Certificate of Conformity 21

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Face-slapping the Entertainment Circle Bigshot (5)

After formulating a plan, Chen Heng quickly contacted an aristocratic school for Su Jue.

He also seriously contemplated when choosing the aristocratic school. The students going in the school aren’t very rich but are noble. Once Su Jue falls in love, the background of his lover would surely not be worse than Meng Changfeng’s.

On his first day, Chen Heng personally sent Su Jue to school.

“I have prepared for you an apartment just outside of the school. If you can’t get used to the school, you can live there.”

Su Jue listened and hesitantly glanced at him, “I’m….not going to live with you?”

Chen Heng smiled and stroked his hair, “The villa is too far away from school. It’s inconvenient.” In reality, he just didn’t want to live with Su Jue.


“By the way, what kind of car would you like?”

Su Juie indifferently replied: “Anything would do.”

“Got it. I’ll have someone get your old car and drive it to you another day.”

After the bankruptcy of the Su group, the bank had auctioned off their properties and Chen Heng had already bought back Su Jue’s used car in advance.

“Thank you.”

Chen Heng smiled and said: “You have to study hard in school. I didn’t finish my studies and I especially wish for you to finish yours.”

“I will.” Su Jue seriously nodded.

Seeing Su Jue’s distant departing figure, Chen Heng slowly pulled back the smile on his face. A dark look flashed in his eyes along with his sly expression.

Just in case, he had also arranged several pretty girls and boys inside the school in advanced. Pretty and flirtatious, gentle and soft, kind and considerate, sexy, each one very experienced in the trade. It would be expected that Su Jue would certainly not resist their temptations.

On the way back, Chen Heng received a call.

It was the original host’s gang of scoundrels which he called friends, who asked him to come out for a drink. Chen Heng readily agreed to come. He was Chen Mu now. Socializing at parties for business and connections are unavoidable.

Finally, he reached the agreed location and pushed open the door to the private room. As he entered, the scene presented was promiscuous and lewd.

Flower-like tender and beautiful youngsters whose bodies were bare. Some had their butts raised up high and ready for entrance while the others took the initiative to sit on the vulgar men’s bodies, swaying their slender waist crazily as they were lost in the feeling and haze of desire, continuously slapping their bodies against each other whose movements echoed in the room and sounded very obscene.

The smell of lust pervaded the air.

Chen Heng frowned in disgust, loosened his tie and looked for a vacant sofa to sit down.

“Old Chen, would you like to join us?” A man whose eyes wantonly gleamed took the initiative to invite Chen Heng. His incessant movement down below however, didn’t stop, and from time to time vigorously thrashed the youngster’s snow white butt before him. “Fuck, so tight.”

Chen Heng shook his head, “I’m a little tired. You go and play.”

The original host was not an honest and clean-living man. Prior to meeting Su Jue, what tricks hadn’t he played before? But as it happened, when Su Jue came, he kept his chastity preserved. Even if he was dumped, he didn’t find anyone else.

The promiscuous scene lasted for a while before it ended.

After indulging in their the desires, the group of old men each took a cigarette to light and blew puffs of smoke. Someone suddenly teased: “Chen Mu, I heard that you recently kept a boy. Let your brothers have a taste of him some other day ah.”

Originally, for his goal, Chen Heng continued to smile. “Don’t get any ideas about him.”

“What? Don’t tell me you’re serious with him? You’re really settling down?”

Chen Heng laughed but didn’t say anything. Someone in the group was well informed, “I heard that you have Su Jue, the son of the recently bankrupt Su group? Tsk Tsk. I’ve seen him before. He looked so bright and full of life. Old Chen, You’re really lucky ah.”

“Aiyou, if you say that, we’d like to see for ourselves.”

Faced with the group’s questions, Chen Heng, the old monk, remained firm. “He’s my treasure. I won’t let you see until I’m tired of playing with him.” If he really gave Su Jue to these old men for a night, even if he wasn’t disabled, he would lose half of his life. Chen Heng would not choose such a cheap trick to deal with a person.

The group didn’t dwell much on the topic and soon began to take turns drinking. Chen Heng made an excuse that his stomach was bad and had to refrain from drinking. The men curled their lips and left him alone after saying a line or two about how he was boring.

The air in the private room was not circulating. The smell of body odor, alcohol, in addition to a fishy smell all mixed together which made one feel nauseated.

Chen Heng found an excuse to go out of the room and leaned against the corridor’s walls to light a cigarette.


The sound didn’t come from him.

Chen Heng slightly squinted his eyes across the corridor. Vaguely, he saw a tall figure on the left side up ahead. The other person held an unburnt cigarette in his mouth and a lighter on his hand. Sparks ignited into a fire and then went out.

“Use mine.”

As the rich magnetic voice sounded, Meng Tianyou followed his gaze to the sound just in time to see a silver glint being thrown in a parabola towards him.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” It was easy to catch the lighter that the man threw.

Chen Heng smiled, took a step with his long legs towards the man and grabbed the lighter that was returned by the other party.

