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Ch 75: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 75: The chief executive’s little kitty 13 (part 2/2)

Tan Zishang who wanted to come in to collect the reports was shocked still by the doorway without knowing why, even the mind’s OS had lapsed because of shock as he awkwardly thought: Their BOSS, wouldn’t, really be, towards a little kitten, right?

Tan Zishang couldn’t be blamed for having such an incredulous thought, as it was the scene he saw before him that made him think this way.

The kitten and the man’s upper body was closely sticking to each other, so close that it almost seems to be integrated. The man’s upper chest had almost been completely exposed, the shirt’s neckline was wide open, there was even a red mark similar to a love bite on his collar bone. Moreover, the kitten’s white fur was also somewhat messed up, in addition to it having a mouth-to-mouth kiss with the man, the kitten’s blue eyes were also full of tears. The soft mewling had even made Tan Zishang’s knees weak.

Tan Zishang swore that he saw a sensual atmosphere from this man and cat, that even the oxygen he breathed in felt hot. Furtively, he had also shockingly felt the demon’s temptation, he then hurriedly shook his head to get himself back to normal.

Spring and Autumn were the cat’s breeding season. So the kitten was certainly showing the indication of heat|estrus. Fortunately, it was still young so it will pass after a bit of forbearance. When the noon break ended, the program continued and began filming at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. A new task card were quickly given to each guest participants.

The task was called ‘The Secret Room’s Great Escape’. Because the location was within the film and tv station, so there were various kinds of secret room scenes constructed for adventure films or tomb raiding films, in addition to the arrangements of the show’s crew, it thus became a perfectly suitable area where the pet owners can play the game’s round together with their pets.

The rules were almost the same as the secret room escape games. Each pair of pet and pet owner must enter a secret room to which they need to get out from. The first three pairs to get out will subsequently receive four, three and two numbers of paw badges. The ensuing pairs who got out after the three pairs will only receive one. But other than that, a paw doll will also be hidden inside the secret room, finding the doll can enable the pet and pet owner to receive an additional badge.

The secret rooms are connected to one another, the door heading to the next room can only be opened after the task within the current room had been completed. The tasks set-up were very fair, some were advantageous to dogs, some suitable to kitties and some were favorable to parrots. For example, the Tangram puzzle with missing pieces which was situated at the second room’s door, the scattered puzzle pieces needed to be found and put together to be able to pass. However, the Tangram’s board was very small, the puzzle pieces were also hidden very well, but were coated with the scent that dogs like. As a result, this task was similar to the treasure hunt and was thus very favorable to the dogs which has an innate and keen sense of smell.


The third room’s door required a lock combination to open, the main key to obtain the password is in the scroll placed on top of the room’s beam. Of course, the program’s crew had also arranged some other methods to decipher the code, but it was complicated and time-consuming, because this task correspondingly required retrieving something from a high altitude, and were thus very favorable to a parrot with flying capabilities.

The fifth’s room task to open the door also requires a lock combination, but the key to decipher the code was on the body of the electronic mice running all around the room. The movements of the mice were very swift, the environment was also made to be quite dim, but a bit of catnip were sprinkled on it, so the kitties had the upper hand in this field.    

The tasks set to test the pet owners capability were also equally prepared to be very fair. Some were advantageous to males and some were favorable to females. For example, smashing the huge ice cubes to get the key frozen within it, ——This kind of tasks that requires physical strength were naturally advantageous to the males; things like ‘Let’s spot the difference’, ‘Stack one hundred paper cups which were only 10 cm high each to a height of 80 cm’ and so on, ——This kind of tasks that requires patience were naturally favorable to the females.

But the viewers soon realized that, whatever the advantages of the dogs and parrots had, were all the advantages of the kitten; and whatever advantages the males and female had, were all the advantages of the chief executive-daren.

Chen Tong current cultivation had only been restored up to the LV3 of the Illusion phase, so the range of his spiritual perception was quite limited. Because of this, when searching for the badges in Qing Shui park before, snatching it was much easier than looking for it with the use of spiritual perception. But the secret rooms were ten times more smaller than the park, so covering the entire room with his spiritual perception didn’t require him to expend great effort.

In addition to the cat demon’s ability of night vision and perfect balance, so from finding the Tangram’s puzzle pieces to climbing the room’s beam to retrieve the scroll, to catching the electronic mice inside the darkroom. The kitten was so outstanding, that even the doll hidden behind the bookshelf was found by the little fellow, that it was able to make everyone fall to their knees in minutes. The chief executive-daren was equally powerful, as every kind of logical reasoning and mathematical questions were perfectly answered. Physical strength and discernment were even easier, however, only during the stacking of paper cup did he need to spend a bit of time.

