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Ch 97: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 97: The hitman’s little koi 11 (part 2/2)

Pei Lie located Chen Tong’s whereabouts by invading the monitoring system of every road, then immediately rushed over with the quickest speed, and happened to witness the moment when Chen Tong took the cake Arthur had offered. After that, he silently stood in the dark, and remained completely still for a long time.

He likes the darkness, to be more precise, he is used to the darkness, because it is more convenient to kill and hide. He reached out to touch the gun he carried at all times, then clenched the handle of the gun tightly, and repeatedly rubbed the gun with his index finger.

This is the manifestation of his irritable feelings, the guns could normally help him keep calm.

Pei Lie used to take out all his guns when he becomes extremely irritable due to his obsessive-compulsive behaviour in the past, disassembling and assembling them one after another. He has quite a lot of guns, with a compatibility to the weather and firepower in all kinds of distances. He can even recall who each has killed. From a hitman’s perspective, killing is the best solution to any problems. The close interactions between Chen Tong and Arthur was already enough to give Pei Lie an urge to fire his gun. He then spoke in a low voice which sounded just like a warning: “Tong Tong, come here.”

The great hitman put away his gentleness, without the slightest intention of concealing his frosty and sharp temperament, and didn’t make any actions to conceal his profession as a hitman as well. He didn’t have to worry about being exposed, because he does not exist from an official’s point of view. He has quite a lot of fake identities, but his real identity is not in any file or record, along with his blood type, fingerprints, DNA, image profile and so on.  

Chen Tong tried to move his feet, but immediately felt a stinging pain, that he halted from his tracks once more. But Pei Lie didn’t have any knowledge of the injuries on his feet, so the body’s sense of oppression continued to extend. He actually went as far as to take out and stroke the smooth body of the gun, directly showing the little koi his trump card, “Tong Tong, for the safety of the man beside you, I advise you to come over right now.”

The second half of the sentence which would certainly have been the two words ‘or else’ were left unfinished, Chen Tong raised his eyes to see Pei Lie take his time in loading the gun with bullets, then rack the gun afterwards.

The great hitman was very pleased with this sound at that moment. The kacha sound, was the sound of danger, he then looked over with the sight. The little koi pursed his lips, and finally walked in front of Pei Lie, even though the speed was a bit slow due to pain.

As a matter of fact, Pei Lie never had the intention to fire the gun. Because the youth exists in the softest place in his heart. He had killed quite a lot of people, but he was not foolish enough to shoot himself through the heart.

How much danger an emotion poses to a hitman, was something Pei Lie knows better than anyone. He had once killed a colleague who was lead astray because of love with his own hands. A hitman was similar to a concealed weapon, any kind of small mistake can lead to his ruin. Emotions are like bombs that can blow up at any time, a bit of inattentiveness will cause it to disappear like a puff of smoke.

Pei Lie actually thought of giving up when he was in the middle of looking for the little koi. After all, the little koi was a demon spirit and was very different from humans, not only does he require constant care, but more importantly, if the amnesia cannot be managed, then he might never be able to return a feeling equivalent to his forever.

Pei Lie clenched his teeth and told himself that as long as he turns around, go back upstairs to clean everything up and smash all the fish tanks, then everything can return to the right track once more. He will continue his life as a hitman. The little koi who was still unable to recall himself, will not remember the kisses and hugs they had, so there will be no feeling of sadness due to the loss, and will still be able to continue on living well like before.  

Pei Lie stood at the roadside. His back facing the afterglow of the setting sun, with most of his face enshrouded by the shadows. A gust of wind blew, but he suddenly felt like he couldn’t open his eyes, in addition to having the bittern taste of heartache. Only then did he realize that the rim of his eyes had inexplicably become teary for the first time in his life.

He still couldn’t bear to let go. This was probably his predestined fate, or retribution for taking away so many lives.

