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Ch 82: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 82: The chief executive’s little kitty 20 (part 2/2)

The reason for such anxiety was naturally over worrying that the kitten Chen would be hungry, that he could eat the biggest meal in the world. As soon as he got in the car he touched his little tummy while wondering what to eat. The chief executive daren then asked: “Do you want to go have a meal in my family friend’s restaurant? I just happen to have a few people I want to introduce to you.”

Lu Ze was naturally included among the people Li Shaolin mentioned, the other two were friends who had gone through life and death with Li Shaolin, and had only returned to the country yesterday and just wanted to have a get together. For fear that the little guy would feel uncomfortable or feel he was too brazen, Li Shaolin immediately said words of assurance: “Meng Da might appear quite fierce, but they will be very amicable to you. So you need not worry……”

In reality, Li Shaolin had just thought too much. In the kitten Chen’s perspective, as long as there were delicious meals prepared, he would not have any uneasy feelings or the like at all, but the mere thought of this name of Lu Ze made him pause for a moment with a twitch in his lips.

——Humph, we still remember our enemy.

Lu Ze also brought along his Xiao Ha this time, always feeling that ever since this foolish dog that was very friendly to strangers was lent to Yan Zhen for the filming of the reality show, had already left him, this one’s true owner behind, immediately giving him a strong sense of crisis. The decorations in the restaurant were antiques and had quite a meditative atmosphere. Chen Tong followed Li Shaolin and went through twist and turns before reaching the restaurant’s private room. Several people had already been waiting inside. A tall and robust person among them who was a few centimeters taller than Li Shaolin stood up to clap Li Shaolin’s shoulder vigorously, a smack smack sound of the clap reverberated, as he brightly laughed: “Haha, long time no see, la!”

Chen Tong slightly wrinkled his brows.

This person was precisely Meng Da who Li Shaolin had just spoke of. Even if he was outwardly greeting Li Shaolin, he also noticed Chen Tong the moment he came in. Due to Meng Da’s work as a mercenary captain, his body will inevitably have a strong murderous aura that people avoided and was even more frightening than Li Shaolin’s frostiness. Seeing Chen Tong’s frown, made him think that he was frightened just like a normal person would inevitably feel, which couldn’t help but make him feel a little worried and a slightly scornful.

Because in Meng Da’s perspective even if Chen Tong has a beautiful appearance, but he was still outrageously weak. The entire person appeared young and tender, the fair skin could seemingly be hurt by a single touch, the personality must surely be the timid and introverted type he despises the most. But the youth at this moment had unexpectedly looked at him to say: “Hey, you clapped too much.”

Meng Da had just realized that this was the reason why Chen Tong had knitted his brows. The youth was obviously protective of Li Shaolin as those pair of eyes dared to fearlessly looked straight into his own eyes, which immediately caused Meng Da’s favorable impression towards him leap a step up, but the voice was still unpleasant on the surface, “It’s nothing but a clap on the shoulder, how can it be too much?”

What do you mean by it’s not too much, in case the servant couldn’t bear the clap and is beaten, there would be no one to serve us, do you understand? Chen Tong took a glance at Meng Da’s bear like stature and said: “Of course you can’t feel it because it wasn’t on your body, ——How about you let me try clapping you?”

Li Shaolin was also a tough guy who had passed through the gun’s rains of bullet and had never felt this feeling of being protected by other people. This new and odd feeling made him touched and somewhat funny, that he simply wanted to take the dearly beloved youth in his embrace for a kiss or two.

“Hahaha, you want to come clap me despite you having such a small weak body?” Meng Da gave a loud and unrestrained laughter, “Alright, you can clap as you want, but be careful not to hurt you hand, otherwise Ah’Lin would want my life.”

His Majesty, the kitty was completely displeased.

This displeasing and lowly person who had the cheek to presumptuously look down on us, was more hateful than Lu Ze. He immediately mobilized the spiritual energy to the palm of his hand and clapped Meng Da’s upper arm.

The reason for clapping the upper arm was naturally because Chen Tong’s height with his footwear only added up to 1.75 meters* so clapping the other person’s shoulder required a lot of effort. The moment the palm was set in motion, Meng Da instantly felt a sudden powerful force coming from the other person’s palm. The body was unable to withstand the impact of the terrible power and had unexpectedly caused him to retreat no less than 3 steps.


If it weren’t for the endurance and reaction force accumulated through the past several years, Meng Da would probably have fallen down to the floor and lost face. After he regained his balance, his eyes immediately widened in surprise, “You, you……”   

His Majesty, the cat lifted his chin and redoubled the contemptuous gaze that Meng Da had just used recently and even said almost the same exact words: “You still want to let me clap despite you having such a weak body? Fortunately I didn’t do my best, if not you would have been hurt and Li Shaolin would probably not know what to do at all.”

