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Ch 93: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 93: 7th instance (end): They unexpectedly witnessed brothers fighting over a person (part 4 of 4)

Under everyone’s stunned gazes, the breath around the fully opened black coffin instantly became very gloomy and cold. The black mist was so dense that it overwhelmed all the breath in it. An extremely pale hand also stretched out from within, and gently stroked Gu Wuji’s face.

Gu Wuji met the scarlet eyes of the beautiful silver-haired young man inside the coffin.

But the most important thing wasn’t this. At this moment, Gu Wuji suddenly realized that what was constantly attracting him wasn’t the boss in front of him at all, but the black coffin that sealed the other. The moment when he finally touched the black coffin, a few vague images suddenly appeared in his mind.

The images completely had nothing to do with this instance, but were certain scenes in reality, that had long been forgotten by him.

Gu Wuji was immediately shaken up a bit. The young man grabbed him and pulled him into the black coffin.

“Stay with me forever.”

Listening to the merry but hair-raising words of the other party, abruptly made Gu Wuji recall that Eros sticky note he had posted on the thorny vine before……

Gu Wuji: “……”

Gu Wuji: “……it’s not like that. Hang on, can you listen to my explanation? This…… you actually weren’t really gay at first……”

But the other party certainly didn’t pay any heed to what Gu Wuji was saying. The thorny vines around all the more kept advancing towards Gu Wuji, as if wanting to trap Gu Wuji to his side like this.

Gu Wuji turned pale at this moment, feeling that this Eros sticky note was really useless! No…… if he hadn’t used it at those thorny vines at that time, the three of them might have died. But when all was said and done, this terrible side effect of attracting the malicious spirit still came!

Gu Wuji: “……” But having said this, there didn’t seem to be a time, when he didn’t have any extreme dealing with a malicious spirit.

At this moment, another power suddenly came from behind, competing with the power of Norton, who was in front of him.

Yvette had already reached a place not far from here. His exceedingly ice-cold expression, looks as if he wants to put an end to this brother of his.

The unexpected thing was, Gu Wuji, who was supposed to be stuck in between these two forces, surprisingly had no problem at all. Simply as if, Yvette had still taken him into account when he took action.

Gu Wuji completely couldn’t think of what purpose this serves. Is there any need for Yvette to keep him alive?

On the contrary, all the players were at a loss for words. They naturally saw how welcomed Gu Wuji was by the malicious spirits. This scene was simply like being fought over by two malicious spirits…… No, it is not like, but it really is, okay?

Having just woken up, Lu Yuanzhou looked at the sight before him, and immediately felt that it was extremely familiar.

It should be said that, it’s really worthy of Gu Wuji……

Norton sighed, and could only place Gu Wuji inside the black coffin behind him. He got up from inside, then looked at the person in front with an extremely ice-cold gaze.

“From the start since the past, you had everything. I naturally don’t care about all those things. But this time, don’t even think about taking him from me.”

“You must be joking.” Yvette coldly sneered, “When was he yours? Could your brain have gone muddled for having slept too long? I only want to take away the person, who’s originally mine.”

Everyone: “……” If it had still been somewhat vague just a moment ago, the matter of brothers fighting over one person was already out in the open now! Why can they still see such a scene in this kind of supernatural instance!

The strength of this twin brothers are extremely similar, but also has a subtle difference. At this time, when it abruptly collided together, the entire space seemed to show signs of cracking.

Especially those black mists that were originally devouring the forces around. It no longer attacked the others, but were using all their force to fight against each other.

This kind of fight between two incredibly powerful beings made everyone dumbfounded. However, unlike the other vampires and humans, who were shivering in fright. The players were already incredibly thrilled.

It was already not far from midnight, when the banquet was scheduled to end. So long as this two bosses continues to fight, they would be able to successfully delay until that time. Then be able to smoothly escape from here, and leave this instance!

The only thing that needed worrying about is, how Gu Wuji, who had been placed by the boss inside the black coffin, would run away at that time. After all, he is still the protagonist, who is being stalked by the two bosses.

On top of that, Gu Wuji, who was in the black coffin, was actually unable to care about this at this moment.

Without knowing what kind of power was really hidden within this black coffin. When he was placed inside, him mind constantly stung, as if there were certain memories that were bound to be recalled. However, there was unexpectedly a certain existence that didn’t want him to recall those memories.

Under the impact of this two forces, Gu Wuji had already become pale. He vaguely seemed to see a figure sitting beside him.

He had obviously never seen that person before. But he felt that the other party was incredibly familiar, as if that person has been with him for a long time.

Gu Wuji subconsciously reached out to touch the other party, but that figure avoided it. That figure  softly held Gu Wuji’s shoulder soon after, then bowed down and placed a kiss upon his forehead.

Following this ice-cold kiss, Gu Wuji not only completely fell into a deep sleep, but also felt a peace of mind.


Looking at the scene before them, all the players were already stupefied. In the black coffin at the distance, another dark silhouette appeared out of the blue. A mist had unknowingly pervaded the surroundings, making it impossible for anyone to clearly see what that figure was.

But they could clearly sense that, that was definitely a malicious spirit. On top of that, it still had an astonishing strength, and won’t even be at any disadvantage when compared to those vampire twin brothers.

The most terrifying part was that, just by being looked at by the other party, made them feel fear from the bottom of their heart, that they couldn’t help but tremble……

“What-, what the heck is that?!” Someone couldn’t help but mumble.

“Could there still be a third boss in this instance?”

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