Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 607 A Shadowed Defeat [2]

Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 607 A Shadowed Defeat [2]

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In previous years there were only seventeen chairs on the high platform. Now, there were eighteen.

Xianbei seventeen clansmen were already discussing spiritedly. They thought that another force emerged in Xianbei. Or there was some huge change coming to the Xianbei clansmen.

At this time they saw their Clan Chiefs ascending the platform with a stunning woman. They all stared foolishly. The seat was for this woman?

What kind of woman in this world could sit equally besides the seventeen Chiefs? This…

The huge shock made the noisy scene suddenly quiet down. Countless eyes were looking at the calm LiuYue.

Already accustomed to such gazes, LiuYue was unperturbed. The dignified Xiongkuo Chief and others went on the platform. With a wave of his robes, under everyone’s eyes, he slowly took his seat.

With a cough, Xiongkuo Chief stepped forward. Looking down on the countless amazed gazes, he loudly said, “We Xianbei seventeen clans’ once-every-three- years General Assembly never invites outsiders. This year we made an exception. We invited Beimu Regent to come.” He struck a posture towards LiuYue.

His voice loudly echoed in the sky far away.

The Xianbei clansmen below stared at LiuYue fervently.

Grassland news travelled fast. News of the female Beimu Regent’s power had long swept through the grassland like a North Wind hurricane.

They originally thought her to be a female shrew, not someone so fairy-like.

In response to the numerous eager eyes, LiuYue slowly stood up, waved, and nodded, poised and elegant.

Xiongkuo Chief laughed loudly and said, “Clansmen, be vigorous and spirited. Don’t let Beimu Regent look down on you all.

“Yes.” The numerous warriors waiting in the center of the arena immediately roared.

With this word, seventeen Xianbei Chiefs stood up. Someone brought a huge drum over. When it landed on the platform, it was as big and high as an adult’s height.