None of the four people in the room including Li Shaolin had ever witness the youth’s appearance of clearly and deliberately despising someone, and were completely stunned. This kind of contempt had inexplicably resulted to a fight that wouldn’t allow the other to fight back at all, as opposed to the hidden contempt.

Just like a haughty white swan that also had the means to be haughty, but the lazy gaze couldn’t help but make people condone this. The entire room fell into silence for a short while, until it was broken by the sounds of Xiao Ha’s bark. It was desperately trying to move closer to Chen Tong’s side, that the dog leash was about to come undone in a little while.

As this one’s owner, Lu Ze felt really aggrieved. It was undeniably his dog, yet it didn’t like following him, as this guy likes to follow other people when given an opportunity. The dishes had already been served and Chen Tong’s eyes could only accommodate the food all of the sudden. He gluttonously took hold of the empty plate before him, then seriously took not just a few little clippings of his favorite seafood with the use of the serving chopsticks and safely placed it before him afterwards, then his cheeks bulged as he engrossed himself with eating.

Meng Da looked at the side and had been thoroughly convinced. He lowered his voice and said to Li Shaolin as he shook his head: “Li, your little lover is really amazing.”

Ding Peng who had never spoken a single word and was similarly not fond of timid people, also smiled and expressed his approval: “En, Ah’ Lin’s vision has always been specially good.”

Hearing this two sentences caused Li Shaolin to become a hundred times more proud than when being praised himself. That joy and sense of satisfaction, was something a billion dollar business couldn’t achieve.

“Your Chen Tong right? I’m very pleased to meet you.” Lu Ze then began to persuade Chen Tong to drink, “Come on, come on! drink up, drink up!”

“Liquor’s doesn’t taste good.” Chen Tong still remembered the baijiu* from when Li Shaolin treated him to a meal of seafood last time, which had a strong and tangy scent. He then picked up a clam soup nearby and said: “Drink this.”

*white liquor: but baiju is more specific…

Lu Ze had momentarily taken aback, “This wine is very delicious, I’m not fooling you.”

“No.” Chen Tong shook his head, then looked up to give Lu Ze a provocative look of ‘We won’t be fooled’, but was not aware that a bit of conceited expression was mixed in those bright pair of eyes, it was so beautiful, that it seemed to twinkle.

Li Shaolin served the kitten food while talking about the past with Meng Da. After eating a fish’s tail, three scallop pieces, four shrimp ball pieces, subsequent to the bowl of clam soup and so on. The kitten let out a long yawn, then leaned on Li Shaolin’s arm as he quietly said, “Sleepy……”  

“Have you eaten your fill?” Li Shaolin gently kissed the hair on top of his head.


Before all of this, the kitten Chen had also taken a sip of the liquor after Ding Peng also told him that not only did it taste delicious and not tangy, it was also sweet. So after drinking two and a half glass in a row, he already started to become intoxicated. He quickly let out another yawn, then unthinkingly lifted his clothes to reveal a little area of his tender white belly and with a slight lack of self-awareness said to Li Shaolin with a sly silliness: “You touch, it’s round, it is full. So let’s return home, okay?”

Li Shaolin’s heart was wildly beating because of the youth’s lovable appearance and the one word he uttered which was ‘home’. He suddenly realized that every time he thought his love for him had reached the limit, the other person would refresh his cognition once more. His heart had already been thrown in disarray with the confusing and unpredictable behaviour of the youth. The kitten also patted his little belly this time and innocently batted his eyes towards Li Shaolin, “……It’s full, sleepy, so let’s return home to sleep.”

The chief executive daren felt that he was completely beyond redemption, and instantly became just like a love-struck fool and impulsive youth. That he pretty much stood up to take his leave with the kitten. Meng Da still had matters he wanted to talk with Li Shaolin, but was immediately interrupted by Li Shaolin: “Tong Tong is sleepy, so let’s talk another day, okay? ……he will feel sleepy as soon as he’s full. His also tired after a busy day today, so we should go back to rest early.”

“Alright.” Meng Da also didn’t entangle, but said in a very clear voice while clapping Li Shaolin’s shoulder once more, but he converged his strength this time, “I’ll be here this entire month and will leave next month.”

Li Shaolin gave a slight nod, Meng Da finally sent him a sly smile and said in a deliberately lowered voice: “Have you not eaten him yet? This little guy is already drunk la, this is the perfect occasion to do what needs to be done*, ah.”

*cook an uncooked rice

Raw word count: 4411

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    Don’t take advantage of someone who doesn’t have the state of mind to give consent! That said, I feel that all the MC would do is really just go back to sleep without any interest.