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Ch 85: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 85: The chief executive’s little kitty 23 (part 2/2)

The director, up to the male and female lead, as well as all the supporting artists from this movie were very influential, all of them except for a single new supporting actor whose face had never appeared before, this itself evoked the curiosity of the viewers. Chen Tong had already attracted widespread attention, as early as when the promotional posters had been posted.

Furthermore, in this society that focuses on face value, the poster of the lone youth standing high in the clouds conquered a lot of people’s attention in a short moment just by relying on his good looks. Before the official version of the trailer came out, the official social account posted a clip of that interesting sidelight in the movie scene when the zither spirit had just appeared. It was the video of Chen Tong playing the zither, it was also stated that the theme song of the movie will also be adapted from this zither piece.

The knowledgeable people who saw the fingers will know that it was a real performance and not a dub. The populace had always liked to go with the flow. After the forwarding of several influential people who specializes in giving high praises, the internet surged up placing it as one of the top topic lists, ——A beautiful youth with good looks and talent was simply irresistible.

By the time the trailer was publicized, Chen Tong’s heat had hyped been up once more. Included among them was the work and the push of the agent Jiang Heng. A lot of the zither spirit’s scenes in the movie were inserted in the trailer. There was the faint smile towards the female lead, the conversation with the male lead, in addition to the scene before his death. Even though each of them were only a few seconds, but each clip of the frame were incomparably beautiful.  

Different from the gracefulness of the female lead and the sternness of the male lead, the zither spirit always bore a somewhat mysterious appeal in him, that made people aware of him and become uncontrollably fond of him afterwards. Chen Tong could almost be considered as someone who gained popularity within a single night, that he was even given the title of ‘A rare beauty in a millennium youth’. Various kinds of comments had practically stirred up the official website to the peak, but even the fans of both the king and queen of the silver screen who played as the main leads didn’t have this much passion.

Li Shaolin also watched those scenes in the movie trailer for quite a number of times. Even when he was completely aware that everything was fictional, but every time he watches it, the chest will still have a slight aching sensation. Truth be told, Li Shaolin was present during the filming process of that final scene. Chen Tong had taken the initiative to call Li Shaolin the night before, explaining to him that his role in the movie would be completed after one more day, so he should be able to return home no later than the day after tomorrow.

Having spoken of this things, the kitten was suddenly unable to suppress his longings for Li Shaolin, that he couldn’t help but say: “Li Shaolin……”

The quiet tone sounded with obvious sentiments of tenderness and affection: “……Li Shaolin, I miss you,” The exposure of such genuine feelings was the most heartwarming feeling, “——really really miss you.”

His kitty Highness thought that his servant would at least respond with the words of I miss you too. But strangely no sounds were heard at the other end of the call after he waited for a very long time. In the end, only the busy tone after hanging up had surprisingly sounded.

Chen Tong was so stunned, that the hand holding the mobile phone went still, quite some time had passed before he was able to return to his senses. An indescribably gloomy feeling suddenly rushed forth, so much that his thoughts started to constantly run wild without restraints. The bitter coldness from the mountain wind was felt, Chen Tong who was clearly supposed to be unable to feel the cold had actually experienced a cold sensation. The heart suddenly felt somewhat desolate, the feeling of lifelessness and heartbrokenness had unknowingly infiltrated his eyes without warning.

This state continued until the next day, conversely, the eyes of Xie Zhiqi who had originally been worried that Chen Tong might not be able to satisfactorily perform the scene immediately shined. Because this was exactly the state needed in that scene before the death of the zither spirit, so he mistakenly thought that the youth had already entered that scenario. Thus, this movie was finally able to reach a satisfactory effect.

Not knowing that Li Shaolin missed him much more, that he almost went crazy, after hearing the kitten say the words of ‘really really miss you’ in a quiet voice. He had no longer been able to endure his longing, so he dropped the call without warning and ordered someone to arrange a helicopter to fly him to the filming location in a swift and decisive manner, as he could no longer wait a moment longer.

After rushing over, he witnessed that scene of the youth’s dying while being immersed in the deep water.

Li Shaolin felt his chest become stifled the moment he caught sight of this scene. An unbearably sharp pain instantly overwhelmed him, so much that the skin down to the bones were consumed by pain. He couldn’t stand seeing the kitten showing such expression in front of him, couldn’t handle his wounded look. That he even forgot that this was a scene in a movie for a moment. He took a step forward with the intention of rushing into the area to hold the person up.

Luckily, the agent, Jiang Heng saw the arrival of his big BOSS and had been able to step forward in time, calling Li Shaolin back to his senses. Only after shouting cut did Li Shaolin draw the youth who had been immersed by the lake’s water and didn’t have the slightest trace of heat into his arms, then softly placed a kiss on his ice-cold forehead.

However, Chen Tong had only managed to react after he had been carried back to his living quarters and had been seated in a wooden tub filled with lukewarm water. He foolishly looked at Li Shaolin in a trance-like state, just like trying to confirm whether this was real or just a hallucination. This made the man inevitably let out a sigh of relief, he then caressed his forehead and gently said: “Tong Tong……”

The kitten blinked his eyes, then spoke after quite some time had passed: “……you, you hanged up on me……”

The voice was very quiet with a nasal sound, like full of endless grievances but also seemed to be behaving like a tsundere towards him. This pitiful and lovely appearance moved Li Shaolin’s heart, that he no longer said anything, as he immediately bowed his head to kiss the lips of the person in his arms.

As it turns out, the quickest and most efficient way to warm a person up was not to take a warm bath, but to make passionate|love. The lips and hands of the man restlessly wandered all over the youth’s body, kissing and kneading between his chest and waist, until the head of the ** had finally been placed on the long-awaited mouth.

T/N: sorry can’t find the authors social account to search for that harmonious scene….

Recalling this scenes, the body of the chief executive daren couldn’t help but heat up one more, as his complexion had inevitably flushed red as well. He didn’t even notice when Tan Zishang had knocked on the door and entered to deliver the documents.

Tan Zishang heard the trailer’s soundtrack in the computer, and couldn’t help but internally reflect that the company had been so busy recently, but the big BOSS still went to catch fish*, which was really a torture to a single dog.

*slack off the job to woo someone

In this regard, the chief executive daren assertively expressed that I the BOSS am the foremost. Not to mention catching fish, I can even steal a dolphin without and you can’t even whine about it.

The company was really very busy recently, as the end of the year was the peak season of the businesses. During the end of the year, those older people who had once been under his father would be expected to spare no effort to find various kinds of reason to open a shareholders meeting. The discussion of those men would always consist of urging to raise the dividends, wanting to manage the other branches of the company and so on. The pressing attitude always made Li Shaolin think that the company was about to go bankrupt. At the same time as this, someone had secretly teamed up with a competitor of the Li family, causing the projects of the company to be affected in succession. More importantly, an unexpected mishap happened in one of the latest construction project, causing the foundation to cave in, which led for two workers to die and one injured.

This news immediately occupied every headline of the major newspapers. At the same time, the illegal activities that Li Shaolin did in those days with the judicial case of suspicion about disregarding human life had also been turned over and uncovered, in addition to the exposure of the illegally pledged assets, as well as the filthy scandals of the artists under the branch companies.

Author has something to say: A special thank you to daddy Zi Xing for the torpedo, love you XOXO…… This world will be completed in the next chapter. I probably won’t write an extra chapter but directly proceed to the next world. If you want to see that piece of meat that was censored in this chapter, I wrote it in my microblog to thank everyone……

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