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Ch 83: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/3)

Chapter 83: The chief executive’s little kitty 21 (part 1/3)

The owner of this family restaurant they were eating in was a married woman in her early 40’s, who’s body exudes a graceful and subdued demeanor that was unique to the people in Jiangnan. Because of Meng Da and Li Shaolin being old acquaintances with her husband, she personally cooked the food today, in addition to adding three more dishes and one soup for the three of them. After hearing that Li Shaolin and Chen Tong were going to leave, they specially went over to say hello, ask how the food was, let them come again next time and such.   

The muddled kitten did not listen much, but when the other side uttered that sentence to inquire whether the food was delicious, both eyes immediately widened and twinkled with exceptional sincerity as he nodded towards the female proprietor to say: “Delicious, I have never tasted such a delicious seafood soup!”

That sweet sincere appearance, coupled with the earnest tone and beautiful face had definitely caused a critical strike to the female proprietress’ heart of this age, making her motherly love immediately overflow. She happily and abruptly made someone go to the kitchen to take the pot of soup base that was originally stewed for her personal consumption, sending it to Chen Tong to bring home. She then directly told him that it was for a late night drink. Since the little guy just happened to have drunk liquor, the soup base can be used to dissipate the effect of the alcohol in his stomach. She also refused to accept any payment.

The kitten was still in an intoxicated state the entire time. He had yet to understand what had clearly occurred as he lowered his gaze to look at the soup that was placed in his arms. The little nose just took an instinctive sniff because of the aroma, that made his eyes curve in satisfaction. Li Shaolin looked at the state of the kitten who had unknowingly been bribed. He was somewhat in between laughter and tears while also exuding a slight pride. After helping the little guy thank the female proprietor, he then spoke to him: “Be good and give me the soup. Can you still walk? How about I carry you out?”  

“Don’t.” The kitten Chen used his right arm to encircle the soup’s container then lift it next to his face, just like a kitty protecting it’s food and was also unwilling to share. He then stubbornly said: “I can walk, there’s no need to carry me.”

Li Shaolin did not expect that not only could the little guy walk, but he also remembered the route they took. For fear that Li Shaolin couldn’t see because the lights were too dim, he took hold of Li Shaolin’s hand and lead him along. He lead him all the way to the back of the restaurant and straight through the parking space.

The chief executive daren experienced that feeling of being meticulously cared for once again. The heart beats could be clearly heard in this relatively quiet route.

But due to being drunk, the pace of the kitten Chen was quite slow, the steps were also slightly wobbly, so Li Shaolin also went along with him and slowed down his pace. Walking is also a matter of choosing the right companion. Walking two to three meters together with some random person can seem long, but it won’t feel tiresome even if it the distance grows longer when walking together with a certain person. The chief executive daren looked down at both the large wheat colored hand and the tender small hand that were interlocked, the cold firm lines at the edge of the mouth that had always been flat gave rise to reveal a slight of smile.

After arriving for some time in the parking space, Chen Tong had however been unable to locate the car. Feeling that all the cars looked the same, he then started to pull Li Shaolin towards a direction and went in circles, just like a kitten going in circles to search for it’s own tail. As childish murmurs started pouring from his mouth: “The car? Where’s the car? The car is nowhere to be found……”

The sweet silly appearance couldn’t help but make Li Shaolin smile once more. As a matter of fact, the car was already in front of them, but the little guy was just too woozy that both of his eyes were spinning, that even Li Shaolin’s figure was doubled in his eyes.

The car accident last time was a very bitter experience to Li Shaolin, that even a daring person like him would also develop a psychological shadow. So there was no way he could drive by himself in such a short period of time, thus all the driver and bodyguards did not leave and waited outside the restaurant. One of the bodyguard immediately took the soup’s container, the driver followed and respectfully opened the backseat door of the car. Li Shaolin carried his kitten inside the car with great care, just like carrying a living treasure while he gently coaxed: “Be good, isn’t this the car?”

But just as the car drove to the road, the alcohol in Chen Tong’s system had completely flared-up. The youth’s warm voice quietly sounded as he softly rubbed against Li Shaolin’s body, making the white skin be stained bit by bit with an alluring red.

That people couldn’t help but think of the word enchanting.

Li Shaolin did his best to stop the youth’s disorderly conduct of rubbing against his body as well as the raging heat within him as he hoarsely said: “Listen, endure for a while, we’ll be home soon……”

The kitten blinked his eyes, but the brain couldn’t seem to understand the words he had spoken, and only paused for a moment before moving once more, “……hot……uncomfortable……”

The tone also carried a hint of grievance and dissatisfaction, the small lips were brought a bit closer, as if beckoning Li Shaolin for a kiss. This unintentional seduction was a hundred times more tempting than a deliberate seduction. The fire burning in Li Shaolin’s heart had been completely ignited, his hands were sweating due to tension. The youth even held his hand, then with an overflowing trust and underhanded manner ordered: “……you help me……”

This little demon was resolutely seducing himself. But Li Shaolin couldn’t help but wonder whether the other party was deliberate or not. He then lowered his head as he asked near the youth’s ear: “How should I help you?”

“I don’t know……” The youth opened his eyes in confusion, seeing those bright pair of eyes was just like falling into the sea of stars. He actually pursed his lips and unexpectedly asked for a kiss, “Kiss……want kisses……”

The man could no longer restrain himself anymore.

The chief executive daren disregarded the driver and bodyguard seated in the front seat and didn’t have time to care if the sound isolation of the car partition was adequate enough, as he decisively started to kiss the youth in a unceasingly unrestrained manner.

In an obsessive and passionate way as if this would only occur this time and would never happen again, the care and deep affection inside of him involuntarily rushed forth without restraint.

——He couldn’t fathom when his love towards the other had already reached this extent.

For Li Shaolin, love was like a completely new world and a very huge challenge. Li Shaolin had never tried to love someone before, let alone allowing someone to recklessly barge into his life. A little speculation would produce a strong suspicion, rejection or even disgust. So even a temporary bed partner did not exist.

However, this little guy was not a human being, but a little demon spirit.

The car finally reached it’s destination. The car directly drove to the yard and parked in front of the porch. Li Shaolin obtained a temporary clarity from the sound of the cautious inquiry of a bodyguard. He struggled to leave the sweet soft lips of the youth and securely placed him in his arms, then carried him all the way to the bed in the bedroom.

Just as he had turned around to lock the door, the kitten started to unclasp the buttons on his shirt, revealing a fair shoulder and collarbone. Li Shaolin turned around to press the youth under him, but buttoned back the two buttons that had just been unfastened.

——Because he wanted to personally do it himself, as he wanted to enjoy the entire process of stripping of his treasure little by little until nothing was left.

The more indifferent a man looks, the more his heart is unable to resist such an innocent thing in reverse. The straight-faced chief executive daren slowly lifted the youth’s clothes as he gently kissed each area of the skin being revealed. The youth was continuously kissed so wildly, that both his eyes moistened and became more dazed. When the clothes had been completely taken off, the entire person was completely laid out before the man without any cover. Every part appeared to tempt the man to head to the abyss.

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