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Ch 76: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 76: The chief executive’s little kitty 14 (part 2/2)

The thirty minutes had soon passed.

“Let me go first.”

Chen Tong was the first to stand, he then pointed to the page where that male ghost had just pointed to and said: “I want to perform this part.”

Xie Zhiqi had slight paused for a moment after having seen that piece, because this scene was mostly composed of inner drama. The inner dramas were frequently more difficult to express than the scenes with a lot of lines. But he still nodded in agreement, “Okay, let get started.”

Today was not the formal audition inside the entertainment company, so it goes without saying that there would not be any other actors or actresses who could perform the other side’s lines. So only a one-man show can be done while facing an vacant area. This play begins with the male lead knocking on the door to look for the Zither player, then forthrightly told him that he and the female lead were already together and persuaded him to give up. He also conveyed to him that he had unintentionally discovered that the Qing Yin deity’s primordial spirit has completely vanished, thus, reincarnation was not possible, so it would naturally be impossible for the female lead to be the Qing Yin deity.

Hence, only the youth walking towards the door just like having heard a knock was seen. An action of opening the door was made, then a bit of shock was exposed due to what the person from the other side of the door had said.

The Zither player in the script had naturally been shocked still because of what the male lead had said, but Chen Tong had been shocked still because of seeing Li Shaolin who had just finished eating his meal with his business associate was currently walking this way from afar.

Xie Zhiqi only saw the youth’s hand that opened the door suddenly hang down as if losing strength, while the grip of the other hand abruptly loosened, the chest’s undulation had also become hurried and brief, as the originally calm eyes turned dim in a split second. His face’s complexion become more exquisite, as the unusual whiteness and the beautiful red lips showed a much stronger contrast, this was exactly the moment when the beauty and magnificence of a demon spirit reached it’s peak.  

Unfortunately, the beauty was nothing more but an empty doll, just like a person with flesh and blood that had become a puppet with no soul or even any kind of breath.

But seemed to be more like, the deathly calmness before a raging storm.

——Li Shaolin’s appearance had actually made Chen Tong quickly integrate into the plot instead.

In addition to the assistance of the male ghost, he had been able to perfectly perform every detail. Moreover, the calmer his face was, the more indescribable tensed the heart of those who witness it turns. That silence had an indescribable appeal, that even the atmosphere seemed to have condensed a bit.

Several seconds had passed when the Zither demon spirit finally made any movement. He deluded himself and avoided talking about the Qin Yin deity, then only said gently: “So the two of you are already together?”

Li Shaolin who was walking along the hallway had happened to hear this sentence and couldn’t refrain from pausing in his steps, then looked over towards the source of the sound. The youth had lowered his head, while the dark hair on his forehead slightly swayed. After which, he raised his head again and tried to raise the corner of his lips, then showed a sincere smile:

“Since it’s like that, I wish the both of you to be able to live happily and be together forever. ”

The youth had a very beautiful smile. The smile did not contain any bitterness, discontent or even complain. He was wholeheartedly wishing the other party well, thus this smiling expression was just as pure as the flourishing cloud. But the sadness in the eyes were also obvious, so even when he was obviously smiling, the eyes had however seemed to be crying silently.

After Li Shaolin saw this inexplicably shocking scene in his mind and actually seemed to have become a bit muddle-headed at this moment. For a moment, he was unable to see or hear anything, only the eyes and words of the youth pierced his heart like a knife, yet no blood was spilled.

Some scenes which he had never experienced before had even appeared in his mind without warning. He strived to recall them but they soon turned into nothingness.

Who with whom would be together forever? Who should also live happily with whom?

Li Shaolin closed his eyes first then opened them once more, his heart ached so much without any bit of cause. He spontaneously took several steps forward and reached out to cover the eyes of the youth that were looking at him, “Don’t, ……don’t smile like this.”

The sudden and unforeseen events made Tan Zishang who was following behind Li Shaolin stunned for a moment. Right until, the sound of Xie Zhiqi’s voice broke the silence of the place:

“Very good, ——very good performance!”

The chief executive-daren had finally returned to his senses, only after seeing Xie Zhiqi did he immediately realize that this was actually an audition. He subconsciously knitted his brows, his face then sunk like water as he retracted his hand.

But the youth held the back of the man’s withdrawing hand, then showed him a sweet and gentle once more: “If I can’t smile like that, then is it alright for me to smile like this?”

The majestic chief executive-daren who had been unspeakably deceived by an audition, should have caused Li Shaolin to get angry. Yet for some inexplicable reason, he couldn’t bear to muster any anger when faced with the youth’s sweet and gentle smile. On the other side, Xie Zhiqi no longer had the intention of watching Wei Yi’s performance as he decided to directly make the decision at the moment, he then made Chen Tong head to the company next Tuesday for the signing of the contract.

The investor who had originally wanted Wei Yi obviously had some complaints, but couldn’t help but think thrice because of the appearance of Li Shaolin. From the interaction between Chen Tong and Li Shaolin, it can be determined that the two people seemed to be very acquainted at an earlier time. The strength of Li Shaolin was definitely not something they can contend with, in the event that Chen Tong is a person of Li Shaolin, so they had inevitably taken the initiative to give way.

