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Certificate of Conformity Chapter 13

Here’s Chapter 13 of COC

Translator: Cheerydandan

1.13- The thousand year Spare Tire (13)

It’s so hot…

Chen Heng felt that he was in a particularly strange circumstance. His body was pressed down and he felt a little breathless. Then something slipped on his body. It was sticky and moist to the touch.

This feeling made him feel uncomfortable. As if he was being wrapped around a cold snake, it was suffocating.

What is it?

With an inhuman perseverance, the man slowly opened a heavy eyelid, but his sight seemed to be hazy and foggy, everything felt like an illusion. When the fog in his eyes dissipated, he saw that the young man who he relaxed his guard on, was currently pressing on his body. His fair face currently dyed with a red flush and his clear eyes blurred.

He was actually in—

Like the cold sound from the depths of hell, can freeze one’s body in a moment

“What are you doing?!”

A shudder passed through the bottom of his heart. Xia Ming spat out the protrusion in his mouth. Eyes full of *[1] looking straight at the man under him, he said in a tired voice “You’re awake?” It was faster than he thought and caused his body to become more excited.

Chen Heng frowned and sensitively noticed that there was something hard against him. The other side appeared to let him know his desire for him and also deliberately used that place to rub on him.

Both of them are adults. Chen Heng naturally knew what this meant.

A chilled flashed through his eyes and he thought sarcastically. He had really underestimated this young man.

“You want to top me?”

It may be because he was trying to suppress his anger, but the man’s voice lost the former gentleness. He intentionally lowered his voice to sound obscene and bewitching making a person blush in a heartbeat.

Xia Ming’s white cheeks flashed a thin red, with a soothing tone: “Su Yi, I like you very much, I will make you comfortable.”  He has long been clamoring to possess the man under him but upon facing the other’s calm eyes, Xia Ming unknowingly still had some reservations.

Thinking back to it, the other side was locked in chains which made it impossible to resist. The tension in his heart faded and he was again beginning to stir.

Despite his current disadvantage, Chen Heng is not afraid of what the other party will do to him. He even showed a soft smile to the youth.

Calmly, he replied: “I can cooperate with you”


Xia Ming’s eyes showed a surprised and incredulous look.

When Chen Heng saw it, the smile on his eyes deepened. “I like you very much. If I am hugged by you, I don’t think I will be disgusted.” Because he is forced, he will not receive the punishment of the scum system. But being treated in this way is a sign of weakness, and he will never accept it.

“But before that, I want to smoke a cigarette. “

Seeing the young man in front of him looking at himself with a dubious look, Chen Heng adjusted his posture to purposefully let Xia Ming’s eyes see more of the marks on his body.

Xia Ming’s breathing suddenly intensified and his voice became urgent “Okay, I’ll get it for you”

After he finished speaking, the youth was still uneasy. He turned around and viciously warned Chen Heng: “You better not think of running away, or else I’ll rape you.”

Cheng Heng nodded gently. The action made a clanking sound with the chains on his body.

Watching the youth’s figure leave, his smiling expression began to cool.

It took only one minute and Xia Ming was running back. His delicate nose was covered with a thin layer of sweat and slightly gasping, he handed the cigarette to Chen Heng’s mouth. Chen Heng’s thin lips were slightly open and held the cigarette in his mouth. While the youth lit the cigarette for him, he suddenly spoke: “Do you think the cufflinks I wore today look good?”

Xia Ming subconsciously moved his eyes to Chen Heng’s cuffs, “Well. “

Just as the youth looked up, Chen Heng suddenly made a snap in front of his eyes.

Chen Heng’s dark electric eyes tightly locked on the blank gaze of Xia Ming. His voice was dark: “Help me unlock the chains”

The youth was like a lost soul and as he said, the youth’s body stiffly walked to the cupboard next to him, opened a drawer and pulled out a key. He then walked back to Chen Heng’s side like a ghost and helped him unlock the heavy chains.

As soon as his hands and feet were free, Chen Heng took a moment to move his limbs. He removed the cigarette butt that was lit in his hands and patted the youth’s face gently.

“Now help me find a set of clothes”

Xia Ming brought over a set of clothes.

Chen Heng squashed the cigarette tip and took the clothes. He changed in front of Xia Ming, who was too skinny, so the clothes were a tight fit on himself but he could make do with it. When he was dressed neatly, he smiled and hinted, “You asked me to come to your house today. It’s late, I’m going back to rest, you send me out.”


Mechanically responding, Xia Ming personally opened the door for Chen Heng.

When the butler saw Xia Ming sending Chen Heng out so soon, he had some doubts: “Young Master, why are you out?”

The youth’s eyes were blank. “It’s late. Su Yi is going home.”

The old butler subconciously looked at the sky. Bewildered, he touched his nose, “Oh.”

Chen Heng smiled and nodded to the old butler then walked side by side with Xia Ming to the gate.

The fretwork carved iron door in front of the two people slowly opened, Chen Heng turned his head to Xia Ming, “You can leave me here”

Snap! Chen Heng skillfully snapped his finger and began to speak in a deep magnetic voice: “What happened today was just a dream, when I leave, you will forget everything.”

After giving a final instruction to the youth, Chen Heng, under the watchful gaze of Xia Ming, walked out the gate step by step.

A gust of wind blew. Xia Ming blinked slightly. He slowly bowed his head, looking at his feet dazed.

Why is he here?

Inwardly wondering, the butler came over with a coat and draped it over Xia Ming’s shoulders. “Young Master, why are you still standing here? Go back, it’s windy.”


The youth responded in a low voice and walked back with the housekeeper. After a few steps, he asked out: “Uncle Zhao, just a moment ago, where was I going?”

“Young Master, have you forgotten? Didn’t you just send the guest away?”


The old butler looked at the confused youth, only to see that the other man felt sick again. He shook his head and sighed. “It wasn’t an important guest, forget it.”

Xia Ming kept silent.

He had forgotten things before, he always felt there was something amiss but he couldn’t think of anything. He wanted to go back to his room to rest, but he saw two iron chains left in his bed.

The heavy iron chain on the palm of his hand gave a cold feeling. Xia Ming looked dazedly at the void and said nothing.

What the hell is going on? Why were there iron chains here?

Cigarette butt, scalpels, broken shirt, something must have happened here!

Thinking of this, Xia Ming’s eyes flashed a trace of color and called the butler to pull out all of the surveillance footage from today.

On the other side, Qi Wei stretched out his right hand and pulled his tie open and breathed a sigh of relief.

He opened his eyes and looked at the lightscreen. After the man got out the house, he took a taxi back home.

As soon as he got home, Chen Heng took off his clothes and went into the bathroom. The warm water soon soaked him all over. Qi Wei steadily stared at Chen Heng’s chest. The delicate and pliable chest was full of ambiguous red marks. Feelings of desire and envy entwined with each other and the young man’s face twisted into a sinister look.

As if sensing something, Chen Heng, who was bathing, suddenly looked straight into the direction of Qi Wei.

His dark eyes exuded a sharp gloomy color and Qi Wei’s heart almost fell to the pit of his stomach.

For a moment, he almost thought that Chen Heng knew that he was peeping at him.

Fortunately, the man quickly retracted his gaze and expressionlessly washed off the traces on his body. His obsidian eyes were filled murderous intent. Qi Wei couldn’t help but reveal the same obsessive look as Xia Ming, his hands reaching into the void wanting to touch Chen Heng’s body.

I really want to get him soon.

[1] This was here in the raws and I don’t know what to make of it. Something censored, I would guess.

T/N: Hi, so i’m picking up this novel since I love these types of novels >.<

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