have any intention of appearing at all, it was only because he was unwilling to let his kitten be paired with other people that he decided to reluctantly join the show. But the show’s team who arrived at the place of the chief executive was unable to find anyone. The cameraman who was overwhelmed with boredom filmed some scenery in the villa for almost half an hour before a gardener who was watering the plants and removing weeds had come over to inform them: “The master will go out at 6 am everyday for morning exercise and will only return at 7:30.”

Sure enough, Li Shaolin had really returned when it was almost 7:30. The sight of him wearing a singlet with sweat dripping down on his figure’s indiscernible abs absolutely had the capability of fascinating people. He then immediately headed to the bathroom to wash up.

The cameraman could only wait outside the bathroom for the moment, but the wait had unexpectedly encountered a fortuitous fortune. The kitten was actually spotted appearing in advance before the owner had introduced it, walking with small wobbly steps all the way from the bedroom to the bathroom.

The little guy was groggy and looked so muddleheaded, that it never opened it’s eyes throughout it’s course. Not knowing whether it had mastered walking through this route with it’s eyes closed, that even if it walked in a zigzag path, it had still been able to reach it’s final destination without a hitch. After that, it climbed on the toilet bowl with the use of a small stool, it then leaned forward at the edge while lifting it’s small hind leg and started ‘letting the water out’.   

This was indeed brought over by the urinary urgency with withholding, but the cat had not been clearheaded yet, the little one’s appearance made people feel cute and distressed. The distress was actually because the little fellow did not open it’s eyes even after urinating, as it was already crouching down with it’s paws and planned to directly jump down the floor.

Fortunately, Li Shaolin who had just finished his bath appeared at this moment, walking forward with large strides to scoop the small ball of fluff in the crook of his arm. The cool moisture in the familiar embrace made the kitten reluctantly open it’s eyes half-way, raising it’s two little fore paws as it went for a long stretch.

The little guy had finally woken up at this time. The kitten’s eye had completely been wide open at long last, clear and beautiful just like a blue translucent Jade, seemingly able to make all other colors pale under that blue shade.

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