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Ch 86: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (3/3)

Chapter 86: The chief executive’s little kitty 24 (part 3/3)

The head was hurt after all. So, the kitten’s appetite was clearly affected, that he didn’t even want to eat the fish congee he was usually very fond of. Li Shaolin tried to persuade him for a while but didn’t force him to eat it as well and could only coax him to sleep first. Looking up to the gauze on his forehead, he wanted to touch, but didn’t dare to reach out, “Does it hurt?”

Fish Congee

“It doesn’t.”

The kitten shook his head and obediently went to sleep.

Li Shaolin kissed the peaceful face of the youth, while unconsciously pressing his chest at the same time.

—— But I’m in much pain, my heart is very painful.

Li Shaolin closed his eyes, then turned off the light and went out of the room silently.

The evidences he handed over caused a huge commotion. All the parties involved were brought for trial, not even Joseph with a French nationality was spared. Lu Ze who came to the police station to visit Li Shaolin anxiously slammed his hand on the table: “What’s wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Have you ever thought that you would become more implicated because of this!?”

However, Li Shaolin still remained very calm, so much so that he even showed a pleasant smile: “You don’t have to worry, alright? Nothing will happen to me, nothing will also happen to the Li corporation.”

This can actually be considered as a power struggle. Because those shady businesses had been maintained together for several decades, the relationships has become complicated and very tricky and just like a huge net, pulling anywhere can lead to an earthquake. Picking fights with smart people are very terrible, because they will gather a bunch of foolish people to become cannon fodders and when the war is over, the bodies of the foolish people will pile into a mountain, while the really smart people will not have the slightest trace of blood in them.

The Cao family had apparently became the greatest cannon fodder. Like asking a tiger for its skin on a pile of eggs in a such a dangerous situation, Joseph actually turned his back and dropped them at the critical juncture, in order to protect Li Shaolin.

He had no choice but to give protection, otherwise, the first to meet a mishap wouldn’t be the Li family, but the James family instead. Unexpectedly, not a bit of Li Shaolin’s handle was caught, as what was caught were all closely related with the James family. Joseph could almost be said to be silently enduring all manner of insults and abuse, yet he also had no choice but to swallow this pent-up and unspoken grievance.

The atmosphere of the court trial was nevertheless very strained. The expression of the group of lawyers to Tan Zishang and the other subordinates were full of tension. Only Li Shaolin who was standing in trial and Chen Tong, a spectator was very calm. Lu Ze had always thought that Chen Tong would be uneasy because of inexperience, so he wouldn’t be suitable for Li Shaolin, but his his view completely changed today. —— Such calmness in this youth was far better than any other person.

The public charges filed against Li Shaolin about Cao Kun’s murder case, illegal pledges, being a member of an organized crime syndicate as well as other criminal accusations, were all rejected by the judge because of insufficient evidences in the end. Although, there were still quite a lot of issues with the financial statements. However, most fake accounts were too old to be verified, and the accounts that could be verified was also not sufficient enough to warrant criminal charges.

This were naturally arranged by Li Shaolin, because there were no businesses in the world that has a clean account, some leaks must also be given to the public persecutor. Under the defense of the team of lawyers, Li Shaolin was eventually fined to only pay a large sum of money.

The news broadcasting in the tv was also about this matter. The news anchor reported this matters with a serious tone: “……the Li corporation’s chief executive, Li Shaolin who had previously been indicted on several accounts, has now been released from court because of insufficient evidences……”

The trial’s process was naturally impossible to be made public, but the news report supplemented the pictures of Li Shaolin.

A housewife who looked up to the tv while mopping the floor, couldn’t help but say: “Oh my. I said, how could such a handsome man like him be guilty?”

That’s right, how could he be guilty? Even if it were true, perhaps only the King of Hell’s palace would be able to give a sentence.

The real heated situation had only officially started after Li Shaolin was released from court. Li Shaolin had been proven innocent, instead, the Cao family was placed under investigation, the amount of crime uncovered was very astonishing. The relevant medias were also unable to escape the calamity, not even the individual users who spread the scandalous pictures in the internet were spared, especially the medias who intercepted Chen Tong in the airport that day. Upon receiving the court summons, the person in charge felt like he was being beaten in the head. The brain was stunned silly, because not only was there a long list of criminal charges, but there was also a frightening amount of various claims for compensation.

