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Ch 99: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Chapter 99: The hitman’s little koi 13 (part 1 of 3)

The little koi who had been lapped on couldn’t help but stiffen, while simultaneously trying to pull back his foot. Unfortunately, the was held in a tight grip by the other side, and was simply unable to move a bit.

Once something had been done, doing it again will inexplicably become logical. Pei Lie originally felt that his actions seemed a little perverted. But the embarrassed and flustered expression of the youth looked too adorable, that not only did he not loosen his hand, he even used his teeth, to nip with a force that was neither too heavy nor light.

A slight tingling sensation similar to an electric current suddenly rushed up from the little koi’s toe, making him uncontrollably shudder. He softly voiced out: “Wu, dirty, loosen your mouth……”

However, in Pei Lie’s perspective, there was nothing cleaner in this world than his baby. He even lapped on the brilliantly glossy toenails of the little koi, then eventually turned his attention to the instep. Printing a couple of lovely and colorful kiss marks on top of the white instep.

A man, especially such a powerful man like Pei Lie, who would willing lower himself to kiss the instep of his sweetheart, is sufficient enough to illustrate his wholehearted devotion and affection for him. However, unlike a normal person, the feet of the little koi can be regarded as the second most sensitive place on his entire body. As soon as it became too unbearable, the pair of feet unexpectedly transformed into a fishtail with a swish. He then raised his large tail and unrestrainedly swatted Pei Lie’s head with a pa.

The tail of the little koi was actually as soft as his body, even if the strike of this tail looks heavy, but Pei Lie didn’t feel a wee bit of pain at all. The gauze like tail carried a trace of the moist and refreshing sea breeze, along with a light sweet taste of wind brushing on the face. This scent made Pei Lie very addicted, just like a unique pheromone that could fascinate and intoxicate him.

The great hitman had really wanted to touch this beautiful fishtail since a long time ago, but never found an opportunity. This strike of the little koi was just in line with his intentions, as he immediately seized this opportunity and placed it in his arms. The golden scales was a bit cold to touch, yet warm as jade, and looks just like diamonds under the light’s illumination. It was so beautiful, that it can even be thought of having the capability to seize the soul.

Sad to say, the tip of the large tail had a large expanse of inflamed area. This, in all likelihood should be the injured foot of the little koi when it transforms into human feet. Pei Lie gently touched the area outside the inflamed spot, and also moved closer to blow on it. But this was actually more unbearable for the little koi than the touches on the feet, so he couldn’t restrain from letting out a faint whimper.

This whimper sounded similar to a sultry and seductive moan. Chen Tong never expected that the fishtail would actually be more sensitive compared to the pair of legs, that even the scales of that lower area reacted, which trembled slightly in an attempt to straighten up.

He immediately felt embarrassed and angry. But the entire fishtail was firmly ensconced in the arms of the other side, and couldn’t struggle free. Hence, the little koi simply turned back to his prototype in the end.

With a flash of white light, Pei Lie only felt his arms become empty. The large tail he was holding in his arms disappeared all of a sudden. Only a smaller than a palm little koi with bright golden scales which seems to glisten showed up, bringing along half a hand’s cup of water with it, and was lively fluttering about in his palm. His wanton licks and touches just a moment ago probably made the little koi very unhappy, as it swiftly flickered it’s tail, splashing beads of water on his entire face, then furiously reared it’s tiny head afterwards.

However, Pei Lie didn’t have the spare time to think whether the little guy was angry or not, as his entire attention was placed in hastily looking for a fish tank for the apple of his eye in the cup of his hands, for fear that the water would run dry and lead to it’s lack of oxygen. Fortunately, the coffee table had a huge cup of water on top, which had just been filled with tepid water. So, he hastily placed the little koi in it.

The sleepy, weary and sick little koi, directly sank down and fell asleep at the bottom of the cup in his fish form.

Pei Lie silently sat on the side and looked at it, his eyes were so sticky that it seemed as if he was giving it a light kiss. After patiently waiting for the little koi to fall in a deep sleep, he softly and quietly moved the cup to the top of the bedside table, then went to the bathroom to wash up.

The washing efficiency of the great hitman has always been very high, that he quickly finished washing up. He raised his hand to take a bath towel and tied it around his waist, then brushed his teeth in front the sink, leaving his upper body bare. The tall body was full of strong and fine muscles, which contains tension and a sense of beauty, along with countless scars.

Being the number one hitman was definitely not an easy task. Pei Lie’s body contained lash marks, knife wounds, bullet holes and other scar marks that couldn’t be easily distinguished with the eyes. It could be said that everything that should be here is here. But when he raised his eyes to look at the gunshot wound on his shoulder as well as the hole made by the steel reinforcement bar he obtained today in the mirror, both places were smooth and clean just like being rejuvenated.

Pei Lie touched the place the bullet penetrated the shoulder, and reminisced about the miraculous gradual healing of the wound at that time. The bullet that entered the body automatically disappeared, then the lost blood was imperceptibly replenished, the feeling was similar to the complete resurrection in a game. Even the fatigue on the muscles had practically been washed away. However, Pei Lie’s mind was not at peace at all, because he clearly remembered that the complexion of the little koi turned extremely pallid after he was cured. This ability was also too powerful and incredible, if by any chance this will be known by other people, perhaps the youth would have to face extremely terrible situations.

The organization of hitmen, that Pei Lie was affiliated to was the one who orchestrated the assassination attempt today. Even though all those killers were unfamiliar faces, but from the explosives set and the method of ambush, were all the usual techniques of the organization.

——The only doubtful point of Pei Lie was the assassination attempt which came too quickly, and was completely unlike the style of the ‘General’.

He received a message at noon, containing a series of garbled characters, and looks just like nonsense characters displayed when a software fails to render the text according to its intended character encoding. After quickly reorganizing the characters, the message was soon deciphered. It was a direct order from the ‘General’, commanding him to return to the organization at once.

The ‘General’ is the leader of the entire organization. Under normal circumstances, the organization would never directly issue an order message to a hitman, most of which would be carried out by the intelligence officers. The intelligence officers would decipher the mission’s content coming from the organization, then deliver it to the particular hitman through various secret methods afterward. Not only can this prevent the information of the organization from leaking, but this can also prevent the hitman from obtaining the mission’s information in advance, not listening to the dispatch and acting independently.

Pei Lie understands what the direct order from the ‘General’ means. Not only were the three missions he needed to do for free in order to withdraw from the organization overruled, but it was also an ultimatum. ——If he doesn’t go back, he will be faced with a month-long of assassination, and he can only leave if he survives pass this assassination attempts.

This ultimatum takes effect in 36 hours. In other words, the organization will only execute the annihilation plan after 36 hours has passed. Pei Lie had once served as an ‘exterminator’ in the past, and struck the target through close tracking. However, only 5 hours has passed from him receiving the message to encountering the assassination attempt. Not to mention the routes needed to be planned in advance, as well as the time needed to hide the explosives, making all of it seem like it was premeditated from a much earlier time. Something had most likely gone wrong within the organization, and even the ‘General’ might have already been overthrown.

Pei Lie switched the lights off. His eyes slightly narrowed in the dark, his silent figure unconsciously exuded a dangerous feeling. He thoroughly checked the gun in his hand one more time, then sat on the bed and slightly on it’s headboard, then looked down and spoke to the little koi that was sound asleep: “Tong Tong, we’ll be having a month long honeymoon trip. What do you say?”

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