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Ch 77: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 77: The chief executive’s little kitty 15 (part 1/2)

When they kissed, the originally shy and nervous Chen Tong subconsciously raised his hands to push the other back, but this very docile action slightly rose up to cater to Li Shaolin’s movement. Hence, Li Shaolin had easily been able to clamp down the youth’s hand that was pushing against him and covered his lips. He first repeatedly moved around that soft pair of lips, then proceeded to seek entrance into his mouth without being taught. After gaining entrance he then brushed over the gums and palate with a bit of ferocity, declaring his sovereignty step by step.

Just a kiss, made Li Shaolin have an illusion of his soul being sucked out. This kind of feeling can only be known to those people who have truly fallen in love.

Once a person had truly fallen in love, the words he says will become more memorable than when talking with another person the entire day, the kiss with him can be more wonderful than the kiss with someone else.

Li Shaolin’s kiss became more and more bolder, anxious to swallow this little demon who seduced him. However, kitten Chen being a demon wasn’t really a wrong assumption, but he really didn’t mean to seduce him and had never even thought of doing a passionate play in the car. ——This was only due to the spiciness of the seafood he had just eaten which had not yet faded. The royal kitty was accustomed to being waited upon, so he opened his mouth for it to blown upon by his servant. But had never considered that his servant would be unable to withstand this kind of temptation, that he actually stepped on the car’s brake and immediately parked the car which had not been driven long into the roadside, then proceeded to kiss him without a word.

Fortunately, the flow of traffic at this moment was not that heavy, so parking at the side of the road would not cause any kind of obstruction to the traffic. The youth underneath the man had completely dropped his resistance. The eyes had already turned misty, the fair complexion of the face had been completely stained with pink, as a sigh-like heated gasp came from his throat and was simply similar to a kitten’s gentle cry.

The sound tenderly scratched the bottom of Li Shaolin’s heart, while simultaneously igniting his forbearance towards him in an instant. This inevitably made him reign in his eagerness, as well as lightening and easing up his behaviour and actions.

At this moment, Li Shaolin’s eyes which could be considered to be extremely dark like ink, along with the high nose bridge, long eyebrows and the hair on the temple, had revealed the tough exterior’s gentleness from the light of the street lamps that faintly shined through the car’s window. The entire person was like being stripped off from it’s hard shell, oozing with gentleness and softness. One hand supported Chen Tong’s back while the other hand was placed on his neck, “……I want you.”

The man’s husky voice was full of tenderness with the hoarseness of **, but were also filled with the capacity to mesmerize, “Is it possible or not?”

The kitten Chen didn’t answer. The strange restlessness in his body had already made him a bit muddled. That only a low murmur of discontentment could be expressed: “……hot……uncomfortable……”

Because of the other person being ‘Han Ying’. In addition to the memory of Han Ying never hurting him, had consequently made Chen Tong subconsciously feel a great sense of relief. The naive voice of dissatisfaction was also somewhat coquettish. Furthermore, this dazed look which was overflowing with trust was even more irresistible. The chief executive daren was simply unable to repeatedly restrain himself under his temptation as he proceeded and started kissing him once more.

The tongue prodded with a fervent and sensuous eagerness, which then headed downwards, the hands had also become more unbridled. One hand had stretched forward to linger around his slender waist, while the other hand lifted the youth up, causing him to hold the back of his broad and powerful shoulders.

The youth senses gradually became addled. His entire being seemed to slowly bloom like a Jasmine hidden underneath the foliage beneath the man’s body, having a wisp of natural fragrance, that slowly spread out amid the hot summer night.

It was so tempting that Li Shaolin couldn’t help but use his teeth to make a beast-like symbol of sovereignty. He nibbled on the neck and clavicle of the youth and then placed his mouth on the white and delicate earlobe, breathing hot air into it.

Chen Tong drew back his neck due to being sensitive. Shuddering away like a little frightened animal, but had also subconsciously moved more into Li Shaolin’s arms. Each of his actions were so endearing, that Li Shaolin’s heart had throb once again as he felt like something was about to snap in his brain. Fortunately, he was able to remember that he was still inside the car. Although the ** passion continued to burn fiercely, but he didn’t want to carelessly settle the first time with the youth in this kind of place.

“I have another residence in this area, would it be alright to head there?” Li Shaolin struggled to stop himself and uttered in a very hoarse voice: “It’s in the opposite direction of this road, although the place is a little small, but it is less than twenty minutes away……”

Maybe because of the increased sensitivity due to his heat, the kitten Chen was even unable to properly sit on the car’s copilot seat and could only give Li Shaolin a weakly meek nod. This docile appearance made Li Shaolin’s passion surge much higher. He strenuously resisted the urge to touch the hair on his forehead and turned the steering wheel to directly drive towards the yellow| mesh lane of the intersection up ahead.

However, sudden changes in situations were frequently instantaneous.

Accidents usually happen during the most unexpected moments. The moment Li Shaolin turned around, a medium sized truck had already been uncontrollably heading their way without a bit of warning.

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