Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 167: The Second Meeting!

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The next day…

Yuuto went back to Richard’s garden, just like the day before.

[Hmm. I can’t find a single group of monsters… Did I overdo it yesterday, killing so many monsters at the same time? We’ve been here for a while, but we haven’t found a single monster.] (Yuuto)

For over 30 minutes, they are unsuccessfully looking for large groups of monsters.

But in this place they found only solitary monsters, which, seeing them, instantly escaped, which was completely different from yesterday.

There were no traces of monsters.

[Strange, but I don’t smell the monsters.] (Spica)

[You have never heard the story that species of magical monsters have multiple habitats, and if their natural enemies, like a dragon, when they appear near their habitats, they completely move elsewhere.] (Sylphia)

[Wait a minute. But wasn’t it just the fairies who originally lived in this place? If so, then this story makes no sense…] (Yuuto)

[Um… Master… I think Sylphia meant that fairies could classify the master as their natural enemy and escape Richard’s garden…] (Spica)

[…] (Yuuto)

Due to this conclusion, Yuuto fell into a stupor.

The fairies were frightened by Yuuto’s presence and, having decided that it was best to leave Richard’s garden for a while, made a Great Escape at night.

By the way, for fairies to decide to leave their base because of a single person, considering it their natural enemy, has become an unprecedented event in the history of this world.

[Well, let’s look for them a little more, as I have to make a lot of efforts to get here. Moreover, we cannot exclude the possibility that today we are simply unlucky to find them.] (Yuuto)

Considering it took over two hours to get here, it would be extremely disappointing to return home empty-handed.

Thinking like that, Yuuto decided to resume his research again.



With enviable tenacity, Yuuto roamed the area in search of fairies, but never found any of them.

I wonder if this can be called the reverse effect of his “mass slaughter” which he organized yesterday?

This was a great experience for Yuuto, from which he learned many lessons.

[Damn… Konoe Yuuto!] (Michael)

Although Yuuto’s fairy quests were unsuccessful, he again found an incredible guy.

* The Legendary Blood Wizard – Michael *, who, upon seeing Yuuto, released a voice full of anger.

[Hmm? Is that you again? If my memory doesn’t fail me, yesterday you said you came here for some specific purpose, right?] (Yuuto)

[Ha, so I told you everything! It’s unfortunate, but now we’re in the middle of an ultra-secret mission that no one should know about…] (Michael)

[Ma-y-kl!!!] (Michael)

[Bogeee!] (Michael)

Before Michael could say a word…

An incredibly powerful blow was delivered to his back.

[Kha… Shit… Do you have muscles in the brain? Are you trying to kill me?!] (Michael)

[Naturally, I wanted to kill you. With my abilities, it won’t be hard for me to resurrect your corpse.] (Sophia)

Suddenly, right in front of Yuuto appeared, * The Legendary Blood Sage – Sophia *.

It was evident that in Sylphia’s attacks there was a huge force.

[Well, why are you always so cruel? Not only do you always try to solve everything with the help of force, but you have completely lost all shame?!] (Michael)

[Ah? What are you talking about?] (Sophia)

“[About this! You wear a miniskirt so short that with the slightest breath you can see it all! You purposely dressed to seduce this Yuuto bastard, am I right?!] (Michael)

[Where do you think you’re looking?] (Sophia)

[Bugeeee!!!] (Michael)

Sophia, in a reverse gear, pressed her foot to Michael’s face.

{Well, if you look closely at these two, they’re unlikely to be called bad people.} (Yuuto)

Watching this couple’s conversation, Yuuto decided not to go into detail, but still asked a question:

[This… are you on a secret mission? Is it possible that you two ended up in some way related to your task?] (Yuuto)

[ […] ] * (Sophia and Michael) *

When YUuto asked this question, Sophia and Michael instantly fell silent, resulting in an awkward silence.

[Not that I was getting into your business, but maybe I can help you? The fact is that I was on a mission to hunt some demonic fairies, and Richard’s garden was the ideal place for that, but suddenly they all suddenly disappeared…] (Yuuto)

[Do you really want to join us? If you do that, there is little risk that you too are in danger.] (Sophia)

[Do not worry about it. We are able to take care of ourselves.] (Yuuto)

Yuuto simply could not return home empty-handed after he went hunting.

But if he now does the * Legendary Blood * a favor, then in the future, perhaps, he can reap his benefits from it.

[There is? What the hell are you talking about ?! You are an enemy of * Legendary Blood* !!!] (Michael)

[Huh? When did I get to become your enemy?] (Yuuto)

[Don’t play dumb! Do you think I forgot how you got away from me and sided with the demons when we fought Beelzebub?!] (Michael)

[Ah, you are talking about it. Michael, you misunderstood me.] (Yuuto)

[What?!] (Michael)

[For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a person or a demon, as long as it’s a pretty girl, I’ll always be by her side.] (Yuuto)

Having heard Michael’s question, Yuuto simply replied that he always takes the side of beauty.