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Ch 94: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 94: The hitman’s little koi 8 (part 2/2)

The little koi sat on the sofa in the living room to wait at first, but he couldn’t resist getting up when more and more of the strong aroma constantly drifted over, wanting to turn his little head into the direction of the kitchen. But this sort of behavior was really not in line with aloofness, so the little koi forced himself to walk towards the edge of the window. Fixing his gaze outside, to the big tree downstairs, then started counting the leaves of the tree in order to shift his attention.  

Pei Lie immediately caught a glimpse of this scene as he brought the soup out from the kitchen. The youth sat on the window sill all alone, distantly looking out the window, with an expressionless appearance. The expressionless appearance of some people will make others feel very alienated and distant, even if he was just goofing off inside. Chen Tong is exactly this kind of person, combined with his picturesque profile, made it seem as if the youth with a solitary and slender silhouette will disappear at the next second.

Ninety four, ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven……

The little koi was seriously counting the leaves.

In a blink of an eye, he soon counted to almost a hundred in his mind, but by the time he counted to 99, the leaves were soon obstructed by a branch, which resulted in him to have no choice but to stand up in order to see.

Pei Lie looked as the little koi suddenly made a move to stand up as he looked down the window, which immediately made his heart sink, as a chill ran up his spine. In the next second, he had rushed up with the quickest speed and pulled the person into his arms.

The little koi who was being embraced couldn’t understand what had happened for a moment, but only thought that Pei Lie’s hug made him very uneasy, this uneasiness made him somewhat discomfited. Just as he was about to struggle, he inexplicably felt the fear of the other side’s fear.

Being too expressionless will naturally lead to indifference, being too indifferent will naturally be enchanting. In fact, most of the aloofness of the little koi was due to him being in a daze. He blankly stood for a while before he realized that Pei Lie probably thought that he wanted to jump off the building, so he couldn’t help but speak up: “I……”

However, Pei Lie had kissed his lips without giving him a chance to explain, then gasped as he pressed the youth’s head to the crook of his neck. The lingering fear in his mind made Pei Lie’s hand slightly tremble. The little koi could clearly perceive his heavy breathing as well as the irregular beat of his heart. Which subsequently brought forth an indescribably pang, so he stayed completely still and meekly allowed the man to hug him.

Pei Lie at this time couldn’t stay at ease on letting the little koi wait alone, but he still needed to make the ham and cheese. Hence, he dragged the other inside the kitchen with no regards of the other side’s will, in order to keep an eye out on the other person while cooking.

The inevitably caused the little koi to frown.

Ah ah, this is simply putting my willpower to the test. Placing that mouthwatering ham and glistening yellow egg in front of him, I can’t help wanting to eat while watching!

He really didn’t want to stay in the same place with him. Pei Lie nevertheless came to this conclusion, and subconsciously tightened his grip on the spatula he held. He wanted to raise his hand to smoothen the brows of the youth, but felt a bit powerless.

It was not distress, but the thought of letting him go felt even more painful. Moreover, Pei Lie had already gotten in touch with reliable doctors who treats amnesia. One of them, who had been introduced by Jones will make a home visit tomorrow. All the doctors without a single exception, advised that it is best for a patient to stay in a supervised environment. Furthermore, his love for the youth seems to have already been noticed by the organization. So regardless of whether it is in the aspect of safety or treatment, he must not let the little koi leave.

The brows of the little koi who was sitting while faced with his meal still hasn’t loosened, he didn’t even pick up the spoon and fork, but only watched the steam floating above the soup.

It’s not that he didn’t want to eat, but because the system has issued him a warning.

“……notifying the host to remember to act in accordance with the temperament in the mainline task from inside out. A friendly reminder to the host, in view of you being a foodie, as well as the first-class culinary skills of Pei Lie, you probably won’t be able to stop as soon as you start eating,” The white floccule spoke impolitely without mincing it’s words, “You had eaten a shrimp ball noodle soup and mixed fruit porridge made by the other person before in the middle of the night, eating till your stomach bloated. Your appearance of hugging your stomach while humming twice was really ridiculous. Because the previous time was your fist offence, the system did not impose any punishment to the host. But this is just a single chance, and must not be repeated.”