However, Chen Tong was completely unaware of these entanglements and tricks. As he simply followed the back of Li Shaolin who was already walking away in order catch up. He then opened his mouth to ask the chief executive-daren to invite him for dinner.

“I have just realized that this place is Yun Shui pavilion. I heard that the dishes in the Yun Shui pavilion were very delicious, so can you invite me for dinner?”

Tan Zishang at the side was stunned upon hearing this, he had never seen such an audacious and thick-faced person for such a long time, who would actually dare to ask their BOSS to be invited for a meal for no cause or reason. A newborn calf seriously had no fear to tigers.

The thing that made Tan Zishang more surprise was that Li Shaolin had actually agreed, “What do you want to eat?”

The kitten Chen then gave his reply without a second thought: “I want a large platter of spicy seafood!”

He had long thought of making Li Shaolin accompany him to eat this dish after the time Joseph tried to tempt him. Just the thought of seafood, made both of his eyes shine brightly.

Li Shaolin felt that he had definitely been bewitched. Not only could he not get angry towards the youth, but he also couldn’t bear to reject his request. Seeing the youth would inevitably make him think of his kitten and the way he treated his kitten, was always and only full of pamper, without a bit of fierceness at all.

The chief executive-daren who had just eaten dinner with his business associate had really ordered the youth a large platter of spicy seafood, in addition to several other side dishes and soup.  

The dishes arrived after a short moment, due to coldness of the seafood, this dish also comes with a good bottle of white liquor (spirit). The youth who had been burned by the spiciness of the crab meat thought it was a beverage, so he obliviously took it and drank a mouthful.

*White Liquor

Li Shaolin’s voice of caution was a step late, as a fit of coughs were heard in less than a second.

“Cough, cough,” The tears in the kitten Chen’s eyes trickled as he coughed, he then let out his tongue in complaint, “Such an unpleasant drink……”

The chief executive-daren only felt that even the table manners of the youth were exactly the same as his little kitten. Greedy, impatient and short-tempered, which could make a person unable to restrain from laughing. Having seen the laughter in his eyes, immediately made the kitten unhappy, he then pushed the wine glass in front of him, “Drink it for me.”

The youth had used a commanding tone while holding his little head high. Watching the man opposite to him with a click of his tongue. The eyes obviously did not have a trace of respect, but seemed to contain an unspeakable promise of deep affection, that any person could become tempted by his gaze.

Li Shaolin admits that he himself had been fascinated.

The chief executive-daren actually had a bit of mysophobia*, even more so towards a person who dared to speak with him like this. But due to an inexplicable circumstance, he actually took the glass of liquor which the youth had drunk from and downed the rest of the remaining liquor.  

*pathological fear of contamination and germs

When the kitten Chen saw that his servant had obediently listened to his words and finished the liquor, the corner of his lips lifted in satisfaction. He then blinked his eyes, and asked with a some complacency and seriousness: “You already like me right?”

The chief executive-daren paused for a bit and didn’t know how to answer.

He subconsciously wanted to deny, but he had been locked on by the youth’s bright eyes that had a type of fierceness. The beautiful dark eyes stared straight at him as he said: “I don’t allow other people to lie to me.”

The youth said with neither affection nor hate, but with prohibition, as the lips continued to issue orders: “——So you are not allowed to tell lies, it’s best to be honest.”

This youth before him had a unique kind of charm, the haughtier he becomes, the more attracted the people are towards him; the beautiful face obviously looked very well-behaved, but there was also a mysterious mischievousness, ——But this mischievousness had also made Li Shaolin more fascinated.

Perhaps he had gone crazy, maybe due to the state of insobriety or perhaps due to the atmosphere’s embellishments. Li Shaolin felt that the entire world had darkened at this moment, as his field of vision only had the owner of that beautiful pair of dark eyes, and eventually opened his mouth as if under a spell, “……that’s right, I like you.”

He had quickly fallen in love with a youth he had met for just the second time even without knowing his background or details. This was really too strange even for Li Shaolin, who strove to convince himself that falling in love with a person was more logical than falling in love with a cat. The kitten who had gotten an answer was finally able to continue eating happily, in a while he had already eaten around 80% full.

Li Shaolin who had always been watching him silently, patiently waited for him to finish eating. He then took a deep breath and strove to compose himself before asking: “Where are you headed to? I will send you back.”

The kitten Chen who would feel sleepy after having eaten his fill let out a small yawn, then subconsciously gave a vague reply: “……oh, of course go to your home, ya.”

This sentence which appeared very normal to his perspective, contained an explicit hint and suggestion upon falling into the ears of Li Shaolin, which caused him to be stunned once more. On one hand, the casual attitude of the youth in going to other people’s home made him produce a strong feeling of jealousy. While on the other hand, he couldn’t wait to raise the other party’s ** beyond control, for it to burn more and more fervently.

*No I don’t know what ** means…

So the following things that happened were only to be expected.

The two people kissed as soon as they got on the car. The virgin man who had had practiced abstinence for far too long and the kitten who had just entered the heat cycle had burst into an uncontrollable passion. The chief executive-daren who originally still had a trace of reason, felt that everything was going too fast, but was unable to extricate himself from the youth’s soft and sweet lips.

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