Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 608 A Shadowed Defeat [3]

Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 608 A Shadowed Defeat [3]

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Rumble… A huge drum sounded in the open grassland, straight towards the horizon. Xianbei’s once-every-three-years General Assembly was starting.

Bows and arrows were unsheathed and people were calling for horses.

In the blink of an eye, there was a frenzied tide on the desolate grassland.

The first round was horse racing.

Selected warriors from the seventeen clans gathered in one place riding their own precious horse. The arena was the starting point and they would ride thirty miles to outside the mountain. The first one to come back was the winner of the first round.

The drum thundered and hundreds of horses sprang like an arrow released from a bow towards the mountain, flying madly and rushed away.

The tens of thousands of onlookers immediately reported the excitement in violent roars.

A hurricane of horses and frenzied roars. This was Xianbei seventeen clans’ prelude to the General Assembly.

“Come, come, come, Regent, let’s drink.” On the platform, the three Great Chiefs held bowls and toasted LiuYue.

LiuYue drank all the alcohol in her bowl in one movement.

“Regent, come, another bowl, it was a hard journey,” Heli Clan’s Chief laughed and came over.

“Those words regard me as an outsider,” LiuYue said heroically.

“You’re right, you’re right, regarding you as an outsider. I will punish myself with one cup.”

Amidst the laughter, the Xianbei Chiefs took turns to drink with LiuYue. She did not refuse and drank it all. What did she not learn in these past months in the grassland,. Her drinking capacity was increasing steadily day by day.

“Haha, I’ve long heard Regent has a huge drinking capacity. Today I can see that it’s a well-deserved reputation. Refreshingly straightforward,” Xiongkuo Clan Chief wiped alcohol from his mouth and looked at LiuYue, all smiles.

LiuYue smiled, “Drinking with refreshingly straightforward people, one will naturally will be refreshingly straightforward.”

Xianbei seventeen clans’ Chiefs all looked up and laughed. These words made them comfortable.

The first round of horse racing came to an end just as their round of drinking ended.

“Chenli Clan’s warrior Kuba wins.”

A loud shout immediately attracted tens of thousands of people to yell crazily. The noise of the commotion almost reached the sky.

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