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Ch 91: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (2/2)

Chapter 91: The hitman’s little koi 5 (part 2/2)

Pei Lie dragged the dazed youth who still hasn’t returned to his senses and was constantly puffing out tiny bubbles all the way to the surface. Emerging to the surface with a huge splash.

As the sky grew darker, the clouds above the sea became especially beautiful, just like an oil painting of a master painter. The man stroked the reddish ears of the youth. He obviously had a very robust features, but the smile was gentle and full of deep affections, the he spoke with a deep voice: “Tong Tong be good, don’t be afraid, okay. I like you, that’s the only reason why I want to kiss you. ——Don’t be afraid of me alright?”

When the little koi returned to his senses, it took him quite some time before he shook his head under Pei Lie’s anxious gaze. He really felt frightened, but that was not directed to Pei Lie at all, but towards his own feelings. He never felt such a rush of feelings in his heart before, that were full of contradictions, but of expectations as well.

The youth finally took the initiative to snuggle in Pei Lie’s embrace.

The demeanor carried an unspeakable charm. Both hands were clasped on his chest, the head leaned against Pei Lie’s neck, causing Pei Lie to think of a small animal throwing itself to the arms of the owner to seek solace.  

Naturally, the little guy who had originally been a little fish, would still be unable to walk easily like that of a normal person.

With regards to the matters of walking, Pei Lie who had already been teaching Chen Tong for 3 whole days, had also looked up on a lot of relevant reference, just like the scientific methods and regular step-by-step process of a treatment plan to a rehab patient.

Facts had proven that hands on teaching of walking was definitely a tool for emotional development, such as being able to hold the petite hand out in the open, or being able to kiss the forehead from time to time, or the occasional hugs when the little koi falls upon losing strength……

It was so wonderful, that not only did the great hitman not lose his patience but he became more and more addicted to teaching instead.

So in the morning of the 4th day, when Chen Tong who was a fast learner, was finally able to slowly walk without the support of another person, actually made Pei Lie feel a slight sense of disappointment. But this was a good thing after all, so the man gently kissed the gleaming eyes of the youth who was waiting to be praised, then promised to take him to play on a luxury cruise ship for two days to celebrate.

The cruise ship was very large, but not a lot of people could board this ship. The first reason was because the majority of people were still busy with working on weekdays, the other reason was due to it’s expensive price. Needless to say, the ambiance and treatment were directly proportional with the price. Not only does the room here has a large viewing balcony, there was also a private swimming pool inside, allowing the little koi swim to swim to it’s heart content.

The youth swished his tail inside the pool in his half demon form, while instructing the great hitman beside the pool to bring him various kinds of food, drinks and fruits. Having eaten his fill, he directly laid down to sleep in the water.

As a koi demon spirit, sleeping inside the water was a very normal thing. However, Pei Lie could never bear to see the appearance of the youth in the bottom of the water with closed eyes. An inexplicable panic would rush inside, that he couldn’t help but go over to hold the sleeping little guy in his arms. Placing him on the soft bed, then wrapped him in a thick velvet quilt, because the other’s body feels very cold every time.

This cannot be attributed to Pei Lie being overly concerned. Anyone who sees this will inevitably give rise to panic. —— The motionless youth who had his eyes closed underwater will make people subconsciously associate it with death.

The little koi woke up from his nap at more than 3 o’clock in the afternoon. After swimming in the pool for a while he was still unable to see the man outside the pool, that he couldn’t help but call out his name.

“Pei Lie, Pei——Lie——”

The clear and pleasant voice of the youth was drawn out, then he swiftly plopped out the water. The golden fishtail in the water transformed to a pair of slender legs in a split second.

There was no need for something like a witch or a magic potion, since this was the special ability of a demon spirit. That pair of legs were exceptionally fair, similar to his feet. For this particular reason, the slight force borne during the walking practice will leave red marks, that Pei Lie couldn’t resist kissing them for a long time while feeling a heartache afterwards.

The solemn attitude had the feeling of worship. Kissing from the instep of the foot to the lovely toes, which would also caused the ears of the little koi to redden.

The little koi wore the set of clothes placed on the couch, then ran barefooted on the carpet while looking for the man. Because of difficulties in moving about, the series of petite footprints left behind were all crooked, till he finally passed through the living room and headed straight towards the door.

At the moment when he stepped out the open door, the youth suddenly came to a stand still.

The irregular loss of memory had actually struck at this moment. Chen Tong confusedly stood still at the corridor with a slight frown.

—— Who am I? Where is this place?

The question that had caused a headache to the white floccule before had been brought up once again. Chen Tong turned his head to look at the decorative mirror on the wall of the corridor, looking at the familiar yet strange face that had been vaguely reflected on the other side.

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