Certificate of Conformity 18

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Chapter 18 -Face slapping the entertainment circle bigshot (2)

Su Jue wore a white shirt with a black waistcoat specially provided by the club. His fair jade-like face slightly hung down that his bangs covered the corners of his eyes. He stood quietly at the end as the dazzling rays of the crystal chandelier shone down. As if there were countless lights shining on him, he was born to be the center of attention.

The club manager who stood together with Su Jue completely became a prop and was reduced to the background.

At this point, the moving background prop showed a polite and fawning smile: “Mr. Chen, Do you need me to leave first?”

Chen Heng’s eyes were glued on to Su Jue. He didn’t reply but merely waved the manager to leave.

Waiting until the irrelevant person left, Chen Heng got up. Polished leather shoes silently brushed against the soft carpet as he slowly made his way to Su Jue.

Seeing no response from the youth, Chen Heng paused and lifted his chin.

Su Jue followed the action and raised his head. Snow-like flawless skin, delicate and feminine eyebrows, sharp straight nose, beautiful petal-like lips, beautifully combined facial features. Just like a priceless antique vase, it invokes the feeling of wanting to collect it.

However, the other’s indifferent nature repels people a thousand miles away adds a sense of invisible distance.

It was in sharp contrast with his appearance.

When Chen Heng saw Su Jue’s face, he understood why the original host fell in love at first sight.

Apart from the perfect skin-it was very rare to have such smooth, spotless, flawlessly clear, pinkish white skin- Su Jue’s looks, temperament and figure could be considered excellent.

His lips hooked up, showing the original host’s signature rougish smile. Chen Heng, huskily asked: “How old are you?”

The youth’s lips were pursed tightly and he didn’t answer. Chen Heng didn’t seem to mind, he only asked casually. He knew that Su Jue was 18 this year. The age where both youthfulness and willfulness were at the peak.

“Do you want to leave here?”

This time, Su Jue’s slender lashes moved and he finally spat a few words: “What are the conditions?”

When speaking to a smart person, there was no need to beat around the bush[1], the smile in Chen Heng’s eyes deepened “I want you.”

Although Su Jue was young, he wouldn’t misunderstand what the other party meant. After a few seconds of silence, he asked: “How long?”

“Ten years.”

The original host had agreed to sign a ten-year contract with Su Jue, but in the end, it only lasted for one year. Su Jue, the canary, broke away and flew from the cage. Chen Heng felt that the original host was very stupid. On the surface, the relationship between the original owner and Su Jue was one of a kept man and his patron. In reality, it was the original owner who got the short end of the stick[2] when he gave out all his money for love. As a result, the canary thought that this old meat[3] was difficult to get a bite of and headed out to climb a higher branch.

The original host’s ending was tragic. He not only had lost his entire fortune, but he was also put behind bars. Meng Changfeng saw that even though the original host was left with nothing[4] still continued to pester Su Jue, directly sent him to prison on baseless criminal charges and imprisoned him for five years.

There was a twinkle of amusement in Chen Heng’s eyes and he smiled as he continued saying: “You are now a poor noble son, in the future, you may become one of the top hosts here. Rather than sleeping with countless people, you might as well just be with me.” With a pause, he looked at the youth’s face. Under the bright lights, Su Jue’s pair of clear, gem-like eyes were devoid of emotion.

“I can let you continue to live the life you had before.” The youth’s reaction was so indifferent and calm that Chen Heng can’t help but consider his next words: “As far as I know, your house would be auctioned off soon. If you want, I could buy it.”

He had inherited all the memories of the original host. His impression was that although Su Jue had an elegant and noble appearance, he still had a simple and innocent temperament that belonged to his age. Was it because of the great changes in his life that he had quickly matured overnight and even learned how to hide his emotions?

When Chen Heng was thinking to himself, Su Jue finally made a sound, “Okay, I agree.”

This was the way the script should go. Chen Heng grinned and retracted his hand[5], “You can rest assured, I won’t treat you unfairly.”

All the things that happened next went smoothly. Chen Heng spent a lot of money to buy back Su Jue’s freedom and then brought him back to his villa.

The original host’s villa was located by the mountainside. Most people living in the area were either high-ranking officials, aristocrats, or famous entrepreneurs. The fact that Chen Heng lived there was a rare exception.

The original host did not know whether or not he should burn incense to his ancestors[6]. He had been originally poor and crude[7] although they had a lot of land. Afterwards, because of a demolition, he became a well-known rich man in the city.

When the original host had graduated high school, without even some weight on his stomach[8], he right away became a member of society. Normally, he would do as he pleases, freely investing, eating, drinking and playing around. Anyways he had enough money for him to live several lifetimes.

The original host’s whole family had already emigrated abroad. The original host also wanted to go but he had happened to have seen Su Jue before he was about to leave.

So he stayed and could only become a toad dreaming to eat swan meat[9]. The original host was also aware that this was only his daydream but unexpectedly, his daydream had come true.

Chen Heng pressed the cigarette in his hand and extinguished it in a crystal ashtray. He then carefully listened to the sounds in the bathroom.

The soundproofing of the villa was very good and no sounds could be heard.

Following the plot, the original host couldn’t help eating the canary on the first night he brought it back. But Chen Heng was not the original owner. He didn’t think anything would happen to Su Jue.

In the first world, Chen Heng did not sleep with Ou Yichen. At that time, it was nothing if he refused Ou Yichen’s advances and propositions. But in this story’s script, he had sex with Su Jue countless of times. If Su Jue would propose to do something, and if he refused, he didn’t know what this scum system would do.

The more Chen Heng thought about it, the more upset he was. His eyebrows creased similar into a 川  symbol. He couldn’t help but pull out another stick of cigarette and held it into his mouth.

As he was about to light the cigarette, a click was heard. The door to the bathroom had slightly opened, revealing a small gap. The sound of Su Jue’s clear cold and low-pitched voice was softly heard: “Can you get me some pajamas? I didn’t bring any clothes.”

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[1] Idiom: Going round the curves and skirting the corners

[2] Lose money instead of getting paid

[3] Coll. An experienced and well positioned middle age man aka sugardaddy

[4] Without two sticks to rub together

[5] He was still holding Su Jue’s chin, I think.

[6] A form of saying thanks.

[7] Poor and white; backwards both economically and culturally.

[8] 肚子里没二两货 which means that he still is new/pure to society.

[9] Wishful thinking; unrealistic aspirations.

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