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Ch 75: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 75: The chief executive’s little kitty 13 (part 1/2)

After eating lunch, the program’s crew was very considerate to allot a 30 minute noon break. Having eaten it’s fill, the kitten that loved cleanliness used it’s paw to clean it’s mouth and face, it did a proper stretch as soon as it finished tidying itself up, after which, it then went up onto Li Shaolin’s shoulder and issued a small purring sound to ask for it’s fur to be touched.

Chen Tong had never expected that he would actually want to become this intimate with another person in the past. He remembered that he had still been relatively independent in the second world when he became a little fox. However, without knowing what had happened, after turning into a cat, he became lazy and gluttonous. Everyday, he would be unwilling to sit on his own and would insist on lounging in Li Shaolin’s arm to be able to feel comfortable. Making him speculate that the strike of the lightning tribulation had not only scattered his cultivation, but had also made his IQ go offline.

So if Li Shaolin takes his seat to handle business matters, the kitten would then lounge on his lap; if Li Shaolin reclines on his chair to read work files, the kitten would then sprawl on top of his stomach; when Li Shaolin gets up to pour water or prepare food, the kitten would then subsequently follow in his footsteps and follow him around. Right from the beginning, the fur quality of the little fellow was already very excellent, in addition to being given good food and drinks by the chief executive-daren had also him plump, that the fur’s quality became just like the finest satin which was silky, sheeny and velvety. Which feels so good to touch, that Li Shaolin’s heart would melt into puddle and fall into a mess at every touch in addition to having most of his body’s exhaustion seemingly fly away.

However, the chief executive-daren couldn’t be as idle as the kitten. He still had a bunch of things to do, such as holding meetings, signing documents, organizing events and other business related matters which the other side felt pity for. The special assistant, Tan Zishang had also followed close by during the program’s recording process, in order to collect and report back the work matters. At this moment, the chief executive-daren took advantage of the program crew’s noon break to work on his laptop, while the kitten hanged on his shoulder in a new but strange sleeping posture.

The man and a cat stuck to each other like this, but had an indescribably harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

The little guy was sleeping so soundly, the little belly was against the man’s shoulder while the two little paws were dangling over the man’s chest, as it gently breathed in and out. Li Shaolin did not dare to move for fear of waking it up. So the majestic chief executive-daren had to strain himself to handle official business with one shoulder keeping still and only a single hand was used even when he was typing.

After an hour had unwittingly gone by, the little kitten had finally woken up from its sleep. It gave a yawn and opened it’s eyes, when it suddenly felt like its mouth was a little dry. This was surprisingly not due to thirst, but was rather because of the eye catching fruit|exposed wheat colored skin that was really too tempting to the eyes and within reach.

The weather during the early autumn was still blazing hot, that the chief executive-daren only wore a thin shirt. Since it was still noon break now, several shirt buttons were conveniently unbuttoned. However, the opening had became even wider due to the added influence of the kitten’s strange sleeping posture, that the entire clavicle and a small part of the chest were exposed outside. The healthy wheat complexion and ample abs revealed an indescribable degree of firmness sturdiness.

The kitten couldn’t resist but impatiently move it’s paw in impulse. It raised it’s eyes to take a furtive look towards Li Shaolin, it then determined that he was just seriously reading the project proposal even now and did not place any attention to it’s side at all.

It was said that serious men were the most attractive. The kitten looked at the other side working, seeing the focus and dedication which were revealed in his eyes as well as in the method he used in devising his plans, suddenly made it’s heart beat in an irregular pattern. The man’s masculine body had a trace of muskiness, which it liked so much. It subconsciously opened it’s mouth, taking a bite on his collar bone.

Even when the kitten controlled it’s force, but it still underestimated the strength of it’s little fangs. Li Shaolin who had originally been so immersed in his work suddenly felt a strange stinging sensation, only then did he realize that the kitten had begun to mess around, even the little tongue was moving around without a little bit of shame.

However, the chief executive-daren did not stop or even get angry with it. On the contrary, the voice contained an indulgent tone as he said: “Are you get hungry again? Shall I ask someone to get you some snacks?”

Sleeping when full and will only wake when hungry, was our image in our servant’s eye like a pig from the beginning? Chen Tong wanted to immediately protest with bared fangs and brandished claws. But upon seeing the red bite marks that were neither to heavy nor light on his servant’s body also made him guilt-ridden. He then reached out and brushed against the red marks with his little paw pad, as if it could just be wiped off.

The kitty’s meat pad had a much higher temperature compared to the human’s body. The burning temperature seemed to burn through the skin straight to Li Shaolin’s heart. That his heartbeat was involuntarily thrown in disarray, the little kitten raised it’s head at this time, accidentally touching his lips.

The little guy had also kissed his chin before, but this time’s kiss was directly set on his lips. He subconsciously felt embarrassed for quite a while, the little pink tongue slightly moistened the man’s lips.

The chief executive-daren had immediately been stunned still. Only a surge of heat which flowed from his lips, spreading to his brain and entire body was felt. However, this rising emotion|desire he had towards his cat was not the first. Every time this happened, he would always feel that he had either gone crazy or had suppressed his desire for too long. He didn’t want to just sleep with anyone, but he also couldn’t control himself when facing the kitten’s provocation.

“Be good ah,” After taking quite some time in order to barely let it settle down, Li Shaolin then quietly said: “I only have one report left, I’ll play with you once I finish reading it.”

The hoarse voice which was overflowing with emotion|desire that had yet to subside, made the surrounding atmosphere seemingly rise to several degree higher. However, the kitten did not notice what was going on and only felt that the hoarse voice was full of magnetism and was just like electricity when falling in it’s ears, the buzzing sound made the fur on it’s entire body rise, a heat then surged from it’s lower abdomen, which gave an unspeakable feeling of discomfort.   

As a result of this, not only did it not but it also misbehaved, after leaning over to arch more towards the man’s body it then made an involuntary “Mew~” sound.

This sound had however, made both the man and cat completely freeze in shock.

Because this sound didn’t sound like a normal sound, but was more like a moan|groan. The enchantingly weak and gentle voice was like a moaning gasp with longing, that made the emotion|desire of Li Shaolin which had not yet completely recede spring forth once more, along with the heart which was pounding to a practically intolerable extent.

The kitten also felt the body’s increasingly restlessness, that it even wanted to find something random to rub against, which instantly stimulated it’s brain as well: ——This body shouldn’t be in heat right?

Li Shaolin who was struggling to calm his mood down was also thinking about this issue.

The little fellow was just more than two months old the first time time it was brought home, it was then raised for four months. Even if the kitten’s size was still roughly the same, as it hardly grew, but the age had already reached it’s first heat.

Could it be said that, he needed to help this little fellow find a female cat?

Absolutely not.

Li Shaolin rejected it without another thought, as he clenched his hands in a subconscious manner.

This little thing is his. His from head to toe. Besides him, no one else was allowed to touch him.

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