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Ch 97: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 97: The hitman’s little koi 11 (part 1/2)

After rushing to the first floor, Pei Lie could only see people passing through the street, but not a single trace of the youth’s figure at all. He subconsciously clenched his fists and slightly narrowed his eyes. The eyes were as sharp and cold as a knife.  

The little koi did not encounter any unexpected incident, but was very coincidentally ‘taken away’ by the same person once more.   

Arthur never expected to see Chen Tong like that again so soon. He had just been talking about a business matter with another person in the coffee shop. He then noticed the youth standing in front of the glass window and looking at the various desserts displayed inside right at the end of the talk.

Akin to a lonely stray cat, silently standing in place without hindering the flow of people, with slightly drooping ears, meekly and quietly expressing it’s expectation and longing. Arthur couldn’t help but feel softhearted. The brain hadn’t responded yet, when his body had already taken action. He swiftly got up and opened the door, then went in front of the youth with large strides.

“Little guy,” Arthur then asked the same question he raised when he ran across the youth in the cruise ship before: “Did you get lost again?”

The youth seemed to have been given a scare due to the sudden sound of this voice, as he abruptly looked up. His gaze happened to come in contact with the eyes of Arthur.

Those pair of eyes were very wide, but lacked it’s former vigor. The pale skin appeared transparent under the sun, the lips were also pursed, the vigilant look on his face was even higher than the last time. Which inevitably caused Arthur to knit his brows, only after looking down, did he actually realize that the other person didn’t have any footwear, causing the delicate feet to be covered with grime.

Chen Tong immediately took a step back, just as he lifted his feet with the intention to turn tail, Arthur’s hand swiftly grab a hold of his arm, “We’ve met before, ……can’t you remember me?”

The blank expression of the youth made Arthur suddenly feel as if he understood something, he paused for a moment the spoke once again: “Come in and take a seat, ok? I’ll help you find a pair of shoes, ……Not wearing any shoes, will hurt your feet.”

In fact, Chen Tong’s feet had already been injured, every step he took seemed like stepping on the tip of a knife, but the uneasiness in his heart had far overwhelmed the pain in his body. He didn’t even know who he is, any person who goes through this kind of thing will certainly panic. Thinking back to the startled and furious expression Pei Lie used to look at him before the elevator had completely closed, unexpectedly gave him a sense of uneasiness as if he had faintly done something wrong, but didn’t know where this kind of unease originated.

This coffee shop was specially opened by Arthur in order to have a convenient place to discuss about business matters, and could be regarded as his private site. Arthur pulled Chen Tong inside the shop, and made him take a seat on the sofa by the window, he then squatted down and tried to check his feet.

A scene suddenly flashed through Chen Tong’s mind. He remembered that there used to be a person who squatted down and held his feet for an examination, with great affection and fondness, which couldn’t help but make his heart pound.

This scene gave him a sense of shock, but the person in this scene doesn’t really seem to be Arthur who was in front of him, that he subconsciously pulled back and avoided Arthur’s hand.

Arthur has already seen the traces of blood under the grime that was stuck on the soles of the youth’s feet. So, he let his subordinate immediately call over a private doctor in a low voice. The doctor quickly arrived, the shop assistant had also brought over a brand new pair of slip-on shoes for men, even though the size were slightly bigger for Chen Tong, but it could still be worn.

The feet of the little koi that were transformed from a fish tail were very delicate, just the friction made by walking on the smooth pavement already caused harm. After the grime were washed away by hydrogen peroxide, the blood started to bleed once more, which inevitably caused Chen Tong’s body stiffen.

A normal person would inevitably feel uneasy when seeing himself bleeding. Moreover, the bigger the wound is, the more likely it would bleed. Seeing more and more blood oozing out during the disinfection process, couldn’t help but make Arthur raise a hand to cover the youth’s eyes.

Chen Tong immediately smelt the scent of a man’s cologne from the other person’s cuff.

The scent was very pleasant. But not only did he have an inexplicable feeling that this should not have been the smell, he even felt that it should be like the cold night wind along with a strong masculine taste, which could seize his senses with a pervasive force.

The youth’s long lashes slightly fluttered for a few times. In Arthur’s perspective, it felt similar to a pair of butterfly wings, which would fly away at any given moment. After sensing the increasing frequency of the flutters of the long lashes, Arthur used his other hand to hold onto Chen Tong’s hand, “Don’t be afraid, the pain will soon be gone.”

A blurry scene unexpectedly flashed through Chen Tong’s mind once more. He vaguely recalled that there was also a person who held his hand while telling him not to be afraid, with an absolute certainty in his tone.

After being bandaged completely, Arthur didn’t know why he also felt a huge sense of relief. He soon after turned towards the counter, then took two slices of cheesecake and a warm cup of milk, and placed them on the tabletop not too far from the youth with a slightly tempting approach, “Do you want to have a taste?”

Chen Tong didn’t make any movements, so Arthur slowly pushed the cake towards him, and said once more: “The taste is very good, it’s the signature of the shop.”

Small animals were very vigilant when eating something, and requires a very huge amount of patience. So Arthur calmly and patiently looked at the youth, while taking a step back as well.

The sweet scent gradually drifted over, but another scene flashed pass Chen Tong’s mind. The content was of him going after the back of a man in order to eat cake, in exchange of the indulgent touch of the other side afterwards.

Unfortunately, this was too fleeting, that he still couldn’t see the face of the man. Chen Tong felt himself grow a bit anxious, so much that he experienced a dull ache on his head. But he persistently clenched his teeth, and tried to think harder in order to clearly see the appearance of the man in the scene.

Right until Pei Lie’s face reappeared before him once more.

The sky quickly grew dark. Arthur helped Chen Tong put on the shoes, then helped him stand up, but just as he was about to open the door of the car for him to get on, it was at this moment when he noticed Pei Lie’s lofty figure standing on an inconspicuous corner, which undoubtedly caused him to pause for a brief moment. As a person in the army, he had unexpectedly been unable to detect when the other side had appeared, which implies that the other’s skills were simply unfathomable.

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