When the Li corporation held a press conference, the scene was contrary to the usual chaotic and exciting atmosphere of a normal press conference. All the medias were very well-behaved and did not dare to be brash, the questions were also neat and orderly. Only the young reported at the very end questioned: “Chief Li, may I ask if the accusations of the North and South Entertainment and the other weekly publications of you were true? As everyone is aware of, they had never published any information about you that were not true. So what are your reasons for filing these complaints?”

Li Shaolin gave an indifferent look to everyone present in the scene as he clearly enunciated each and every word: “They crowded around in the airport and hurt my partner, this is considered as intentional harm. In addition, false information were presented to my partner, which already planted false accusation towards me. Furthermore, in accordance to the new law in China, if someone or a certain group starts a rumour or other malicious slander to a family member which leads to the break up of the family, this will be deemed as a crime of interference with marriage and the family, which can be presented for case filing. ——Are these reasons sufficient enough?”

The words partner and family member stunned the medias all at once.

The reporter was at a loss of words for quite some time before attempting to clarify with faltering words after the rationality returned, “Pardon me, is the partner your referring to Chen Tong?!”


When the very simple sounding word was uttered, the very indifferent eyes of Li Shaolin had even warmed up because Chen Tong’s name was brought up.

Everyone had thought of all the different kinds of possibilities, but had never expected Li Shaolin to take this course of action. At an official press conference, in the presence of a lot of multimedia and the people across the country, he actually came out the closet without dragging his feet, with a serious and resolute expression but without a trace of fear or confusion.

His kitten Highness who was doing his best to act as a qualified golden master was unaware of this very explosive news.

Ever since the kitten had announced that he would raise Li Shaolin a few days ago, he really fulfilled his duty as a golden master. Upon listening to an information that a golden master should try his best to meet the little lover’s demands as well as please the little lover. As a result of this, the first thing His cat highness did after raising his servant was to send flowers.

On that same day, the entire company knew that their iceberg boss had received roses from someone today, a full 99 overwhelmingly bright red flowers. Not only did their big boss seriously sign to accept the delivery, but a hint of ‘shyness’ even appeared on his face.

This was simply rarer than seeing a ghost.

The second thing His cat Highness did after raising his servant was to send money. The following day, the roses then turned to a huge sum of money. Each were folded to look like flowers, the stack was quite artistic. The big boss also signed to accept the delivery, but just had a slightly helpless expression. It became dolls on the third day, various kinds of kitten-shaped dolls made up a huge part of the bundle, it was even tied with a pink colored bow.

The group privately created by the employees finally erupted. The day when their iceberg boss would actually be courted by a woman or even a little lover, was truly a memorable event worthy of celebration.

However, this was probably the first time the chief executive daren had been raised by someone since growing up, the performance was also very extravagant. It was just the fourth day when he could no longer restrain his excitement as he pulled the golden owner to roll on the bed.

The most important duty of every person being raised was to serve the golden owner.

The big golden master was finally ‘served’ thoroughly by the chief executive. After being unconsciously carried into the bathroom and cleaned. He was so tired that he even changed back to his prototype, becoming a very small ball of fluff, then slept with a slight snore in the crook of Li Shaolin’s arm.

Holding the sleeping kitten in his arms, finally gave Li Shaolin’s heart a sense of peace and happiness. As if all the twist and turns before had finally been repaid. He felt that there would be nothing to fear and worry about in the future.

They were very roguish and sloppy, extremely tangled and brazen, but they were perfectly contented.

Because they know they love each other and will never separate in this lifetime.

Raw word count: 6736

The author has something to say: The kitten arc is finally over, an additional 1,500 words of meat is placed on the weibo, which is a part of the harmonious plot that happened after the warm bath in the previous chapter. The Sina weibo account is ‘晋江某碧’.

Advance notice in the end, the next world is the story of a cold-blooded killer and a little koi. That said the little koi in a half demon state is like a mermaid.

Then without beating around the bush, the memory span of fishes are short that even the attack would be something that can be completely forgotten. The cold and ruthless killer will only be gentle towards the little koi, this is all my cute points! The little koi that can bring you a lot of blessing is worth having~~

T/N: the reason I have a love and hate relationship with the next arc… Prepare your heart for the koi’s low memory span… I can translate the harmonious chapter if anyone can find it…

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