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Ch 92: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 92: The hitman’s little koi 6 (part 1/2)

The face shown on the opposite side was indeed his own. However, he doesn’t remember having such a long hair, as well as the red willow leaf-like mark in the middle of his forehead. Chen Tong subconsciously continued to walk forward along the corridor, all the way up to the staircase at the end. Looking down at the spiral staircase, unexpectedly caused him to feel dizzy. The soft pair of legs became even more powerless, that his whole body inevitably swayed.


A voice sounded next to his ears, while a large hand held his shoulder to steady him. Chen Tong looked up and observed that the owner of the hand was a blond haired man who seems to look very much like a gentleman, wearing retro plaid casual Western-styled suit with a pocket square and speaks with a strong British accent. Once he took a glance on Chen Tong, he was stunned by the youth’s complexion at first. But when his gaze finally landed on the barefoot, he said in a gentle tone: “Little guy, are you lost?”

Despite the man donning on a very friendly appearance and style, Chen Tong still took a subconscious step back, the movement was very vigilant.

“My name is Arthur,” Seeing the little animal like alertness of the youth caused Arthur to smile instead, as he took the initiative to hold his hand out, “Arthur Mountbatten. ……Hello.”

There’s an old saying that states don’t hit a smiling guy. Chen Tong hesitated for a short period of time, but still decided to politely hold his hand back. However, since he still couldn’t remember his name, he could only press his lips in a thin line with a bit of helplessness, not uttering a single word until the end. The expression on his face appeared very indifferent, which gave people an unspeakable sense of inviolable grandeur.

Arthur paused for a moment, before speaking once more: “My room is over there,” He said while pointing to a door’s room on the right side, “If it’s not a problem, you can come and take a break with me there. I will then go and get in touch with a staff member on board afterwards to find your family.”

They were located on the topmost floor of the cruise ship, where there were only a total of 9 rooms with the most expensive and highest quality available. The little koi whose feet were so sore that he couldn’t bear standing anymore was eventually ‘taken away’ by Arthur in the room. He dazedly retread to the corner of the sofa with an extremely well-behaved look.

The dazed appearance of Chen Tong was naturally due to the emergence of the white floccule.

The white floccule who had resigned to it’s fate, explained to Chen Tong the entire matter once more. Unfortunately, even the most hardworking supervisor would also feel dissatisfaction towards this kind of repetitive task. Hence, the explanation this time, omitted quite a lot of details that it deemed unnecessary. Even the introduction of the mainline task was kept very brief. It didn’t even completely explain the mainline task three, but just made Chen Tong read the sea anemone leaf stored in the system’s storage.

Written on the leaf was the summary that Chen Tong concluded of the mainline task in the deep sea before: Do a lot of good deeds while maintaining aloofness. The interference of the system’s storage could only be seen by Chen Tong, so in Arthur’s perspective, he only saw the youth continue to be in daze while holding the warm cup of coffee he had just given him. The dazzling pair of big black limpid eyes, couldn’t help but make him think back to that little canary he once raised during his childhood.

It had also lost it’s way home, having fallen to the ground and was incapable of flying. It was picked up and brought home by him, then carefully fed with the help of the steward. He had once placed the birdcage outside to be shined by the sun during daytime, but had forgotten to bring it back in for the night, it had already been raining in the middle when he had remembered. Hence, he anxiously wrapped and wiped the little guy using a hand towel with the maid, then placed it near the fireplace for warmth. That little canary shook it’s tiny wings while combing it’s plumage near the fireplace, with two points of satisfaction, three points of coldness, four points of uneasiness, and a great deal of grievance.

Arthur inevitably crouched down in front of Chen Tong, changing his posture from looking down at him to looking up at him. He tried to obtain the youth’s trust with this lowered posture, as he gently inquired: “If you want to let the staff on board search for your family, providing your name may be required. ——What’s your name?”

On the other side, the ‘guardian’, Pei Lie was already worried to death.

Because of the sudden arrival of a newsletter from the organization beforehand. Hence, he went out to find a hidden place that people couldn’t eavesdrop in to make a phone call, but he never expected his baby would disappear in the midst of a single phone call. He didn’t see a single soul inside the entire room, the petite wet foot marks left behind on the floor were both deep and shallow, but the traces completely disappeared by the time it reached the door because of the absorbent padding. Instantly making Pei Lie anxiously panic that he almost lost control of himself.

Calming down, the great hitman immediately made use of his professional skills. He stealthily entered the cruise ship’s monitoring room, stunning the staff member who was watching the monitor inside using an anesthesia needle with great proficiency, then took control to view the monitor. In order to protect the privacy of the VIP guests on the first class layer, only one was placed at the head of the flight of stairs. As a result, Pei Lie only intercepted a picture with a completely obscured view of the face. The content was the youth in a plain T-shirt with a hand holding his shoulder and steadying him.

In spite of that, Pei Lie could instantly determine quite a lot of things with just this single hand. The other side was a man in mid-30’s judging from the bones and skin; the specially and neatly trimmed nails indicates that he was either born with a strict self-control or had been in the military before, in order to develop this sort of habit; the expensive custom-made watch on his wrist imply a very high family background; the plaid fabric of the cuffs had a distinct British style, something native American’s rarely wear; the shape of the cufflink made Pei Lie keenly associate it with the symbol of the UK’s Royal Air Force.

Truth be told, it was just a plain circle, which appears so ordinary, that no one would take another glance at it at all. However, the surface of the outer and inner ring of the circle was polished, inversely reflecting different colors, which was exactly the same as the concentric circle pattern of the Royal Air Force.

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