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Ch 99: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 99: The hitman’s little koi 13 (part 2 of 3)

The early mornings in Philadelphia has a slightly cooler temperature.

In the early season of autumn, the streets were full of a sense of serenity peculiar to the months of autumn, that even the fountain in the middle of the street gives out a sense of calmness, with a water flow that was neither fast nor slow. Located next to the fountain is a restaurant with a simple decor, but had a very great public reputation. The early morning meal rush hour has already passed, so a rare calmness descended in the restaurant, only a few customers on different tables were scattered around. A tall man of Asian descent entered the restaurant at this time, who quickly and unobtrusively scanned the entire area once, and eventually walked towards an empty area to the corner of the back door afterwards.

No one in this place paid any heed to the ordinary man that came over for a meal. Only that pretty-looking waitress leaning on the counter noticed the other person the moment he walked passed the entrance, her eyes immediately followed him closely and couldn’t move away.

This man is Pei Lie, the little koi which was still asleep, was transferred by him to a newly purchased small semi-circular fish tank, to always be by his side.

This seat chosen by Pei Lie has a clear view of all the activities inside and outside the premises, and provides an easy escape route in case a situation arises. The scrutiny given by that waitress was instantly perceived by him, making him subconsciously think that the other party was a tracker sent by the organization, so he secretly raised his vigilance at once. But he soon realized that she was just an ordinary woman who inexplicably generated a ‘sexual interest’ towards him, so there was no need for caution at all.

——Oh, my, god! This man truly suits her taste! This type is her absolute favorite!

As the blonde waitress was already screaming inside, her eyes that were looking towards Pei Lie direction had also become increasingly intense. In her countless experiences in reading people, she could ascertain that the body under the other party’s clothes was definitely packed with strong muscles. The person’s age should be around 29 or 30, which was precisely the peak period of a man’s virility. Even though the person is from the Orient, but the facial lines were as deep and angular as the Westerners, with an appearance that appears resolute yet calm. In addition to the long and narrow eyes which were the unique charm to the Oriental people.

The only strange thing was that he actually brought along a small fish tank. The big hand carrying the fish tank was so stable, that there was no movement of the water surface throughout the entire journey from the entrance until he reached the seat. He then gently set the small fish tank on the table afterwards.

Rarely could she come across this kind of man that suit’s her taste. Exuding such dangerous sex appeal from head to toe. He also seems to be single, which made the waitress want to directly charge forward to ask for his contact number. She took a service tray and went to ask Pei Lie what he wanted to order while trying to feign nonchalance, then received the answer of poached egg with grilled toast and a bowl of oatmeal.

The breakfast content he ordered was very simple, and was the combination used by the local people. Even his accent sounded quite typical as well. His every movement reveals good etiquette, in addition to the elegant and neat temperament, which couldn’t help but cause the waitress to feel more interested.

During the moments when the great hitman who constantly treads in the darkest area is not taking lives, his temperament will actually turn simple and neat. Such as this moment, when he is just sitting peacefully, and is calmly waiting for his breakfast. There was definitely nothing that could associate him to a bloody killer. His slightly lowered head and focused attention towards the fish tank had instead made him look like a gentle, kind and devout Christian.

And it was the way he looked at the fish tank that made the waitress resist the temptation of asking his contact number or seduce him.

The gaze Pei Lie used to look at the little fish in the tank was truly overflowing with deep love.

That little fish was definitely left by his ex-girlfriend, ——She decisively concluded. Although an affectionate man is good, but it is also the hardest to tackle. The capture index would definitely be the highest star.

The waitress couldn’t help but feel somewhat depressed and dejected, right until the food was served to Pei Lie. She reluctantly looked at him for a few more times, and took a brief look at the little fish as well. That brief look triggered a surge of murderous impulse in Pei Lie. The golden colored little fish sleeping at the bottom of the tank, truly looks very cute and beautiful, but just then, the waitress actually saw the little fish up it’s tiny belly a little bit!

In her cognition, fishes will only have it’s belly upwards when they die, so she couldn’t help but immediately cry out, “Sir, your little fish, it……”

But was calmly interrupted by Pei Lie: “It only changed it’s sleeping position.” Then frowned slightly, and directly issued words that was intended to drive others away, “……I don’t need any service here”

In fact, the great hitman also felt somewhat speechless about the little koi who could turn it’s belly upwards.

When he woke up and opened his eyes in the morning, he immediately noticed that the little koi had actually turned to a belly-up position, and immediately felt frightened, so frightened that his hands and feet became a bit cold, but strenuously tried to stay calm. Only then did he discover something wrong, because the little koi didn’t float up to the surface of the water at all, but still remained at the bottom of the cup, and seemed to still be in a deep sleep.

As expected, the little guy moved after a short time later, smacking it’s mouth as if it dreamed of something delicious, then slightly flapped it’s pectoral fins. Pei Lie then realized that this little koi would unexpectedly change it’s sleeping position unconsciously after falling into a deep sleep similar to humans. It would even occasionally move to lie on it’s back or lie on it’s side from time to time, that he couldn’t help but be somewhat in between tears and laughter.

The little koi had eventually been woken up by the shouting sound of this waitress, it then shook it’s tail in an exasperatingly slow motion to straighten itself up. Pei Lie had also finished eating his breakfast quickly. So he took the fish tank as well as the packaged cheese sandwich and blueberry juice meant for the little koi, then left the restaurant and got on the car.

The destination Pei Lie wanted to head to is San Francisco.

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