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Ch 94: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 94: “No one will definitely recognize me.” (part 2 of 4)

Following the voice of the system. The surrounding mist completely dissipated, and everyone appeared in the previous hall. Aside from the players, there were still some humans and vampires who barely managed to survive.

This time, the hall became extremely dilapidated, with dead bodies all over the place. The walls were on the verge of collapse, with strong shocks that still came from outside. The sole thing that was better than before was the main door that can directly be pushed open.

“This is bad, we should quickly escape.”

“Moreover, this castle is about to collapse. Even without the other things, staying here will only result to death.”

Everyone knows that the warning of the system wasn’t a joke.

After taking just a few steps, Lu Yuanzhou surprisingly saw Gu Wuji lying on the ground. The other party still hasn’t regained consciousness at this moment, and was lying unconscious on the ground.

“It’s Sister Meng Meng!” Little Lu was absolutely ecstatic. After having gone through this instance, he had already been completely won over by Gu Wuji, and simply regarded Gu Wuji as his own older sister, that he didn’t dwell too much about the reason why Gu Wuji appeared here.

Nonetheless, Lu Yuanzhou could figure it out a bit. That malicious spirit should have probably entrusted Gu Wuji to him. After all, the other party still needed to face off against those two vampire boss, and was unable to leave the place at all.

Carrying Gu Wuji on his back, Lu Yuanzhou and the others hurriedly opened the door and left.

On their way out of the castle, the innumerable ghosts in the area rushed over to attack the players. They promptly took out their items in order to block the attack, but discovered that all the ghosts left in fear before even getting close to them.

Everyone was extremely astonished. It could be said that in this instance, they encountered too many things that they would normally never encounter. It was simply as if there’s an invisible force protecting them.

Many people have already linked this to Gu Wuji, who was being carried on Lu Yuanzhou’s back, and looked at him with completely shocked gazes.

It was only at this moment, when they looked back at the previous events, did they have the feeling of being carried by a big shot! The funny thing was that they had even deemed the other party as a pretty face at the start.

After their very smooth escape from the castle, the group immediately found out that this entire area turned strange. The sky completely became blood red, there was even an endless black mist on the castle behind them. The ground shook because of the fight. The castle would obviously be unable to last too long. This instance villain boss should presumably be at that side.

Everyone went in the garden. Because the ghost attached to Little Lu already knew the way, they were able to quickly enter the passage where the dungeon was located. After all, escaping from the main entrance was still too difficult to do, as the moat outside was full of evil spirits.

If it wasn’t for the information of a secret passage that Gu Wuji together with his team learned in the village before. In all likelihood, some people would’ve already died in the midst of escaping.


On the other hand, inside the black mist at the back of the castle.

The two boss of the instance were injured, and had exceedingly pale faces. But that malicious spirit they faced up to also fell a few steps back. He had obviously fallen into a disadvantageous position, and looks as if he will dissipate in this space at any given moment.

In their fight before, both sides obviously suffered from injures.

Yvette immediately sneered and looked at the other. But before he could say anything, he noticed that the breath of those players had completely disappeared from this world…… Indeed, not only did they leave from this castle’s ground, they had even vanished without a trace, without even a single trace. Only some of the ordinary humans and vampires remained here.

“Damn, was this your plan?” Yvette’s expression changed, with a gloomy and cold look in his eyes, “Your only purpose was to let them escape.”

He suddenly felt very unwilling deep within, and only realized, that this malicious spirit never viewed them as an adversary right from the start. The other party that appeared in this space, wasn’t even the main body, but a projection of a certain piece of consciousness……

The malicious spirit on the opposite side didn’t answer. He merely swept a cursory gaze at the two boss in front of him, before his figure completely dissipated from this space.

From the very start, he was only able to temporarily appear in this instance through Gu Wuji’s body, in addition to the special function of that black coffin. Now that Gu Wuji has already left, he could no longer linger around. There’s naturally no need to stay here anymore as well.


When Gu Wuji regained consciousness, he found himself lying on the bed in the room. What entered his sight was the lamp hanging from the ceiling.

He covered his aching forehead, “What happened? Have I left the instance?”

Recalling the previous events. Gu Wuji could only remember that he saw the memories of the pair of vampire brothers, then laid down inside that strange black coffin.

As for the further events, he couldn’t recall even the slightest bit. He doesn’t even know how he finally got out from that instance…… It was probably Lu Yuanzhou who saved him, right?

“It always feels as if I’ve forgotten something.” Gu Wuji clearly felt this, but no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t remember what he had forgotten…… As if there was something in his subconsciousness that was obstructing this.

Soon after, the system’s voice suddenly sounded, interrupting Gu Wuji’s train of thoughts.

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