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Ch 83: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/3)

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Chapter 83: The chief executive’s little kitty 21 (part 2/3)

Li Shaolin felt his brain heat up, it was at this moment, when he felt the familiar sense of numbness on his arm.

Turning his head around, a long furry tail had unexpectedly popped out from the little bottom of the youth’s back that had been stripped halfway. Swaying and twirling in a slow-moving manner, playfully swishing about . The fluffy fur subsequently gently moved as it naughtily swayed, brushing all over Li Shaolin’s body.

This half human and half cat form was obviously more comfortable for the youth, as he swayed his tail and made a comfortable hum. Li Shaolin’s eyes turned red, throwing the idea of wanting to carefully take his time with his baby just a moment ago out of the window. He immediately turned into a starved and greedy beast, that he almost buried himself roughly to the other person’s body with the quickest speed.

The passionate gaze roamed starting from the waist all the way down to the little belly button, the youth’s lovely root was exactly as he imagined, that he couldn’t help but give it a light upward stroke. The little thing quivered pitifully, the youth’s hum became more pronounced and sounded just like a kitty’s lovely purrs.

The hand movements couldn’t help but speed up, causing the youth to tremble in surprise, that he couldn’t help but wish to curl up, in order to hide from it. Until he moaned out, a pair of pointed furry ears also popped up, the long lashes couldn’t conceal the tears welling up. The expression under the light appeared messy and seductive.

Li Shaolin knows himself, knew his ambitions and always knew what he wanted. But never knew that there would be such a youth in this world that could completely subvert his entire world. The man feared that he would completely burn from head to toe, which would burn him to foolishness and couldn’t stop even if he wanted to stop. He eventually entered his kitten slowly while constantly expressing his love for him.

The kitten soon changed from the refusal to accept in the beginning to willingness, as all the pores in his body was deeply soothed, which almost caused him to to be overwhelmed.

He was repeatedly eaten over and over again this night, that even the cry of mercy to stop cannot be called out. So he could only bare his teeth to bite Li Shaolin’s neck and grind his teeth like a cub. But, not only did Li Shaolin not stop, he even touched his little belly in a relentlessly obsessive manner while also saying: “……do you want to bear my child?”

The fur of the biting kitten bristled in anger, as the bite of the little fangs uncontrollably intensified. The bite caused Li Shaolin to feel a severe pain, but the body’s movement below became much heavier, which soon dragged him into a chaotic entanglement once more.

Both people got up late the next day, the kitten Chen even slept more and only woke up at noon. The base soup last night was transferred into an earthen jar by the aunt and placed inside the refrigerator to be stored at home, had now been taken and reheated, but still retained a very delicious taste. The kitten who only recalled the matter of the film’s shooting after he had a whiff of the soup’s fragrant aroma, immediately felt terrible. After feeling powerless and losing a bit of his temper towards Li Shaolin, he then hurried over to the crew.

Even if he had no intention of going too far in the road of stardom, but even if one does his job mechanically, the basic behaviour of integrity must still be conscientiously abided. What’s more, if no fans would buy a badly filmed movie, it would be even more delusional to think of obtaining their earnest and sincere blessings.

Li Shaolin had naturally requested a leave of absence for Chen Tong early in the morning. But taking a leave of absence on the second day just after the filming started, would inevitably leave a bad impression on the cast and crew. The sensitive kittens vaguely noticed this bit when he went to the crew the second day, so he decisively decided to repent on his past mistakes and turn over a new leaf from now on, hence, he became diligent and dedicated to his work. Thus, apart from the filming of Which cutie is your favorite? In Saturday, he did his best to stay and fully cooperate to accompany the cast and crew with the rest of his time, right until the filming will be completed.

The chief executive daren immediately felt very unhappy.

That night of passion for Li Shaolin was absolutely impressively and thrilling, and was such a commemorative event that was sufficient enough to be considered as important as marriage. His affection towards the kitten also grew stronger that it was past redemption. Especially to men like him who had been in a state of abstinence, not only did he become aware of the taste, he almost turned to someone who couldn’t bear to part with the other for a short moment at some point.

However, the other party didn’t seem to share the same sentiment at all.

The kitten didn’t seem to treat this passionate|love seriously at all. So much that he even gave Li Shaolin a feeling similar to abandonment once the deed was done. Not only was the matter of filming the first thing he thought of after the deed, but he even rushes to the crew early and return home late in the days that followed, that even the time to meet him had been very shorten in the end. Not to mention that it greatly deviated from what the chief executive daren imagined of their relationship taking a step closer after the deed was done as well as their relationship growing closer.

The man’s heart grew more and more uneasy. A lot of questions rushed forth in his mind in just a short moment, such as whether he didn’t perform well that night, or was he too intense that caused the other party to feel discomfort, or perhaps the other side was angry because of his impudent behaviour of taking advantage……

Or the youth didn’t even like him at all and that night was just to resolve his estrus|period or was just an act of kindness to him, and after this act of kindness was done he would dismiss him forever……

Such thoughts were simply so distracting that even the work could not be done. Li Shaolin admits that his appetite was really a bit too excessive, because his darling was really too irresistible and the feeling of entering his sweetheart’s body really made him lose control, that instinct was almost the only thing that remained. However, what he wanted more than the youth’s body was his heart, after the body was satiated, the spirit grew more anxious instead.

It’s a pity that he, the majestic chief executive of a company was totally ignorant in the aspect of love. That he didn’t even have the courage to ask or even voice it out, only one person will brood over it and be distressed all alone.

Because of liking him so much, just the sight of him raising his hand or turning his head will captivate and instantly make his heart beat like crazy, which makes him want to chain the other up to his side at all times. People who had never experienced love will never be able to understand how terrible it is to completely place his heart in the hands of another person, since this will allow the other side to control it or do whatever he wants to it from then on. Completely controlling the other party’s happiness, anger, sorrow and joy.

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