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Ch 93: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 93: 7th instance (end): They unexpectedly witnessed brothers fighting over a person (part 3 of 4)

After clearly seeing the scene in front, he was taken aback.

Something akin to a ceremony is taking place in front. A silver-haired young boy was bound in the center of the magic circle, with blood dripping from his five orifices. He was obviously in extreme pain. Not only was he shockingly surrounded by black mist, that black mist was also constantly sucking away the other party’s vitality.

His scarlet eyes struggled to look at the people in the surroundings. But the others still had that kind of ice-cold look, there was even a bit of disgust.

The lord and the other people, who were standing in the area, weren’t absolutely indifferent to the ceremony happening before them, but with a sense of eagerness instead. As if hoping for this child to die quicker.

The lord still turned to look at the elderly man beside him, and queried: “Will this approach really work? Can this really kill the accursed one, without affecting my child the slightest? And still enable him to have that power?”

Gu Wuji feels like he already has a rough idea on why things had turned out this way.

The elderly man immediately nodded, with a bit of gloom in his gaze, “After all, that power hidden within him is too powerful. If left alone, it will certainly affect the entire land. There’s no choice but to do this for everyone’s sake.”

“Is this method really reliable?”

“This is a method found in the ancient books. There’s absolutely no problem.”

Gu Wuji: “……”

There’s definitely a problem in this, ah! Not to mention that Norton has become a terrible existence that the whole country steers clear from, even Yvette turned into a monster in the same way, okay? Wasn’t it said that he wouldn’t be affected at all?

Gu Wuji slowly walked into the magic circle. He couldn’t help but sigh as he watched this poor silver-haired boy suffer such torment from such a close distance.

Not long after, he then clearly felt, that the vitality of the young boy had already weakened to the extreme in the next instant. After all, even if the vampires can resist more than an ordinary human being, but they will also be unable to persist after such a long time.

If Gu Wuji had really gone back to that time period, he might have still been able to help him a bit. But at this moment, he can only standby and watch.

In the next moment, the young boy was already in his knees. He breathing became more and more difficult, and looks like he was about to die. Another silver-haired young boy suddenly walked in from outside the dungeon, and immediately became perturbed upon seeing this scene.

The lord’s expression greatly changed, “What are you doing here? Take young master Yvette right away!”

However, just as the servants in the area were about to directly take action, an unforeseen incident suddenly occurred. That black mist, which was originally confined in the magic circle, seemed to have received some sort of stimulation, and suddenly broke out. It filled the entire dungeon in an instant, and trapped all the individuals inside in a flash.

Gu Wuji, who was present there, could also feel that terrifying coldness. He can only hear those miserable screams come from inside the black mist, that soon after turned into several clouds of blood mist.

Despite not knowing what happened afterwards, but Gu Wuji could still guess some bits and pieces.

He couldn’t help but sigh. It seems that, even among the vampires, the feudalistic superstitions kills people as well.

After everything dissipated, only then did Gu Wuji find out that, he had already entered the hall containing the black coffin, and was already standing right before the black coffin.

That sense of calling, which has always been extremely strong since the beginning, has now reached it’s peak.

The moment he reached out to open the black coffin, the entire space behind him cracked open layer by layer. This hall unexpectedly merged into one with the previous hall.

Gu Wuji was slightly startled. The others, who had luckily survived, looked at the scene before them with even more astonishment.

Yvette’s voice suddenly rang, “You mustn’t release him!”

What Gu Wuji wanted to know was right in front of him. So, how could he possibly stop now? His outstretched hand didn’t falter at all.

“You mustn’t be fooled by those memories!” Yvette seemed to be under some kind of restriction, and was unable to head to the black coffin at all. He could only control the thorny vines to constantly advance towards where Gu Wuji was, “He isn’t a harmless person at all. Even before that incident, he had already killed innumerable people. If you are to release him. The people in here will only die even faster–”

Gu Wuji’s hand paused, “How are you going to prove your words?”

In any case, he also realized, that the memories he had just seen were indeed somewhat prearranged. It was as if some parts were bypassed, and only allowed him see what he wanted him to see.

“My presence here, is already a proof.” Yvette coldly said: “As his twin brother, our power were originally one…… It’s also because of this, that after the incident, I was able to suppress him. If it was not for this, how could I restrain him by relying on such a simple and crude seal?”

Gu Wuji nodded. At that time, it was also presumably because of the power resonance, which only allowed that black mist to break out all of a sudden.

“If you were to release him, he will only kill every single person here, and destroy this place! You’re merely a tool being used by him as well.” Yvette said, with a hint of urgency in his voice, “Let go. Come back here to me, okay? I can let all of you leave alive.”

All the players were moved when they heard this. Wouldn’t it really be great if everyone can leave without having to deal with the boss in such an easy way?

Gu Wuji responded: “Your words are really reasonable. To tell the truth, I also believe in it. However……”

He immediately pushed open the lid of the black coffin before him with his hand, “My intuition tells me not to do that.”

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