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Ch 94: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 94: “No one will definitely recognize me.” (part 1 of 4)

If Peng Haocang was here, he would’ve most probably hidden in fright already. After all, this malicious spirit in front, is shockingly the ghost who has a relationship with Gu Wuji, he had previously seen in the Deserted Island Escape instance!

However, the players on the scene were completely unaware of this matter. They still held onto the thought that this was merely another unforeseen happenstance in this instance. So, all of them stared closely at the malicious spirit that suddenly appeared.

Generally speaking, even if a player were to obtain a part of a malicious spirit’s main body due to some series of coincidence, but it is absolutely impossible for a malicious spirit from another instance to show up in this instance now. Even the use of any obtainable summoning item will be unable to do this as well. This is the limit rule of this instance.

At most, the only thing that can be brought over were those like Lu Yuanzhou’s female ghost, which doesn’t have any especially formidable power, nor even have it’s own consciousness.

Who would ever think that this malicious spirit is related with Gu Wuji? All of them even felt that Gu Wuji in all likelihood, was already dead.

But in the next moment, they clearly noticed that Gu Wuji was surprisingly just sleeping in the arms of the malicious spirit.

Everyone: “……”

Everyone: “???”

What’s going on, ah?! Is this a vulgar large-scale love polygon drama with a supernatural instance background?

The actions of the two bosses of this instance came to a halt, nor even launch an attack against each other again. But turned to look at the malicious spirit here, with apprehension and aversion in their gazes. It is very clear that this malicious spirit in front of them doesn’t belong in their world at all.


At the end of the day, this kind of foreign ghost is more of a threat compared with the other party. Thus, they temporarily set aside their fight, and went to attack that malicious spirit.

All the players were stupefied.

What the heck is with this turn of events? Previously, suddenly learning that there were two bosses in this instance, and them having a fight because of this was still acceptable. Now, not only did another one arrive, they still even wanted to attack the other……

They suddenly felt like they had all become spectators in this instance. Their only hope is that when this crowd of bosses fight each other, it won’t affect them!

But they weren’t even able to witness this momentous fight. In the next moment, complete darkness unexpectedly enveloped this space. Everyone was befuddled. Even the previous hall had completely disappeared.

“What-, what the heck is happening?”

Everyone blankly looked around, then a scene that could leave a psychological shadow for their entire life appeared.

An innumerable cluster of ghosts had appallingly appeared around them, who were probably the ghosts sacrificed here in the past. Having been trapped in this place for who knows how long, each and every one were brimming with resentment, and were staring at the players as if they were going to directly bite their flesh.

But in the next instant, those ghosts seemingly sensed something frightening and shrank back, but didn’t let go of the vampires around them. For a period of time, the tragic sounds of wailing could constantly be heard from the surroundings.

These vampires were gnawed by innumerable ghosts. Even the experienced and veteran players couldn’t bear to watch this scene.

“Why-, why did these ghosts let us off?”

All of them were at a loss, and were completely unable to think of any reason why the malicious spirit would help them, as all these players originally thought that their lives were at risk. Only Lu Yuanzhou faintly noticed something deep inside.

The reason that these ghosts let them go should probably be because of the malicious spirit that appeared before. He had long noticed that this malicious spirit was incompatible with this place. Not to mention that he had practically followed Gu Wuji the entire time, and had never seen anything related to this malicious spirit. Yet the other party acted very intimately with Gu Wuji.

Coupled with Gu Wuji’s various feats he had seen before. Lu Yuanzhou couldn’t help but boldly speculate that this malicious spirit was from a different instance that followed Gu Wuji, or Gu Wuji had used some kind of ability to summon this malicious spirit here……

Although this kind of act was a violation of the system’s rule. But if placed upon Gu Wuji, then anything was possible.

He had a feeling, that this malicious spirit kept them safe, might just be because they were Gu Wuji’s companions.

When this thought crossed his mind, Lu Yuanzhou felt that his thoughts were too ludicrous. How could this kind of thing be possible? But the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this should all be true.

Little Lu couldn’t help but speak in a fluster, “Sister Meng Meng. She’s fine, right?……”

“He’ll be fine.” Lu Yuanzhou said: “Let’s leave first.” Even though that malicious spirit gives off an incredibly terrifying feeling, but he could feel that the other party will not bring harm to Gu Wuji.

Otherwise, Gu Wuji would have already been dead. How else could he still have survived until this instance?

Moreover, it was at this moment, when this space showed a faint tendency to collapse. All those ghosts, and the vampires caught by the ghosts gradually faded away.

[It’s 0 o’clock. The vampire’s banquet is finally over.]

[All you need to do now is to escape from here as quick as possible. Otherwise, you will not survive.]

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