Seeing clearly the other man’s face, Meng Tianyou’s eyes had a meaningful gaze and he took the initiative to speak: “This was a fateful meeting. Let’s be friends.”

“Of course.” Chen Heng smiled and extended a hand to the other, “Hello, I’m Chen Mu.”

“Hi, I’m Meng Tianyou.”

After smoothly exchanging business cards with Meng Tianyou, they agreed to play golf together on a later date. Chen Heng then said goodbye to him and left.

Although he has not yet officially crossed swords[2] with Meng Changfeng, Chen Heng had already investigated Meng Changfeng’s background and was aware that he had a younger half-brother named Meng Tianyou. The Meng group was involved in many businesses. Meng Changfeng managed the group’s large-scale Entertainment company as well as real estates, hotels, resorts and other major business projects while Meng Tianyou manages the sports related businesses. The two brothers usually meet in person and treat each other amiably, but privately, no one is convinced as Meng Tianyou is undoubtably the one at a more disadvantageous position.

Being suppressed by his older half-brother in all aspects, Meng Tianyou must be very unhappy. Chen Heng felt that he could exploit that a little bit and use Meng Tianyou to deal with Meng Changfeng.

There was a saying: The enemy of an enemy is a friend.

It was already very late when he returned to the villa.

Chen Heng felt somewhat stuffy so he pulled down his tie and unbuttoned his collar then entered the bathroom and ran the hot water. Along with sound of the rushing water, he began to think on how he would obtain Meng Tianyou’s trust.

Just as he was absorbed in his thoughts, he heard the slight sound of footsteps.


Chen Heng’s expression was hard and his eyes flickered towards the door.

“It’s me.” The next moment, Su Jue’s slim figure appeared at the bathroom door.

“Why are you back?” A little dumbfounded, he blurted out the question.

“Tomorrow is Saturday.”

“Look at me, I was so busy that I forgot the time.”

Chen Heng turned off the faucet and faced Su Jue, “That’s right. Have you eaten dinner?”

“En.” With a small nod, the youth pursed his lips and couldn’t help but ask: “Where did you go? Why did you come back so late?”

“Oh, just had some business meeting with some friends.”

Business meeting? Su Jue walked in front of Chen Heng. His delicate nose slightly sniffed and he smelt the man’s body. He has a keen sense of smell and nothing could escape his nose.

“What are you doing?”

Chen Heng watched the youth rub against him. A trace of displeasure flashed across his brows and stretched out a hand to push him away.

Although Su Jue  had no sexual experience, but the smell that made him uncomfortable could not be mistaken. His light-colored eyes stared straight at Chen Heng. His red petal-like lips moved and his voice was strange: “Did you sleep with others?”

“I haven’t.” Chen Heng pressed down his impatience and moved to touch his hair, “Don’t think too much about it.”

Su Jue also did not know why he was like this. He should be happy when the man said he wouldn’t touch him but when he thought about the other person might possibly be having sex in a place he can’t see, he felt a fire burning inside his heart which made him restless and uneasy.

After he paused for a few seconds, the youth spoke softly: “Don’t fool around with other anymore. If you really want to, I…I can help you.”

Knowing that the youth had misunderstood, Chen Heng didn’t think that he had to explain himself. He perfunctorily said: “I said I would wait until you are twenty years old.” According to the script, the original host was extremely sticky[3]. Even during the original host’s and Su Jue’s first time, it was the original host that took the initiative. So how did this reversed situation come to be?

Is it because he forcibly changed the ending of the previous world therefore indirectly affecting this one?

When Chen Heng inwardly thought about his doubts, Su Jue blushed and kept hesitating in saying[4]: “ I…..can use my hands to help you.”

Chen Heng just returned to his senses and wasn’t aware of what the youth had said. He merely told him, “It’s really late. You should go to bed early.” His eyes fell on the youth’s bare feet. The youth’s delicate feet were on the ground and as if they felt cold, his toes curled up.

As soon as Su Jue heard the door open, he ran directly out of the bed and didn’t even have time to put shoes on. When he saw where the man was looking at, he looked embarrassed and tried to hide his feet. He softly said, “Then I’ll go back to my room first.”

“En. Good night.”

By the time, the youth’s figure disappeared from the door, Chen Heng’s smiling expression quickly faded and he expressionlessly closed the door.

The warm water flowed freely over his body as he lay in the luxurious massage bathtub but in his mind, he couldn’t help but recall the expression of the youth just a moment ago.

It really wasn’t right.

As a young man, he really couldn’t see Su Jue’s proud and noble temperament. Was he deliberately disguising it? If so, then what would be his purpose in doing so? At this point, Chen Heng narrowed his eyes dangerously. Perhaps, he should test Su Jue.

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[1] Sound of a lighter being lit.

[2] confronted

[3] clingy. I bet you’re familiar with this term by now.

[4] Hum and haw (idiom) means that he speaks then he breaks off, then speaks again.

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