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Ch 84: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 84: The chief executive’s little kitty 22 (part 2/2)

It was after two hours later when Li Shaolin saw Chen Tong once again.

The taxi slowed down at the gate of the villa, the kitten Chen got off the car and passed through the front yard, then stepped onto the porch. But just as he was about to open the door, the door suddenly opened from the inside, that he couldn’t help but pause, he then looked up too see Li Shaolin’s face.

The tall shadow of the man completely enveloped the youth’s body, followed by the emergence of an indescribably dangerous breath. The kitten Chen opened his mouth wanting to speak, but was already pulled over by the other person before he had a chance to say anything and was pushed against the back of the door.  

Even though there was no pain when he was pushed against it, but the back still felt uncomfortable, so he subconsciously wanted to push Li Shaolin away. Li Shaolin’s face suddenly became so overcast due to this act of rejection, that it even made the kitten somewhat frighted.

—— A trace of bloodshot redness could be seen appearing in the deep narrowed eyes of the man, the blue veins on his forehead bulged, as the tone of his voice carried a very chilling viciousness: “Where did you go?!”

The kitten was momentarily stunned, as he did not understand why Li Shaolin was this angry. This interrogating tone couldn’t help but also make the kitten indignant, “What do you think you’re doing? Let me go!”

However, the pressure Li Shaolin exerted on his shoulder turned heavier, “I should be the one asking you this, what do you think you’re doing? Even together with that male lover?!”

“……male lover?” The kitten Chen blinked with a dumbfounded appearance, “What male lover?”

“It’s Joseph,” Li Shaolin coldly looked at him, after mentioning this name the tone became even more vexed: “Where did you go with him?!!”

“You……” The kitten couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows as he tried to clear things out, “Are you misunderstanding something?”

Li Shaolin didn’t want to pay heed at all and spoke with an irrefutable tone: “I saw it with my very own eyes. You went to an inconspicuous corner, then sweetly shared a cup of drink, in addition to feeding one another. Then disappeared at the same time afterwards, so you must have certainly gone together……”

The kitten Chen was primarily shocked by the sharp eyes and the guesswork of the chief executive daren, then soon after became a bit confused. He recalled going to a specially inconspicuous corner in the buffet hall to talk with Joseph, but there was no one nearby. So how did Li Shaolin see him?

The kitten felt the need to explain, “I didn’t share a cup with him or feed one another……”

“Do you think I’m blind?” Li Shaolin’s breath became somewhat heavy due to the rising emotions, “I was at the other end of the buffet hall at that moment, even I am capable of being able to clearly see from a distance. There were a lot of drinks in that area, but he took your cup of fruit juice. ——If this Joseph wants to become an enemy of the entire Li family, I will never let him off!!”

Chen Tong explained the whole matter with great patience, “That was really just a coincidence. He ate something very spicy and hurriedly snatched my cup away. As for the matter of feeding the other, this is something more ridiculous……”

“I saw it.” Li Shaolin narrowed his eyes and said word for word: “You used a fork to feed him a piece of cake. The piece of cake is square shaped, the width is around 3 centimeters and had a sweet bean paste color.”

Chen Tong: “……”

Haha*, may I dare to ask where you were at that moment? How can you even see such a small thing! Even the color and measurement was clearly remembered! With such great eye sight, are you the second brother of the Calabash Brothers?

*sfx.. something like a perfunctory laughter.

Li Shaolin’s gaze was always fixed on the youth, determinedly examining him from top to bottom. The emotions of the kitten also flared up, but he still took a deep breath and continued to explain: “I didn’t want to feed him and I also don’t like him. If I were to take several steps back, even if I wanted to be ambiguous with him, I also won’t do that under the eyes of a lot of people.”

“But you did.” However, Li Shaolin simply carried on like a kid that wasn’t willing to listen to excuses, “You still left with him in the end……”

Chen Tong was completely powerless and no longer wanted to explain in vain anymore, so much that he couldn’t refrain from raising his chin in defiance: “That’s right, I left with him. What can you do about it?”

The eyes and expression of Li Shaolin instantly became very dark.

It was said that even the dogs disdained the content of the quarrel between partners. Even if it was nothing more but just a trivial matter, it can also turn into a fight under the rise of confusing emotions and childish behavior. That hand of Li Shaolin that didn’t hold onto Chen Tong’s shoulder clenched into a fist, as if wanting to punch through the door in the next moment, “Where did you go? Tell it to me clearly!!”

“It’s very normal for ordinary colleagues to go out together. Joseph is also a person I’m acquainted with, so why are you using such an interrogative tone!?”

The ill temper of the man became more intense, “I don’t want to hear his name from your mouth again!”

The kitten also turned more and more emotional: “What are you skeptical about! Joseph to me is nothing more than a……”

“I said, I don’t want to hear his name from your mouth again! You can have no one else in your heart but me, not even a single name will do! Have you even cared about me!?”

The kitten couldn’t understand how they reached this point at all and why the other felt like he didn’t care for him at all. Nevertheless, all of the complaints and dilemma hidden inside Li Shaolin were completely burst out, “If you care about me, why were you hiding in the crew these days and not returning home? Why were you being unfaithful* with another person before me?”

*a behaviour considered improper but not seriously so… I don’t know a more proper term…

“Unfaithful?” This word was really unpleasant to hear. Chen Tong could tolerate the overbearing and jealous behavior of the other side, but couldn’t endure this impromptu slander. The heart was thoroughly chilled, as he struggled free from Li Shaolin, the pair of wide eyes suddenly became red-rimmed: “Is this how you see me? Am I such a person in your eyes?”

The feeling of grievance suddenly surged like tide, the kitten wasn’t even aware that his voice had became choked with emotions. Li Shaolin felt a fierce sting when he heard this slightly hoarse voice, which had really sobered up a huge part of his mind.

But the kitten forced himself to calm down and covered up all his frailty, but had conversely shown a slight smile.

But this smile was even worse for Li Shaolin than his sobs. This had once appeared during the audition in the Yun Shui pavilion. That smile that was devoid of any feeling. The more pure and beautiful it is, the more heartwrenching it was for him to see.

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