As the darkness in the sky deepened, Pei Lie gradually regained his calmness on his way home with the little koi. The little koi had pursed his lips because of the white floccule which finally made it’s appearance, no words were exchanged on the entire way back. Pei Lie parked the car, then held the youth’s hand and lead him to the elevator, and didn’t let go until the elevator dinged. After opening the door, he finally couldn’t help but take the initiative to speak: “Tong Tong, I……”

But the expression on his face abruptly changed at this time.

He then pressed the little koi on the ground, completely shielding him with his body, and raised his hand to fire a few shots. The ear-piercing gunshots made Chen Tong’s mind somewhat disconcerted for a brief moment. Pei Lie, on the other hand controlled his breath while listening to the breathing of the several strangers present, and roughly determined that there were at least 5 to 6 men waiting to ambush him in the surrounding, waiting for him to walk right in the trap.

The situation instantly became so urgent, demanding immediate attention. Chen Tong who was pushed behind the cabinet by Pei Lie, then heard the sound of another series of intensive gunshots. Smoke began to spread, along with the smell of blood which also spread through the air. The black veil of death assaulted his senses, he could even feel hot liquid splashing onto his face. The bullet shot by Pei Lie accurately pierced through the heart of the killer on the front left, causing blood to splatter like a red fountain

The other person on the right had just attempted a sneak attack, but was now lying on the floor due to being shot on the spine. Pei Lie fired the two remaining bullets in the gun into the person’s head, causing red-white liquid to spill on the floor. The smell of blood was so strong that it made people sick.

Chen Tong sat up against the wall, and witnessed Pei Lie expressionlessly kick away the bloody body after shooting the bullet. His frigid expression was similar to the god of death that came out from hell. This bloody scene seemed to solidify and turn into a still picture, making Chen Tong momentarily feel an illusion of stillness and suffocation, yet the sound of his breath and heartbeat were so clear and strong.

Pei Lie got shot in the shoulder. But he didn’t seem to feel it at all, as he loaded the bullets into his gun after taking cover in another cabinet. He could no longer sense the breath of other living beings in the surroundings, but still knew that the killers lying in wait has not been completely disposed. The unexpected sound of a loud explosion resounded at this moment, accompanied by intense shaking, which caught people by surprise.

The noise was as formidable as an earthquake. The walls shook, followed by the paralysis of the power system. Only the hallway lights remained flickering on and off. Pei Lie leaped towards Chen Tong irregardless of danger and made a decisive decision: “Jump out from the window.”

A device similar to a parachute was swiftly brought out, the equipment was quickly fastened to the body of the youth, as he comfortingly said: “Tong Tong, don’t be frightened, put it on your back, you only need to press the red button to land safely……”

But Chen Tong turned his hand over and grab a hold of Pei Lie’s arm, “Then what about you?”

The concern revealed in the words of the youth unexpectedly made Pei Lie to momentarily pause in such a critical time, who then spoke in a low voice: “There are still two people left to be solved. I will immediately follow once I completely deal with them. You go out the window first, there isn’t enough time……”

“Since there’s not enough time, then fire one shot,” Chen Tong went against expectations and actually picked up the gun from the dead body, then bravely and determinedly declared: “I can use spiritual perception to find out where they are hiding, we can jump together afterwards!”

Pei Lie had formerly thought of countless possibilities, in what would happen once the youth was brought back by him through threatening means, and what would happen when he personally saw the scene of him killing a person, as well as thinking of the possibility that he might not stay with him anymore. But now, he actually took the initiative to standby and fight alongside him. Making him come to a realization that the youth, was in fact, not a greenhouse flower that needs his protection, but a powerful demon spirit that has a self-protection ability.

The author has something to say: The following is sweet and will not have any abuse~

At the beginning of the novel, I stated that I would write six worlds. The last arc was set to be the Little Phoenix, but now there is a cute thing to write so it will be added to the seven worlds. I hope everyone will forgive me~

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