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Ch 95: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 95: The hitman’s little koi 9 (part 2/2)

“Not all, there is really a bottle. Tong Tong, listen to me, go and open the door-……”

“Not opening, not opening,” The IQ of the little koi had already fallen to zero due to drunkenness. Feeling so overwrought that he even shook his head and said: “You must be a big bad wolf! Only a big bad wolf would deceive people to open the door. I’m too smart, so I’ll never be deceived! I’ll wait for my mother to get home before I’ll open the door”

Pei Lie simply didn’t know whether he should be anxious, or whether to laugh or cry. Rubbing his forehead for a moment, he then said: “I’m a good friend of your mother. She’s very busy, so she made me come over to accompany you, I even brought you delicious food……”

Hearing the word food, the eyes of the little koi couldn’t help but brighten, as he titled his head and asked: “What delicious food? Is it shrimp ball noodle soup and mixed fruit porridge?”

When this words were spoken, Pei Lie couldn’t help but be slightly shaken, because these two things were what the little koi had eaten before he lost his memories. However, the little koi himself didn’t know how he came up with this sentence, as he blinked with bit of confusion.

“En, that’s right,” At this moment, Pei Lie would naturally agree to whatever words the little koi would say, “there are also desserts after the meal, you can eat it as long as you open the door.”

The little koi hesitated for a moment. But the brain had been dominated by the foodie self, so he warily and cautiously said: “……then I’ll open the door. You mustn’t lie to me, you also aren’t allowed to eat me.”

Pei Lie made a very serious vow, that the little koi finally left the window, and got ready to open the door. Pei Lie rushed out the audio-visual room as well, waiting at the door of the study room, then finally heard the sound of the anti-theft bolt click open.

The little koi like a hamster, initially planned to cautiously open just a small slit. But the great hitman instantly forced his way in, the moment the anti-theft bolt lock of the door was taken off, the quick speed made him unable to react, as he foolishly stood there for several second before reacting.

He the started to ask for the food soon after: “Where’s the food? Where’s the food? Where’s the food?”

He queried while taking Pei Lie’s hand to scrutinize, groping from the palm to the back of his hand, even the seams of the fingers were not passed by, “Where’s my shrimp ball noodle soup, mixed fruit porridge and mini pastries?”

Pei Lie only focused in going over to close the window first, and did not have the time to answer the question, causing the little koi to anxiously hop around as he closely followed his back and repeated: “Where’s the food? Where’s my delicious food?”

Pei Lie was only able to release a sigh of relief after the window had been locked firmly. His mental state had been tightly strained in fear of any accident happening to the little koi, and only loosened now, making the head unexpectedly feel a slight tingling sensation, with buzzing noises. He turned his hand over and firmly grasped the little koi’s hand, pulling the person over to him, then pressed him into his chest as he hit his buttocks a few times without restraint.

“Drinking so much alcohol in the middle of the night, in addition to placing more than half of your body out the window, what if you fell down?!! Do you still dare to do this next time?!”

Pei Lie had really been too frightened, and wanted to make the youth bear in mind to never do such a dangerous thing again. But even in this state, he still remembered to control his strength properly, so his hand was neither too light nor heavy.

However, the squeamish little koi who was afraid of pain cried out when Pei Lie hit him one more time, so he struggled and cried out: “Wu wu wu, you really are a big bad wolf!”

At this moment, his drunken IQ may not even be zero, but may have fallen all the way down to the negative digits. Pei Lie stopped his hand the moment he heard his cry, and subconsciously asked: “Did it hurt?”

The little koi took this chance to forcefully push Pei Lie away. He then drew back while covering his buttocks and said: “You mustn’t eat me, my meat doesn’t taste good……”

Pei Lie also knew that there was no use in reasoning out with a drunk person, so he could only coax in accordance with the other party’s words: “Alright, I won’t eat, I won’t eat. Tong Tong come here……”

The little koi vigilantly shook his head with teary eyes and denounced: “I won’t believe, you can’t deceive me anymore!”

“I’m really not lying to you this time,” All of Pei Lie’s patience in his entire life were probably given to the little koi, and could no longer manage to give extra to other people. He earnestly persuaded: “What’s more, a big bad wolf will only eat rabbits and not eat a little koi. So there’s no need to worry, ah……”

This, on the contrary made the little koi even more depressed: “But I am a rabbit, ah……” He even pulled up the white cotton shirt he wore to let Pei Lie see, “Look, it’s all white……”

As a result of this, the pair of slender white legs were completely exposed, Pei Lie’s throat tightened upon seeing this, the lower part of his body even gave a response. After taking a deep breath, he had a much easier time in placing the youth whose brain had gone mushy due to drunkenness in his arms again.

Fishes were cold-blooded creatures. The body of the youth who had just been blown by the cold wind on the opened window for quite some time was ice-cold, in addition to the heavy smell of liquor. Under those circumstances, Pei Lie brought him to the bathroom with the intention of giving him a warm bath. To one’s surprise, the drowsy little koi started struggling once more the moment he came in contact with the water. Pei Lie who thought that this was caused by an undetected injury somewhere on his body, hurriedly picked him up.

“The water will mess up my beautiful fur!” The youth struggled while glaring the big eyes with a displeased look on his face, then surprisingly let out a ‘Meow~’ sound soon after.

Hearing this made Pei Lie’s ears turn completely numb.

The numbing sensation was like an electric current, spreading all the way to his heart, making all the limbs and bones on his body soften. —— But didn’t this little guy say he was a rabbit just a moment ago, how did it suddenly changed to a cat?

Somehow, the fragmented scenes of the previous world vaguely flashed by the little koi’s mind and he really was a cat on that world before. Pei Lie already felt somewhat speechless, and felt like laughing inside once more, then said: “Good kitty, the fur will be more beautiful after a wash.”

“Humph,” The little koi haughtily raised his head up high: “You will address me as Your Majesty cat!”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Pei Lie restrained his smile and conscientiously remedied his words, “Is it alright for me to serve you in bath?”

The little koi subconsciously took on a kitty’s posture, slightly lowering his waist and raising his buttocks up high, then also licked his hand just like a kitty licking it’s paw. He went to bed in his half demon form with the fish tail before, so only a single piece of cotton shirt without any underwear was worn. The cotton shirt drenched by the water stuck to his body and appeared translucent, giving a clear view of the entire waistline and the thigh’s contour. Pei Lie who could even see his adorably latent pillar and beautiful de|vice*, had the blood of his entire body heat up.

*I tried to syllabicate it.

Raw word count: 3411

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