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Ch 89: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 89: The hitman’s little koi 3 (part 2/2)

Pei Lie slightly frowned, the moment he spotted wisps of blood on the scales at the side the little koi fell on. For the first time, his face clearly revealed his unease as he anxiously asked Jones how to treat it.

Jones also furrowed his brows a bit, then gave a serious answer: “Minor trauma like this abrasion can heal by itself. So long as the water quality is properly maintained and a lot of nutritious food is provided.”

But the little guy vehemently rejected all sorts of fish feed and worms without exemptions. Pei Lie no longer dared to rashly place any feed for it to eat, and could only ask the little koi: “What do you want to eat? You can tell me, okay?”  

The little koi continued to shrink in the corner and did not show any movements. The feeble appearance made Pei Lie have an unspeakable heartache.

After returning to his residence, Pei Lie continued to talk with the little koi and even brought out all kind of things for it to see, such as corn grain and other type of grains, in addition to different kinds of seaweeds, while asking the same question: “Do you want to eat this?”

The koi finally moved and looked up.

In fact, he was already very hungry. Moreover, a demon cultivator was different from a human cultivator. Not only will eating not increase the impurities in their body, but it can quickly replenish the spiritual energy as well. Furthermore, the little belly had gone flat after he had been repeatedly stimulated for more than half a day just a while ago. Under the nonstop inquiries of Pei Lie, it finally spit a stream of tiny bubble to him from across the tank’s wall.

“……pop pop pop……pop pop……”

I want to eat beef noodle soup, a delicious shrimp pizza, in addition to panna cotta and cupcakes……

Pei Lie badly wanted to turn into a fish in order to understand what the little guy was saying. Regrettably, he couldn’t understand what the other side was saying at all, so he put forwards all the things a fish might like to eat, but had still been unable to achieve anything in the end.  

The sky had already darkened. The night swiftly grew deeper and deeper. The little koi had been temporarily placed inside the newly purchased medium-sized crystal tank for the night and carefully placed in the spacious and well ventilated living room. Pei Lie goes to sleep at the fixed time as usual, he then followed a fixed chain of action from washing right until going to bed.

The last step in this chain of activity was the switching off of the lights.

The light had been switched off.

However, Pei Lie’s eyes remained opened in the darkness.

He didn’t feel sleepy at all. But he had established a fixed sleeping schedule for himself, that he will force himself to head to bed even if he still needed to do something. The behavior of needing to repeatedly confirm something in order to calm down pervaded his mind once again. However, Pei Lie’s thoughts this time was not about whether or not the doors and windows had been properly locked, or whether the things had been properly arranged or some other nonsensical things, but were all about the little koi.

The little guy was staying all alone in the big living room, it was so small. Imagining it’s very lonesome appearance……

It hasn’t eaten any food yet. Although Jones had reassured him that it was alright for fishes to not eat for a day, but there was no guarantee that nothing would happen……


The more he thought of it, the more anxious he becomes.

Pei Lie did not realize that he achieved a huge breakthrough in his obsessive compulsive behavior. The thoughts were full of the little koi, that he eventually sat up.

This won’t do.

The man switched the lights back on, then strode towards the living room.

The great cold-blooded hitman had never thought that a day would come when his mood could actually be influenced by such a small fish. But he had no intentions of stopping or suppressing this at all, but only wanted to indulge in it. Maybe because it was the only small creature that took the initiative to approach him and was also the only thing that entered his eyes. It was both beautiful and magical, as it could actually understand his words.

Moreover, people creatures that always lives in groups. A person living alone for far too long will also feel loneliness. No matter how formidable he is, a desire for a companion will still emerge.

If given a chance, Pei Lie hopes that the little guy will always stay with him like this.

But the great hitman slight narrowed his eyes in vigilance the second he step out of the bedroom. The bottom of his eyes were filled with coldness and ominousness, a small handgun which never left his side had even been subconsciously drawn out. He was keenly aware of the presence of another person, there were even slight rustling sounds coming out from the direction of the kitchen.

No one could match Pei Lie in terms of stealth and pursuit. The man instantly reached the kitchen just like a peerless cheetah. He then caught a glimpse of a figure standing in front of the refrigerator with his night vision ability that was far beyond what an ordinary person could posses. Before the other person could respond, a gun had already been silently pressed against the back of the other person’s head, as a cold voice sounded:

“Don’t move.”

The other person was obviously startled by this sound, which resulted the person to subconsciously turn around. Pei Li was momentarily stunned and did not fire mysteriously. But he instead took a closer look at the other side’s face.

That was of a exceptionally beautiful youth.

Who has an appearance of person around 15 or 16 years old, in addition to having a very exceptional appearance that Pei Lie had never seen before. The youth held a huge container of yogurt with both hands. The lips had a bit of white milk stains because of sneakily drinking the milk. The pair of eyes grew wider due to shock, appearing more pitiful and adorable.  

The most awkward thing was that the other person was not wearing anything at all.

As a result Pei Lie could clearly see his flawless proportion and figure with the aid of the moonlight. Like the alluringly delicate clavicle that tempts the soul and the almost translucent fair skin. —— The entire individual seemed to have been carved out from the most brilliant jade core by the heavens.

Raw word count: 3176

The author has something to say: 

The image of the overturned appearance of the little koi looks especially adorable. A sudden impure thought emerges, wanting to write meat in this world would certainly be very interesting. The attack’s obsessive compulsive behavior requires the need to repeatedly confirm everything in order to have a peace of mind, he will then inevitably wonder whether all the things done just a moment ago were done properly. When doing something, the number of times in doing so will be contended and will then be repeated over and over again without end. However, Tong Tong would forget the identity of the attack in the middle, or forget what he did after the task is finished, then follow the other without end……

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