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Ch 76: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 76: The chief executive’s little kitty 14 (part 1/2)

By the time Chen Tong came over, the actor called Wei Yi whom the investor preferred had also arrived.

Wei Yi had previously acted in two idol drama series with good ratings, not only were the roles of the deeply emotional supporting male characters relatively well received, but they were also considered to have a bit of popularity. However, the majority of idol drama series nowadays do not require much acting skills, the face value had become more important in this society that looks at appearances. Having a melancholic appearance was enough in both characters that Wei Yi acted in, so he did not need much acting skills.

Of course, the little young master Chen disclosed that he did not have any knowledge about acting, let alone good or bad acting.

This《Immortal fates》of Xie Zhiqi is a tale regarding human cultivation. The female lead who is the daughter of the main wife will receive humiliation from her stepmother and her children but will step by step enter the cultivation world by chance and finally gain her own happiness at the end. The story mainly depends on the beautiful romance, with face slapping revenges as supplements. The plot can be considered to be very typical, but this typical was what Xie Zhiqi wanted. At present, there were a lot of similar movies based on the legend of the major Ming dynasty vernacular novels of mythology and fantasy plots. However, the cultivation genre had not been shown yet, the first movie made will certainly receive a widespread attention.

In order to garner heat and publicity, highlights were required. The role Chen Tong wanted to audition for was exactly the highlight Xie Zhiqi wanted to have. He is the Guqin, who turned into a demon spirit because of a drop of heart blood from the owner who is a Qing Yin* deity. Unfortunately, the Qing Yin deity had later perished in the great war against the demonic cultivators, so the pure and simple Zither demon spirit began his persistent search for his owner’s reincarnation, right until he encountered the female lead.

*lit. Unvoiced consonants

As a result of this, he stayed beside the female lead as a Zither player. Doing all kinds of things for the female lead without asking for anything in return, until he finally perished in order to save her. However, the female lead was not really the reincarnation of the Qing Yin deity, but was merely a look alike. The Zither demon spirit had actually known about this in the later part, but had chosen to delude himself.

——Since the time you left, I will love anyone who looks like you.

As everyone is well aware of, the most distinctive feature of the demon spirit is a beauty that surpasses all. The secondary characteristic is the so-called the temperament. The entertainment industry is known for having a lot of beautiful people, but those who had true temperament weren’t much. The word temperament may sound vague and illusory, but there are still tell-tale signs. In a nutshell, it is derived from self-confidence, from the arrogance that emerged from being nurtured through countless pampering, from the lack of desire and demand, as well as from experience and strength.

The investor was naturally very unhappy with Chen Tong’s arrival but couldn’t help acknowledging Xie Zhiqi’s perception. The eyes of everyone had brightened the second Chen Tong showed up, the appearance of the youth was far better than any celebrity in the entertainment circle, so much that no audition were needed for him to defeat Wei Yi, the temperament was so clear that Wei Yi couldn’t help but give rise to a strong envy.

Not knowing that Chen Tong was a real demon spirit and could not be compared to a normal person.

The youth’s self-confidence also made people envious, as if nothing was enough to make him worried or frightened. He then gave a confident smile to Xie Zhiqi, “Hello Director Xie, I am Chen Tong.”

This kind of self-confidence had naturally come from people who had never suffered any kind of grievance or injustice, because Han Ying had never allowed his precious darling to feel wronged in every single world. Even if he did not remember him anymore and even when his name and appearance changed.

Chen Tong and Wei Yi were each given a copy of the script by Xie Zhiqi, “The both of you should read the script first, to understand the character’s personality. Then choose a part of the script to enact.” Xie Zhiqi then spoke as he raised his hand to look at his watch, “——There’s not enough time. I still have other things to do this evening, so we’ll start in half an hour.”

The place Xie Zhiqi and the others were located could nominally be called a private room, but was not really a strictly closed room, the place only used two screens for division and was merely a quiet place for conversations. This was exactly the Yun Shui pavilion restaurant that Joseph told the kitten which made very delicious food. Because of having an excellent reputation, a lot of proper and strict security were done to keep the confidentiality of the guests, so a lot of high-ranking people will choose to organize their evening meals here.

In fact, not only was Xie Zhiqi in a rush, but Chen Tong was also even more in a hurry. The time was already 6 o’clock in the evening, he did not know what time Li Shaolin’s business would be over and could only hope that the other side wouldn’t return home that early, so that he can successfully slip back before the other side return’s home.

What Chen Tong did not know was, that the evening meal Li Shaolin went to was also in the Yun Shui pavilion. The evening meal was hosted by a person who had a cooperation for supplying the real estates under the Li corporation for several years.

Chen Tong flipped through the script with the quickest speed and obtained a basic understanding of the entire plot. However, he did not know which part he should chose in order to have a better performance. The ghost within the bell suddenly turned the page as he was flipping through it, then pointed at the lower part of the page with several sentences and said: “Just pick this one.”

This part of the paragraph is after the male and female lead had just confirmed their relationship and is the first dialogue of the Zither player with the male lead.

Because the red rope where the bell was strung on was too short for the human neck, Chen Tong decided to place it inside his shirt’s pocket. The male ghost has recently been able to recognize a lot of simplified characters and had also started to adopt the modern terms in accordance to Chen Tong’s speech, that was the reason why he was able to understand most of the script’s content. The pale and translucent face suddenly showed an indescribable confusion, “The words in this paragraph gives me a very familiar feeling……”

After pausing for a moment, the male ghost then turned to Chen Tong and seriously spoke: “Maybe this one can help you.”

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