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Commander in Chief’s Flash Marriage Prologue

Translator: AL13N

Proofreader: Vex

In the presidential suite of the hotel, a sexy woman wearing only black underwear moved elegantly with her long wavy hair. The half-cup underwear wrapped around her plump chest, which could make people feel excited, and the deep V-shaped groove, which could make people unable to breathe. She gently shook the red wine in the goblet, and lazily laid in the king-sized bed with a very seductive posture.

The woman’s eyes were fixed on the door of the bathroom, the sound of rushing water and hurried bathing loudly coming from it. The corner of the woman’s mouth evoked a smile, yet not a smiling expression.

The sound of the water suddenly stopped. The door of the bathroom opened, and an old man with a beer belly came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. When he saw the extraordinarily beautiful woman, his blood was boiling, and he rushed to the beautiful woman in a hurry.

“My darling.” The man looked at the woman covetously.

Her slender fingers glided against the man’s bare chest, the bright red nails slid across the man’s skin like nothing, and stopped him from pouncing on her, as she cast a charming eye at him.

“Professor…” The woman opened her delicately sweet mouth, “Why do you feel so anxious? Do you think people will wear such a revealing dress and run away?”

The man known as the professor smiled. His lustful eyes kept looking at the beauty in front of him. Smooth forehead, attractive red lips, a beautiful and delicate collarbone, plump breasts, small waist, and flat abdomen. Not to mention the mysterious area covered by the little black underwear, and the thought of her long slender legs hooking around his waist in a moment. The man looked restless and itching for action, his eyes were bloodshot.

“Professor, look at my eyes, aren’t you studying human genetics?” “My friends said I’m mixed race, but I’m an authentic Asian, but you see, my eyes are blue.”
The beautiful woman looked up, slowly blinking her blue eyes. The man’s lustful look was reflected in her eyes.

Her slender fingers moved from the man’s chest to the man’s neck, stroking slowly, consciously or unconsciously provoking.

The man was a little excited and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The swallowing action made the woman giggle. The woman’s laughter was as bright and charming as the sound of big beads falling on a jade plate, which made the man intoxicated.

“Well, let me have a look .” The man looked up, and his big hand touched the woman’s soft and full shoulders, looking at the seductive half-red lips. He really wanted to kiss her.

“Well, the eyes are blue, and the European and American countries have a genetic inheritance for blue eyes.” The old man stared at the woman’s eyes and slowly opened his mouth, but he didn’t know why he felt unusually tired like he wanted to sleep. His eyes closed slowly and uncontrollably.

The woman snorted slightly, and her eyes exposed danger. Her wrists made a little effort, only to hear a click, and the man’s neck was broken; his body crooked, as he fell directly onto the bed.

Conveniently pulling the bed sheet and draped it on his body, making a knot without an effort, but seemingly extremely harmonious.

She picked up the phone, casually dialling a few numbers, her voice was cold: “Hello, I need the police.”

The woman hung up and left.

Translator: Al13N
Proofreader: Princess Vexy <3

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