This task was almost the most time-consuming area to all guest participants. It was not because of the difficulty, but because of some pet’s disruption. An example is Xie Shishi who was able to quickly reach 70cm due to the virtue of patience. However, when she was just one step away, it immediately fell over under the extended paw of her Toy Poodle, after pushing, it then gave an extremely innocent look and then barked as if seeking for praise.

Fortunately, the Toy Poodle was still very well-behaved, after passing through the lecture of the Queen of music, the dog only wagged it’s little tail and no longer touched the paper cups again. However, Huang Qi was overthrown by his rampant Akita, Princess several times, as if the heavens was carrying through the words Huang Qi had said during meal: Your criticism will make it unhappy, when unhappy it will bark back, various kind of actions will then be done when barking back, the various actions would also be paired with a disdainful expression as if saying: —— Are you blaming it on me?

Akita: I also have feelings, hmph.

Only the well-behaved kitten looked very adorable to everyone. The small body was held upright as it stared at the cups being stacked by the chief executive-daren, the two small paws were placed together as if making a prayer, the pointed cat ears would slightly trembled with each and every action of the chief executive-daren it would also actively touch his hand in comfort whenever the cups would collapse. The pair of big beautiful eyes were just like stars reflected in the blue ocean.

The parrot was also very extraordinary, because Yan Zhen did not even need to lift his hand at all. The film director-daren was pleasantly surprised after seeing the contents of the task, as he quickly said to his parrot: “Da Hui*, this cup stacking is your favorite leisure activity. Quickly think of a way to stack it to the top so we can win, la!”

*big ash/grey  

Parrot: Emmm…., what’s the use of having you then?

This time the one who got the first place was still the chief executive-daren with his kitten. Because of receiving an additional reward due to finding the paw doll. The film director-daren will never be able to catch up even if another ‘Of course’ game was played against the chief executive-daren.

As a result, when the entire team had gathered, the film director-daren who was still very unconvinced, objected by saying: “I appeal to play two ‘Of course’ game with director Li! Because I already know the secret to defeat him, so I will definitely be able to win this game!”

“I know the secret too!!” The mean uncle Huang Qi participated in jeering: “I suggest that we should all play the ‘Of course’ game in the future. You can see how excellent this game is, ya. It’s effortless and easy. The program’s crew doesn’t need to spend their time looking for venues or finding props right?……”

“That’s right, we should only play this game later, I can surely win against director Li!”

Xie Shishi also couldn’t help but speak in agreement, moreover, the secret to victory was something everyone was well aware of, that several remaining guest participants all looked over toward Li Shaolin and laughed out loud.

——Chief executive-daren was actually made fun of by the group which was simply a once in a lifetime event.

However, the viewers identified this as an elaborate public display of affection. Thinking back to the ‘No, I won’t allow it’ domineering sentence said by the chief executive-daren when playing the ‘Of course’ game before, which did not have a shred of fooling around, almost made the hearts of the young ladies explode.

The show finished filming in the afternoon as was scheduled. Perhaps due to too much exertion, the kitten instantly fell asleep on it’s tiny bed once they returned home. However, the chief executive-daren still had an evening meal to attend to that afternoon. So he kissed it’s little head, before leaving it to have a proper rest at home.

Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Xie Zhiqi who was in the gathering with the screenwriters and investors in a restaurant’s private room suddenly received a call from a strange number.

“……excuse me, may I ask if you are film director Xie?”

A youth’s slightly youthful and clear voice sounded especially pleasing sounded from the phone, “Hello, I am Chen Tong, the person whom you gave your business card to at the charity party that evening to attend the audition’s try out, but because of a slight incident I wasn’t able to go……”

Xie Zhiqi immediately reacted.

He rarely gives his business cards, only a handful had been given since he joined the entertainment industry. He had felt that it was just a reckless impulse after the incident, but the youth’s image and temperament definitely had an irresistible value, which made him very excited. Of course, this is just based on the conformity of the role. As a straight man, he will never be interested no matter how excellent or moving those people standing before him were. Moreover, that role is a demon spirit of a Guqin that gained sentience through cultivation. Even if the appearance of the second male lead was very late, but if the correct image was chosen, it can become the most highlighted scene of the entire movie.

Unfortunately, Xie Zhiqi couldn’t wait for Chen Tong’s arrival, after thinking that he wasn’t going to come and being unable to find another that was suitable. He then promised the investor to choose another person who could bring the funds into the crew, this was what they were precisely negotiating about now.

Xie Zhiqi hesitated for a moment, but still told Chen Tong: “Then you can just come over now, I just happened to have another actor who is also coming over here, the both of you can try to simulate it together.”

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The author has something to say:

The kitten will soon see the chief executive-daren in his human form again, la. The old driver* will really have the urge to drive……

*experienced person…especially in yellow things

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