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Ch 93: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the entire world (1/2)

Chapter 93: The hitman’s little koi 7 (part 1/2)

As soon as Pei Lie carried Chen Tong pass the door, he immediately had to put up with Chen Tong’s struggles right after he regained his senses. The great hitman could only speed up his pace, as if fearing that his live treasure will be stolen or coveted by other people, like having wind beneath his feet, only after successfully returning was he willing to let go of his darling.

Chen Tong actually sensed an unspeakably close feeling from Pei Lie, if Pei Lie could patiently explain his identity and their relationship, he would be willing to follow the other party. But the feeling of being forcibly brought away was really unpleasant. Such a fierce and sudden forceful kiss was truly very unacceptable to any normal person as well. Filled with anger and dissatisfaction, the little koi who regained his freedom, swiftly turned around and headed towards the door without uttering a word, as if he couldn’t stand to stay together with Pei Lie for even a moment longer.

The door had unfortunately been locked by Pei Lie the moment he had closed it, Chen Tong twisted the door knob for a long time to no avail, when an ominously unhappy question from Pei Lie rang beside his ears at the same time: “Where do you want to go?”

Chen Tong turned his head around and faintly look at Pei Lie in silence.

In order to conduct an aloof temperament, young master Chen Tong felt that the most important course of action was to talk less. Not much expression could be exposed as well, along with the prerequisite of having the facade of calmness and indifference. Since ancient times, a lot would senselessly but amusingly say that silence leads people to have a higher standing. In addition to, recalling the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on TV who always looks at the mundane world with indifference. So long as they keep their silence, the other people would profoundly think that they achieved supreme enlightenment at once.

With this line of thought, the character of the little koi immediately became much colder, constituting a noble indifference. He originally had a specially beautiful appearance, especially that pair of beautiful eyes, that seemed to be unable to accommodate anything in this world. The black hair scattered on the plain white clothes formed a stark contrast, of innocent and allure, but also creates a distance of a thousand of miles.

That feeling of estrangement sprung up in Pei Lie’s mind once more, along with the constant feeling that he will never be able to grab a hold of this figure before him, who appears too high to reach. Making his affection and anxiety, perseverance and ordeal, turn into nothing but just an insignificant dust in the eyes of this youth.

Pei Lie couldn’t help but feel stifled, then trudged towards Chen Tong step by step. The sky had already gone dark, under such backlight, the figure of the great hitman appeared sharper, each and every angle from head to toe exuded great strength, without a tiny bit of soft spot.  

Chen Tong look on helplessly as Pei Lie closed in on him inch by inch, with decisive stance and terrifying momentum, making him want to instinctively fall back. But behind him was a locked door, as soon as he turned around, he was seized and swept up by Pei Lie.

The great hitman embraced his little koi in a very tight hug, without leaving a bit of gap, just like wishing to embed the other person’s into his body. Afterwards, he lowered his head and kissed the youth once more.

However, the kiss this time didn’t have that fierceness during Arthur’s presence before, but was gentle and long-lasting. Chen Tong only felt this kiss was brimming with love, longing, anger and grievance in addition to a lot of other emotions. The strong taste made him somewhat unbearable, which resulted to the rising of a vague feeling of déjà vu.

Pei Lie seemed to perceive his change at once, it took him a lot of will power to stop the kiss, then he looked at him fixedly, without a blink. The gazes of the two were polar opposite, Chen Tong’s eyes were dim and hazy. But Pei Lie’s were ardent and focused, as firm as a blazing torch, in addition to revealing an explicit *. Then asked in a hoarse voice: “Did you remember me?”

*passion probably?  

All the surrounding noises seemed to be so far away at this instant, forming a small two person world which could not accommodate any other person. Chen Tong only had Pei Lie in his eyes, the nose was also filled with the masculine scent of the other side. The heart subsequently missed a beat, like a broken device that cannot be restored in working order, but the memory still remained pretty much blank, so he could only bite his lip and remain silent.

“Speak, tell me you remember me!” Pei Lie exclaimed in anger due to emotional instability, the preceding words seems more of an exasperated sigh than an angry question: “How can you forget me?!”

Chen Tong’s heart was already very turbulent. His facial expression, on the contrary, turned even colder underneath his anxiousness, that he mobilized his spiritual energy to push Pei Lie away, then twisted the doorknob once more in an attempt to open the door.

Pei Lie only felt that the youth looked at him like looking at a piece of mud he was eager to throw off, in the next second, he momentarily staggered from the powerful push. The the view of the youth’s back who was anxiously trying to open the door made him incessantly panic even more. That he really rushed forward and seized the youth’s shoulder. Then bit onto his neck and fiercely sank his teeth.

Pei Lie was slightly possessed for a moment.

His obsessive compulsive behavior didn’t really get better because of the little koi’s appearance, but had just shifted over. The constant and uncontrollable repetition of thoughts and excessive scrutiny of every single thing, were all transferred to the little koi alone. Which became even stronger due to his ardent love to him.

Pei Lie could no longer control his thoughts anymore, he almost wanted to swallow the person in his arms into his belly. Letting him be enveloped in his scent, to become his own and to never separate from him. So much so that he desired to fiercely press him under his body, so badly till he cried for mercy, helplessly calling his name over and over again, or till both eyes misted and his entire body softens, as he incessantly □□, until nothing was left.

The man appeared so fierce, the force of the bite was so strong, he didn’t even stop when hearing the youth’s painful cry underneath his body. Eventually, when the unpleasant taste of blood spread in his mouth, Pei Lie finally returned to his senses and stopped biting, then stared at the somewhat alarming bite marks on the youth that spreads from the side of his neck up to the collarbone in a daze.

The steady ooze of blood was like a basin of cold water splashing onto Pei Lie’s face. Brushing aside all the thoughts that made him lose control just a moment ago.

Pei Lie reached out in an attempt to help Chen Tong staunch the wound, but that pair of hand of that were dyed by the innumerable blood of people didn’t dare to touch, hanging in midair. The man’s constantly steadfast expression was conspicuously revealed his distress and helplessness, the voice even had a slight tremor: “……I-, ……I don’t know what just happened.”

Chen Tong frowned, the petite face had already turned pale. The whole person immediately backed off the moment Pei Lie reached out. But the slightest movement would agitate the wound, that the blood slowly oozed out once more, the eyes had also subconsciously teared up due to pain, two small clinks successively fell at the back of Pei Lie’s hand, similar to a sparkling and translucent dewdrop.

Pei Lie inexplicable felt that the youth before him was similar to a tiny dewdrop, which may vanish at any given moment. He suddenly did not dare to speak or breath, for fear that a little inattentiveness, will blow away or dissipate that dewdrop.  

At the same time as this, the falling beads of rain could also be seen outside the window without warning.

The cloudless night sky was obviously full of stars, but it suddenly rained out of the blue, drop by drop, battering upon the glass window.

It is the result of the passive skill, Rain of tears.

The little koi who was the ‘main culprit’ felt a magical feeling as well, that he momentarily forgot to cry, and looked out the window in a daze. The timing of the rain was too subtle, combined with the youth’s expression, the quick-witted hitman finally realized the cause of the rain as well. A flash of incredulous feeling inevitably flashed through his eyes, but more feelings of distress and regret remained. He subsequently carried the youth up in his arms and carefully placed him on the sofa, then took out a medicine kit.

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