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Ch 93: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 93: The hitman’s little koi 7 (part 2/2)

The instant the medicine powder was sprinkled on the wound, the little koi who was afraid of pain couldn’t help crying once more, but did his best to restrain his sniffles. Making Pei Lie even more distressed, that he properly applied the medicine as quick as possible, then held the youth’s hand and said: “Sorry……”

This was the first time the great hitman had ever apologized to another person in his entire life, but the little koi had shrank himself in the corner of the sofa, without sparing him a single glance. However, this movement agitated the injury on the side of his neck once more, making him draw in his breath in pain.

“……Tong Tong, sorry……” Pei Lie continued to apologize. He gently wrapped his arm on his sweetheart’s shoulder and coaxed him similar to a baby, as he asked: “Is it very painful?”

It would have been alright even if he wasn’t coaxed. The more the little koi was coaxed, the more aggrieved he felt. What’s more, people with amnesia had a feeling of insecurity, that the tears had furtively flowed out once again. Feeling that he will lose face*, not only did he lower his face to avoid Pei Lie’s sight , he didn’t even dare to leak a single trace of sound.

*to bring shame to oneself

Unfortunately, the rain outside the window exposed him.

Not only did the rain not stop, on the contrary, it even felt stronger under Pei Lie’s gaze, that he subconsciously frowned in tension. He reached out, to try lifting up the youth’s face with a bit of anxiousness.

Unfortunately, the little koi refused to let him look no matter what, that he even jumped off the sofa in agitation, running along the the half opened window wall beside the sofa into the balcony, then finally jumped into the swimming pool with a plop.

Pei Lie hurriedly rushed over, but didn’t dare to rush into the water to fish him out. Pei Lie knows that the the most comfortable and safest place to a fish is the water, but now, he would rather change into a little koi to avoid the fierce beast. Just recalling the chilly expression and strange attitude of the youth, could actually make his hardened self tremble in pain from head to toe.

The adjective of beast wasn’t wrong at all, because young master Chen had already been maddeningly running a barrage in his mind. With phrases of, ah ah ah, I was bitten several times by a beast. I don’t know whether I need to get a rabies vaccine. It is said that this vaccine needs to be injected three times in a row.

As the night grew deeper, the little koi eventually reached the state of exhaustion, changing into his half-demon appearance whilst curling up in a corner, gradually falling asleep.

Pei Lie, nonetheless, continued to stand still in the rain by the poolside, with worry and distress as he looked down at the crystal clear pool water in the dark night. He ineluctably reached into his pocket, feeling for the case half filled with cigarette he had.

This evening was bound to be a long night for Pei Lie.

The fingers of the great hitman were very slender, the action of pinching the cigarette stick between his fingers were elegant and seductive, in combination to his handsome appearance, which could easily hook the hearts of people. He didn’t have smoking addiction, but occasionally lights the cigarette during huge mood swings in order to watch the light be extinguished. Sad to say, the cigarette butt was quickly pelted down by the rain drops, making it impossible to keep burning. Pei Lie took a deep breath, quietly outlining the face of his sweetheart in the smoke.

The rain eventually stopped.

Which also meant that the little koi had finally stopped crying and had fallen asleep.

The great hitman had finally let out a sigh of relief, then looked up in the sky, the last drop of rain happened to fall at the side of his lip.

He opened his mouth to sip it in, just like sipping the tears of the little koi.

Having a bit of bitterness, with a slightly cool feeling.

He stood for a while longer, until the area where the sky and the sea meets in the distance turned greenish. Pei Lie gently and silently dove into the water, bringing up the koi youth that was sound asleep. Maybe due to over exhaustion, or perhaps the ingrained reliance towards Pei Lie, Chen Tong did not wake up at all, but fell into a deeper sleep instead. The fish tail automatically changed into a pair of legs outside the water. Pei Lie wrapped the person in a towel and wiped him dry, then carefully laid him on the bed, after applying medicine on his wounds once more, only then did he lie sideways to face towards him.

The time was already more than 2 o’clock of the wee hours in the morning, but Pei Lie couldn’t sleep at all. He first loathed himself for more than half an hour, then tormented himself by thinking that the youth might abhor him after waking up and ask to leave once more, then finally looked at the beautiful sleeping countenance of the little koi in daze.

The youth slept soundly before him without a bit of protection. The long lashes, lightly undulated along his breathing, his soft face, which strangely made him want to take a bite. Pei Lie couldn’t resist gently drawing the person in his arms, and the little koi, who found a heat source took the initiative to snuggle further into Pei Lie’s embrace without further ado.

Pei Lie froze for a moment.

At this moment, he, who had originally been full of bitterness, loss, impatience, anxiety, and even by the anger of being forgotten, actually felt that those things were not worth mentioning all of a sudden. Something surged in his chest, making it grow warm once more. Their embrace was so fitting, that it made his heart fiercely throb a second time.

Pei Lie mind was filled with clarity. Hearing his breath regained it’s smoothness, he suddenly realized something. In fact, it doesn’t really matter even if the little koi doesn’t remember him, whether or not the amnesia can be cured was not important as well, he just mustn’t give up. When the youth evades once, the he would chase him once, if the youth refuses twice, he only needs to confess thrice. He had been able to establish a harmonious relationship with him in only a few days before, it should still be possible right now.

The cruise ship sailed back to land at exactly 8 o’clock in the morning. As Pei Lie expected, the youth once again asked for permission to leave after docking.

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