The little koi suddenly felt very distressed. He also knows that being aloof was placing oneself above the common populace, but being unable to eat the fine food placed before him was simply a torture.

*not eating the food of common mortals

“——hold on, I had once eaten in front of Pei Lie until my belly bloated in the past?”

“En.” The white floccule then added without restraint: “You even fell down following behind him because of wanting to eat dessert.”

Imaginative brain of the little koi simply made him at a lost, without knowing that he still exposed himself a bit, which had almost been completely seen by Pei Lie. Seeing the youth furrow his brows deeper made Pei Lie become more uneasy, the he couldn’t help but ask with some uneasiness and concern: “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

However, anyone who truly falls in love, will feel distressed with just the mere signs of any disturbance or trouble of their partner. In fact, the cold treatment and heartless refusal of the other person isn’t an obstacle, because people in love can build the strongest shield, enough to become invulnerable. But would still be easily crushed because of the discomfort and pain of their sweetheart.

Chen Tong eventually drank just a bit of pumpkin soup and no longer ate anything. For fear that the little koi would get bored, Pei Lie originally wanted to take him to the audio-visual room, but since Chen Tong feared that he would cry when watching literary films, and laugh out loud when watching variety shows as well. So he chose to read a more stylish history book in the end.

But he failed to remember that he could not help falling asleep once he reads for more than two hours. Two hours quickly slipped by, the time happened to be exactly at two in the afternoon. The sun in the afternoon was light and warm, that his eyes unintentionally fluttered shut.

After Pei Lie finished checking the data in the computer, he turned around and saw the youth sleeping soundly against the cushions on the bay window, the blanket on his body slipped down a bit, exposing his dainty shoulder. This serene and beautiful scene made Pei Lie mind feel a bit of relief, the snow white skin of the youth was just like a transparent porcelain under the sun’s rays. The thick and long lashes, actually made him somewhat dazed, that it took him quite a long time in order to shift his gaze away.

The little koi still ate very little for dinner, making Pei Lie feel more anxious as well. That he even reached out to his forehead to check whether or not he had a fever, in addition to asking whether he had any headache in a gentle voice.

The most impressive point of a mature man is his heartfelt love towards his beloved, and the unintentional exposure of this gentleness. The more conscious the little koi is, the more reluctant he is to admit it, that it took him quite some time to formulate an answer: “……You don’t need to comfort me.”

Pei Lie had surprisingly been able to miraculously hear the slight tinge of reluctance in his voice, which immediately added a lot of his self-confidence in wooing his fish again. He grasped his hand while saying: “I won’t comfort you. So you should come comfort me, okay?”

The great hitman kneaded the youth’s hand like feeling his bone structure while whispering gently: “If you have any discomfort, I will feel more uncomfortable. ……Tong Tong, I’m so uncomfortable, you should comfort me.”

Pei Lie’s seduction skill was so powerful, that the ears of the little koi couldn’t help but start to redden, similar to his reaction during the time he was being kissed in the bottom of the sea while diving. This also caused Pei Lie to further realize that his little one had remained unchanged even when he had lost his memories, and was still the one worthy of his love. Moreover, aloofness is actually as endearing as a foolish cutie*. Besides causing people to have more ** and pleasure in conquering. Another advantage is the so-called precept of the rarer something is, the greater its value. Just the word okay he said can be worth a thousand of words, the faint smile that is hard to come by can even make people feel a flourishing feeling just like spring had arrived. Even the greeting of just a simple good night brought about the tenderness in Pei Lie’s eyes.

*Socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way.

The little koi rested inside the two meters long crystal tank as he desired that night, he hastily dropped the words ‘good night’ to Pei Lie, then changed to his half demon form and slept sideward towards Pei Lie. Pei Lie had the chance to once again get a glimpse of the constant stream of tiny bubbles floating up through the moonlight.

The bubbled that his baby breathed out were as lovely as it was before his memory lost, causing an unspeakable happiness which indescribably poured into his heart. Had the great hitman been a piece of reef, the growing aquatic plants on him would in all likelihood be gently swaying along with the bubbles. Pei Lie who hadn’t been able to sleep a wink the entire night yesterday was finally able to have a peaceful sleep this night, that he didn’t even notice when the little koi had secretly gotten up in the middle of the night for the first time.

Raw word count: 3354

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