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Ch 87: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 87: The hitman’s little koi 1 (part 2/2)

“Your condition isn’t really that severe, medications are not necessary.”

Once the rainy days had completely passed, the shining sun finally made it’s appearance today. The doctor who received Pei Lie was a very responsible middle-aged woman, so she earnestly advised him: “Even though the SSRI type medication can alleviate the obsessive-compulsive behaviour and depression, but it has strong side-effects. Moreover, stopping the intake of the medication will lead to the recurrence of the symptoms.”

The Western-styled clothing Pei Lie wore made him appear like a very high standing and successful person in the society. Even though he was of an Asian descent, but the tall and handsome appearance made it very easy for him to obtain the favorable impression of other people. The doctor read the medical record and continued to speak: “Everything must be neatly organized, unnecessary repetition in hand washing over a number of times, things must be done in a specific order…… These are really obsessive-compulsive behaviors, but you don’t have a tendency for depression. In addition, these can be thoroughly alleviated through psychotherapy and self-regulation. You should develop a few more hobbies in your life, or have your profession as a hobby. This can divert your obsessive-compulsive thoughts……”

This word hobby made Pei Lie fall into contemplation for several seconds. If killing people can also be regarded as a hobby, then this was his sole hobby. The doctor’s words were indeed reasonable. Only when killing people does he not exhibit any obsessive-compulsive behavior or tendency, there was no fixation or uncontrollable repetition of those completely meaningless things over and over again. Everything was very effortless through and through.

In fact, this was the biggest reason why he became a very outstanding hitman. As this allowed him to temporarily curb his obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

The doctor paused for a moment, before finally giving an advise: “I suggest you try raising a pet.”

“……raise a pet?”

This short question was the first words Pei Lie had verbalized ever since he came in. The English words were pronounced in a very standard way. The pleasant voice was similar to the sound of a deep and low musical string, which actually made the doctor slightly stunned.

“Yes,” The doctor nodded her head after she regained her senses, “Psychologically, raising pets were said to have a lot of positive effects. It is not just limited to companionship, but is also a specially good medium for spiritual meditation. You can choose from the common small animals such as cats and dogs. Fishes are a good choice as well. Furthermore, studies have proven that the raising of fishes is a very helpful treatment for those with obsessive-compulsive behaviors.”

Be that as it may, Pei Lie did not like animals and animals were equally not fond of him as well. It didn’t take long for the great hitman to come across a lively golden retriever after coming out from the clinic’s entrance. The dog that was friskily running around it’s owner at the beginning stood still upon seeing him. It aggressively crouched down and gave two low growls, before finally turning around to drag it’s owner to run away.

The owner mistakenly thought that his beloved pet dog just wanted to go play in the other direction, so he helplessly allowed himself to be pulled by the leash. Only Pei Lie was aware that it was because that golden retriever sensed the bloody and dangerous atmosphere hidden in his body.

The animal’s sense of smell and intuition were a hundred times keener than a human being, that it can even perceive numerous things that a human cannot perceive. Pei Lie’s disguise can deceive the eyes of a person, but can never escape the animal’s senses. Even the fishes that were considered to have very weak senses would behave this way as well, that the great hitman who would swim in the sea would always come across a scene of a fleeing school of fishes, even the turtle nearby was reluctant to approach within a few meters of him. That he himself couldn’t help but doubt whether he had turned into a great white shark.

Therefore, Pei Lie had never expected that the day would come when he could actually encounter an animal that was not afraid of him.

Even though it was only a very very very small fish.

The reason why there was a need to add a lot of the word very* was because it was really very small. Even when including the swaying graceful tail fin that was half it’s body size, it’s overall length was still incomparable with a single palm of the great hitman. The little guy’s entire body had a color of golden yellow, that seemed to shine in the sea. Aside from the single touch of red on it’s little round head, as if it was dyed with the red sand of a cinnabar brush.

*The word repeated was actually small but it doesn’t conform in English…

In the Puerto Rico island, the great hitman who would only take a maximum of up to three missions per year, took his usual dive in the sea every afternoon during this vacation period. The school of fish, as usual, swam away from him as soon as he appeared, but this time he saw a little fish approach.

Swinging the beautiful tail fins as it recklessly swam over, heading straight towards Pei Lie’s face, then stared at him with it’s tiny eyes. Pei Lie swore that he could see the curiosity coming from the round black bean-like eyes of this little fish, that he couldn’t help but reach towards it.

Unexpectedly, the little fish was still not scared off. On the contrary, it even took the initiative to come in contact with his palm with the use of it’s mouth.

This slight numbness caused by the touch made Pei Lie freeze for a moment. He then saw the high-spirited appearance of the little fish as it cheerfully spit out a string of tiny bubbles.

“Glub lub……”. oo…○°o。…

“Glub lub glub lub……”°o…o○…o○°…

The great hitman inexplicably developed a strong liking towards these tiny bubbles.

He realized that this little guy was probably a long finned koi*, —— Because there was once a mission target in the past who loves raising this kind of expensive ornamental fishes which can cost up to several tens of thousand. However, the reason of this little guy’s appearance in this place was puzzling. Not only can a koi not survive in the sea, but the water quality and temperature also had very high requirements, otherwise it could result to it’s death. Having thought of this, the great hitman was suddenly a bit anxious, he reached out and scooped up the little guy with both hands then rushed out of the water with a huge splash.

*koi is a more specific type of carp.

*Long finned|Butterfly koi

Above the sea is another world.

Raw word count: 3123

The author has something to say: The great hitman with obsessive-compulsive behavior and the very small fish with amnesia. Wishing both of psychiatrically ill people a speedy recovery, don’t give up treatment 2333~~

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