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Ch 82: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 82: The chief executive’s little kitty 20 (part 1/2)

Chen Tong looked very good in ancient costumes. Slowly walking out from underneath the flowering trees made him appear just like a beautiful youth in a painting, seizing all of Li Shaolin’s attention. There were actually quite a lot of people beside the youth, as the other casts and crew members gathered to walk together to adjust the lighting. However, the youth was the only person reflected in Li Shaolin’s eyes, his sight was always on him and never strayed away, but he himself had not noticed how focused and ardent his eyes were at this very moment.

As each units were all set and the scenes marked, the succeeding scenes can now officially start filming. He Qing Yin, the female lead had inadvertently strayed into the flowering forest during her escape, then accidentally stumbled amidst her haste, but it was at this moment when a pair of white boots appeared before her eyes.

She couldn’t resist letting her gaze slowly trail upwards, until she was able to directly look at the face of the zither* spirit.

*Qin to zither…

Both of them were stunned. The zither spirit was naturally shocked because of how similar her appearance was with the Qing Yin deity, while He Qing Yin was shocked by the youth’s beautiful countenance. She realized for the first time that the word beautiful was not exclusively for women. Each and every detail of the youth before her was like being personally sculpted by the gods and was just like a beautiful statue, in addition to also being extremely detached that was also similar to a statue.

Yu Long who played as He Qing Yin was able to completely and easily portray the stunned expression written on the script without any need for pretense, because this was what she actually felt. The youth dressed in a white chang pao stood underneath the sunset, but was slightly more brilliant than the sun, that he can even daze the onlooking people as well as bewilder their minds. Afterwards, the young lady was lifted up from the ground with the use of the demon’s ability, a voice of query then sounded: “What’s your name?”

An obvious trace of tremor could be heard from his voice. He intently and greedily stared at the young lady’s face, as if wanting to unearth more information about the Qing Yin deity from the other person. Until he really heard the two words that he really yearned for:

“……Qing Yin.”

He Qing Yin inevitably felt some panic the moment an invisible force lifted her up, she then said once more after a moment of pause: “I’m He Qing Yin.”

This was the first time Chen Tong had acted after all, so even though he already made a lot of preparations, he still encountered the NG problems that frequently appear in novices. So in the following scenes when he accompanied the female lead to the Kunlun mountains*, he had the wrong placement once, the actor’s lines were stuck at one time and an unnatural pause when reaching for the female lead’s wrist occurred once. Fortunately, these three NGs were immediately corrected when he was made aware of them. As long as the mistakes were no longer repeated, Xie Zhiqi was generally very satisfied with Chen Tong. As a professional actress, Xu Long also gave Chen Tong praises and encouragements during the breaks of the drama.

*mountain in Chinese mythology

In a flash, it was already 6:30 in the evening, the time for eating the evening meals, the sky had also faintly darkened. The cast and crew still had night scenes, but Chen Tong did not have any part in it, so he was allowed to leave ahead of time. Thus, the first day of the kitten Chen’s acting career has officially ended. On the other side, the directer had just called out when Jiang Heng, the agent immediately run over to inform Chen Tong: “Young master Tong, the boss has already arrived and is waiting for you over there.”  

Chen Tong had still been reflecting on the concerns of his previous mistakes, after turning around, did he just notice Li Shaolin walking towards him from a distance. Followed by an eager assistant director, associate producer and other people beside him, with 3 to 4 tall and strong bodyguards. On top of Li Shaolin’s personal height of 1.9 meters* plus the ruthlessly cold aura of temperament he carried with him. Unexpectedly, the imposing style seemed to appear very mighty and powerful, and was conversely also like a shooting of a movie, the movie scene of a mafia boss.

*6.23 ft… do you want me to convert their heights to ft or should I just stick to meters?

Only a few people within the city did not recognize Li Shaolin. Seeing him walking over, made all of them consciously open a path and this path lead straight towards Chen Tong who was still reflecting on matters. The initially bustling surroundings gradually fell into silence as well, right until Li Shaolin arrived in front of Chen Tong. He reached out and touched the top of his head with much love and affection, then said in a tone overflowing with indulgence: “What are you thinking of, for you to stupidly stand here for?”

The kitten Chen immediately became unhappy once he heard this, the beautiful pair of eyes glared at him: “You’re stupid.”

Needless to say, the chief executive daren was not stupid, but the other people in the area were shocked stupid, that their jaws dropped in shock. Regardless of whether they had ]or had not seen Li Shaolin before, all of them couldn’t believe this extremely overindulging attitude of his.  

——This person is seriously off, and simply had such great difference from the usual times! Moreover, is he about to publicly come out of the closet?

Li Shaolin is the chief executive of the huge corporation, a stamp of this person’s feet can cause the entire city of Chen to shake. The person who was practically considered to have zero scandals before and had never been exposed of officially being in a relationship, had now, actually came out in an inconspicuous way, In! Public!

But in a sweet and dazzling way too. This was simply too abusive to single dogs don’t you think?!……

Perhaps it was only Chen Tong alone who didn’t feel that there was anything wrong in this scene, as he had been quite accustomed to Li Shaolin’s attitude, but only had a vague feeling that the high-profile appearance of the other side seemed off, but was also too lazy to figure out what was wrong. He truly didn’t want to be a celebrity after all and didn’t intend to go far down this road. He only wanted nothing but to draw in as much pure blessings as possible to pass through the lightning tribulation.

The reason Li Shaolin actually came over was to specially pave a path for Chen Tong. Chen Tong only assumed that Li Shaolin appeared too high-profile, but was completely unaware that once the influence had reached a certain extent, people cannot breed jealousy, as only admiration and reverence would be prevalent.

There were too many high-ranking people who trample over on the lower-ranking people, the bullying of the newcomers were common occurrences. Li Shaolin would naturally not allow his little guy to suffer even a bit of grievance. What’s more, even if Li Shaolin didn’t come, his relationship with Chen Tong would sooner or later be known to everyone. Rather than being hypothesized by people as being kept for or some other thoughts of messy relationships, it would be much better to clearly tell other people that their love was mutual and he wholeheartedly likes Chen Tong.

The mere thought of the word love still made the chief executive daren a little excited, it just a pity that he still hasn’t gotten the hand of this tsundere kitten. His Majesty, the cat turned to unhurriedly head over the dressing room for the removal of his makeup and costume change while calmly speaking: “When did you reach here?”

The servant who was closely following his steps, answered with extreme calmness: “I just arrived and haven’t been here too long.”

The assistant director and crew members who heard these words couldn’t help but inwardly stand up in protest. Just arrived? Dare to say that the president Li they previously saw standing there more than an hour ago was actually a ghost?

When the figure of both people had been hidden behind the dressing room’s door, Chen Tong blinked his eyes and asked once again: “Then have you seen my acting?”

His original intention in asking was to know whether the other person had seen his embarrassing NG scenes, but Li Shaolin nonetheless lowered his head to drop a kiss on his forehead and affectionately said: “I saw. You performed so well, so well that I couldn’t move my gaze away.”    

His Majesty, the kitty who’s fond of hearing compliments was very pleased, the slightly narrowed eyes revealed a unique cat-like expression of satisfaction. The foundation on his face was so light that it was completely unnoticeable at all, the makeup artist advised that the foundation should be removed with a makeup remover upon returning home, so it wasn’t removed. He only changed the Chang Pao then immediately followed after Li Shaolin to ride the car.

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