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Ch 94: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 94: The hitman’s little koi 8 (part 1/2)

Whether it is the path of the demon cultivator or devil cultivator, every single use of a skill requires the consumption of spiritual energy. The activation of the passive skill ‘Rain of tears’ is specially a nuisance. Irregardless of the the little koi’s will, his spiritual energy will be consumed because of the autonomous activation of the skill, combined with the huge amount of blood lost which was vital to the demon cultivator because of the bite, hence, the the little koi slept very deeply, that he didn’t even wake up when he was was carried by Pei Lie off from the cruise ship to the shore.

By the time he opened his eyes again, it was already close to 10 o’clock in the morning. Only after looking around, did he notice that he had been switched to a new area. The bedroom was much bigger compared to the one in the cruise ship. An oversized crystal fish tank placed beside the bed which he was specially fond of at first glance, sparkled and glittered under the rays of the sun.

Whoever chose this fish tank was simply very well informed with his preferences. Only such a beautiful tank can be worthy of a great deity’s temperament!!

While saying this words deep inside, Chen Tong suddenly felt a sense of familiarity, as if he had once said the same words in the past. After strongly resisting the urge to jump in the fish tank to give it a try, he went out the bedroom by relying on his weak legs and walked a single lap. He noticed that both the living room and the bathroom could be accessed. Only the main entrance was locked just like in the cruise ship, and wouldn’t open at all.

Hence, the little koi who couldn’t stealthily sneak away headed to Pei Lie who was inside the kitchen. The bright eyes like limpid autumn waters stared straight at him as he said: “I want to go out.”

Pei Lie who was gazed at by those beautiful pair of eyes, also saw the enchanting youth standing there. The black hair hanged down from the side of the face and spilled to the back, further contrasting the Mutton-fat jade like skin, which inevitably caused his breath to stagnate. In regards with the matter of the little koi’s request to leave, he faced this issue with cold resistance and treated the words of the little koi as air. He then choose to play deaf, and only asked him: “What do you want to eat for breakfast? Is the wonton soup I’m boiling for you alright?”

The little koi had already been able to vaguely smell the aroma of the wonton, that his eyes couldn’t help but wander towards the direction of the soup’s pot. Pei Lie inquired once more: “Or would you rather eat Western food? How about a ham and cheese sandwich with pumpkin soup?”

Ah ah ah! I want to eat both Chinese and Western style, ah! Especially a small serving of wonton with spicy oil and a thick cheese sandwich, they taste the best ah!

The little man inside the heart of the little koi was already shouting enthusiastically, that the little belly also hungrily grumbled immediately after, but his face still remained expressionless. He was able to suppress the words in his heart after almost exhausting all of his self-control. He then lowered his head a bit in order to control himself from looking towards the pot of soup, and calmly repeated the words he had just said a moment ago: “I want to go out.”

He had such a great appearance, but the frosty demeanor was surprisingly enchanting as well, making Pei Lie feel more and more obsessed towards him while feeling despair and exasperated at the same time. He took a light breath and continued to talk about it: “If you don’t chose, then I’ll just go ahead and do both, ah. Patiently wait for a while more, it will be done soon.”

The little koi immediately appeared more upset, pursing his lips in a thin line, the pursed lips looked both chilly and beautiful. Pei Lie realized that the youth might be very angry, angry at his disguised house arrest, angry at him for brushing it off. Those bite marks at the side of the neck vividly reminded him of his rudeness and unreasonableness last night.

However, the only reason the little koi pursed his lips was in order to restrain himself from cheering out loud.

Ao ao ao, I’m so happy!! To actually be able to eat both Chinese and Western dishes.

Because the secretly enthusiastic little koi feared that he might disturb the other party’s cooking, so he turned around and left from the kitchen at once. Automatically heading to the living room to honestly and seriously wait.

Looking at the back of the youth who turned around without hesitation, couldn’t help but cause Pei Lie’s eyes to dim.

—— Is he so angry with him that he didn’t even wish to stay in the same place as him? Pei Lie bitterly thought in his mind.

—— It’s really exhausting to act aloof ah. The little koi silently thought.

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